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  1. 1 hour ago, matymil said:

    Im leaving on the Magic on the 22nd so ive been following this story closely. Not sure how true this is but my TA said that there are rumors that Grand Turk may close its port for a month and Carnival would redirect its cruises (mostly to Nassau). Id rather go to Grand Turk as im sure most would but im just wondering how true this is because the more im reading into this story the more its seeming like Grand Turk is taking ZERO chances. 

    I hope not!! I'm on the Pride Saturday and we chose our cruise because of Grand Turk! I really hope we get to go. The other two stops are Freeport (which I'm not excited about) and Princess Cays.

  2. 33 minutes ago, siestakeys04 said:

    My daughter and a group of friends are doing a bachelorette cruise but 2 girls are backing out one with a small child and the other per dr advice told not to cruise because she is in her first trimester. The rest of the young ladies plan on enjoying theirs too.

    Interestingly, children are only getting the coronavirus at like a 2% rate.

  3. 11 minutes ago, xostacylee said:

    Unfortunately we've pre-paid gratuities and already purchased the drink package. So this + the $195 of OBC I've already received for the price drop will most likely go towards photos. It's my bachelorette, so I'm giving myself the freedom to buy ALLL the photos haha. 

    You can remove prepaid gratuities and get a refund and use the OBC towards that, if you wanted. Otherwise, enjoy the photos 🙂

  4. 16 minutes ago, john91498 said:

    I've been trying all morning to call Carnival, but have been unsuccessful. Cell and landline, I get a "Sorry, your call did not go though"

    Calling to see if there were further price reductions, but no luck.

    I'd be tempted to at least wait until tomorrow, although I know price reductions can be a fluid situation. I am sure they are inundated today.

  5. 1 minute ago, cmukid87 said:

    I am pretty sure you qualify for the OBC here.  As long as you aren't cancelling it should be available to you.  I don't think this type of OBC is rate specific.

    I apologize, I wasn't clear. I do get the $200 that they're offering now, but I don't get any OBC for the rate drops.

  6. 36 minutes ago, cmukid87 said:

    Really, really regretting not booking the Spring Break cruise now.  Between the price dropping like a rock and having $300 obc per room, it would be our cheapest cruise vacation BY FAR.  And now flights are dropping like a rock.  SMH.

    We literally booked our spring break cruise last week, but the rate we have doesn't allow for OBC. Sucks! And we use a cheap airline (Spirit) so no way to get any credits on flights either lol. Ohhh well.

  7. 20 minutes ago, waterbug123 said:


    Even departing from Port Canaveral in the winter or very early spring it can be chilly, so there's no guarantee of warmer weather until you get all the way to the Bahamas. 

    I know there's no guarantee, just curious what is more likely. 

  8. We've never cruised out of Baltimore; always done the Southern ports (Tampa, Miami, NOLA), so I'm curious how that first sea day will go. I know the ship moves pretty quickly into the open water, so will it warm up enough on Day 1 so laying by the pool? Or is there a chance for chilly weather?


    Looking at the 10 day forecast, Baltimore should be in the upper 50s on the 15th when we depart.

  9. 1 minute ago, jperry2011 said:

    The bike ride was like 45 mins and you got to see some different sites and a rock beach that was neat. Otherwise the regular beach was nice had alot of chairs and some shops.

    The pink sand appears to be on the opposite side from port so I was just reading that a dune buggy was one way to see that. Someone else said you could rent a golf cart.

  10. 49 minutes ago, jperry2011 said:

    We did some small excursion at princess cay last year, the bike ride thing...

    I read multiple reviews on the dune buggy rides and nobody was impressed. Sounds like old golf carts you ride on.

    Thanks, maybe we just need to plan on being at the beach. 

  11. I see princess offers dune buggy tours for princess cays, but carnival doesn’t. I’ve checked several shore excursion sites but since it’s a private island I’m not finding much. We were hoping to see the Eleuthera side and the pink hued sands. Any tips?

  12. 34 minutes ago, n6uqqq said:

    The good thing about allstate is you can ship your cards to a different address than the billing address of the credit card. Convenient to ship directly to my work. I personally do not mind the physical cards because I get a card for 1000 dollars shipped for 59 cents. Hard to complain about that. Buying 100 dollar cards from AARP would take many to pay a cruise off. To the poster above you can call Carnival and get back your credit card payment and have them process the gift cards instead. I have had Carnival send back many credit card payments so I could use the gift cards instead.

    Oh thank you. Good information.

  13. 6 minutes ago, bury me at sea said:


    If I understand you correctly, you want to partially pay for your cruise with discounted gift cards.  You can do that only before your cruise.  Your booking will be cancelled if not paid in full on a date certain prior to embarkation day.


    You can use your gift cards on board to pay for gratuities, alcohol, and anything else you purchase on board.  If you wish to use them for gratuities, don't add them to your cruise price, just wait until you are on board and they will be added to your S&S account.


    I apologize if I'm misunderstanding your question.

    Ohhh I see now. Thank you. That clarifies things.

  14. 46 minutes ago, Organized Chaos said:


    If you're talking about funding your S&S account, then yes. You can set it up as a credit card during online check-in, then switch to depositing gift cards. Or you can simply wait until the last night of your cruise and pay off your S&S balance with the gift cards, because they don't actually charge your credit card until the last day.

    Thanks. We're last minute cruisers and literally looking at a cruise for three weeks from now, and the gift card wouldn't be here yet since we want to book in the next day or so. So I'd love to purchase the gift card, then add that to my S&S account to help pay for the cruise.

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