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  1. I hope not!! I'm on the Pride Saturday and we chose our cruise because of Grand Turk! I really hope we get to go. The other two stops are Freeport (which I'm not excited about) and Princess Cays.
  2. Interestingly, children are only getting the coronavirus at like a 2% rate.
  3. You can remove prepaid gratuities and get a refund and use the OBC towards that, if you wanted. Otherwise, enjoy the photos 🙂
  4. I'd be tempted to at least wait until tomorrow, although I know price reductions can be a fluid situation. I am sure they are inundated today.
  5. I would totally get a massage then! Or use it to pay gratuities and get a refund and put $200 towards your next cruise.
  6. for sure drink. we don't buy cheers (although tempting) so it'll be great to have a drink or two each day and not worry about incurring extra costs.
  7. I apologize, I wasn't clear. I do get the $200 that they're offering now, but I don't get any OBC for the rate drops.
  8. We literally booked our spring break cruise last week, but the rate we have doesn't allow for OBC. Sucks! And we use a cheap airline (Spirit) so no way to get any credits on flights either lol. Ohhh well.
  9. Heading on a cruise I just booked last week, leaving 15th... so yes I'd go on a free one lol. The Bahamas is free and clear of the virus, and while there's some risk of quarantine, I personally feel it is fairly minimal.
  10. Sailing on the pride on the 15th, booked through Carnival website. No email yet, but I'm sure it's coming. We just booked last week, so this is a nice surprise on a cruise we were still planning on taking.
  11. I keep hoping something will pop up for our cruise in a week and a half. There's over 15 rooms left and half are suites.
  12. I know there's no guarantee, just curious what is more likely.
  13. Headed out on the 15th on the pride out of baltimore. Looks like we chose wisely this time; no reported cases there and the ports to the Bahamas have no issues either. We'll just be diligent hand washers at the airport.
  14. We've never cruised out of Baltimore; always done the Southern ports (Tampa, Miami, NOLA), so I'm curious how that first sea day will go. I know the ship moves pretty quickly into the open water, so will it warm up enough on Day 1 so laying by the pool? Or is there a chance for chilly weather? Looking at the 10 day forecast, Baltimore should be in the upper 50s on the 15th when we depart.
  15. Hmm this is what I've been reading about https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g147428-d1179502-i180460165-Princess_Cays-Eleuthera_Out_Islands_Bahamas.html
  16. The pink sand appears to be on the opposite side from port so I was just reading that a dune buggy was one way to see that. Someone else said you could rent a golf cart.
  17. Thanks, maybe we just need to plan on being at the beach.
  18. I see princess offers dune buggy tours for princess cays, but carnival doesn’t. I’ve checked several shore excursion sites but since it’s a private island I’m not finding much. We were hoping to see the Eleuthera side and the pink hued sands. Any tips?
  19. Ohhh I see now. Thank you. That clarifies things.
  20. Thanks. We're last minute cruisers and literally looking at a cruise for three weeks from now, and the gift card wouldn't be here yet since we want to book in the next day or so. So I'd love to purchase the gift card, then add that to my S&S account to help pay for the cruise.
  21. Does anyone know if you can book a cruise on a credit card, then on embarkation day, swap to paying with a gift card?
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