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  1. Agree with geologyrx on the Yacht Club. We've sailed a half-dozen times with MSC on various ships. Five times in the Yacht Club and one time outside the Yacht Club. The differences are substantial: 1. The biggest difference was dining. The YC food is much better than the main dining room. Also, the main dining room on our non YC cruise was communal seating and designated time dining. We prefer anytime dining which you can get with the Aurea package. However, this package is often similar in price to the YC. 2. The dedicated YC outdoor space is excellent. No getting up
  2. We have sailed in the Haven six times and the MSC Yacht Club five times. We just booked our sixth Yacht Club trip departing next February. We have top tier status on both cruise lines so this is not a factor in our booking decision. Both experiences are great, but the Yacht Club experience has surpassed the Haven as follows: 1. NCL's Haven rooms are bigger than the standard Yacht Club room. However, we are rarely in our room during a cruise so this is not a big issue in our decision. Both rooms are well appointed. 2. Both experiences grant you a butler and concierge. We rarel
  3. We were temperature scanned on a cruise we took the first week of February, 2020. It was MSC in Miami and the scan took about 15 seconds. This would be easy to do on all cruises. One person manned the camera/computer and another person told you to stand on the X. The scan was done at a distance and was completely non-intrusive. This should be mandatory for all cruises. As with most tests, it is not a panacea, but it is a start. I would also suspect you will see mandatory hand spray when entering any dining area. NCL has always done well in this regard, but other lines were strictly voluntary.
  4. We are sailing on the Divina tomorrow from Miami. It appears MSC is one of the more proactive lines addressing the virus with their updated policy. I suspect this cruise will be the safest cruise from a health standpoint that we have taken. With thermal screening, a ban on those with recent trips from China, etc., the risk seems relatively small at this point. Everyone has to make their own decision, but I assume my drive to O’hare tomorrow will put me in more potential peril than the cruise.
  5. Exactly. That is what put us over the edge as regards NCL. We are not big drinkers. Therefore, the "free drink" package was costing us money unless I drank about 50 Coke Zero's which would make for a pretty hyperactive cruise. They also banned bringing your own 12 pack of soda in case you had any ideas about rejecting the drink package. Then throw in the higher DSC for suite guests and you are easily looking at an extra $500-$1000 depending on the number of passengers. Pretty soon NCL will just turn you upside down at embarkation and see how much money and cards they can get to fall out of you
  6. We've stayed in the Haven Owner Suite, H4, H5 and H7 and the YC interior, YC1 and YC Executive Suite. The Haven rooms are typically larger than YC suites. However, the price points have dramatically diverged in the past few years. Five years ago, I got a Haven Owner's suite out of N.Y. on a 7 day cruise for $5,000 for 4. Same suite now is over $10,000. We booked a YC interior on the Meraviglia when she first launched for $1,750. Obviously different rooms space wise, but the experience is very similar. The Top Sail Lounge beats the Haven lounge on every ship we have sailed. I also p
  7. Thanks for the response. We are on a seven day Caribbean cruise with the typical stops and no Colombia. Should be business as usual in Miami.
  8. Was this a one off situation, or does MSC/customs have issues in Miami( e.g. labor slow down, lack of staff, general disorganization)? We have sailed out of Miami many times and embarkation and disembarkation has always been efficient. We are on the Divina on the 31st and I am wondering if I should change embarkation/disembarkation plans.
  9. We have been in the Yacht Club three cruises. It's nice and convenient, but really not necessary to have a good cruise. We never used the butler or concierge. The restaurant and lounge are fine, but not $3,000 better than a non YC balcony and dinner in the MDR. We just booked a cruise on the Divina at the end of January. Our cost for a Fantastic Balcony for two was $918. This is an amazing price on a ship as nice as the Divina which we have previously sailed. As regards size, the YC balcony which is essentially the same balcony room as the Fantastic, is $4,075. The YC is still a
  10. We have sailed MSC four times. Three trips in Europe and one in the Caribbean. Three cruises were in the Yacht Club and one was an Aurea Suite. Some observations: 1. We sailed the Meraviglia four months after launch. We were in the Yacht Club and that made all the difference. The ship holds close to 6,000 passengers and the number of passengers is very noticeable in public areas. Shows were packed, and folks were sitting on the stairs every show we attended. 2. We were in an Aurea Suite on the Preziosa in Northern Europe. Definitely a different dining experience than t
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