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  1. Hoopster95

    Merry XMas from Allure

    There been a few posts in recent months asking what RCL does around Xmas time on board Tried to post this yesterday.... The caroling was nicely done, live band led by CD Jimmy Rhodes and entertainment staff. Most staff around ship wearing Sandra hats, poinsettias all around in promenade and Central Park, lots of little extra XMas decor around the ship DA3B48C3-9F85-4C75-8C2B-81B1A285005D.MOV
  2. Hoopster95

    Merry XMas from Allure

    Hi Debbie!! Jimbo... Live in the promenade... ton of fun. (having probs loading video now of singing... will do later)... busy with great dinner in CP150 and then Quest) 😈
  3. Caroling to start shortly. Fun! 0EACE60D-981E-46E9-9233-F0A37D8274ED.MOV
  4. Hoopster95

    Allure meets Edge

    Taller than I thought she woukd be. Very equivalent to Quantum Class siE and look imo.... the bow Is very different. Interior furniture and Public spaces are gorgeous from what I can see, totally a step up A few more pics ....
  5. Thought this would interest a few of you....Cozumel this morning:
  6. I’m on Allure as we speak and sailed HOS last year... HOS has the newer more modern colours and cabins incl cabinetry, hardware, etc. No clam shell or other double bed furniture in Solorium Like the more updated/modern HOS solarium Unless it’s changed, the vibe here on Allure is much less hectic than HOS, more laid back. No Wonderland (yet) on Allure as Diamond Club is still there. The artwork will be different. The large Sabor bar is located at the end of the boardwalk where the the Abyss slide ends on HOS. Unfortunately Giovanni’s the worst out of any ship the last 4-5 years for me, very disappointing as it’s usually one of our fave dinners. Chops was 1st Class. Allure has “Samba Grill” at night up at the Solarium Bistro (we’re going tomorrow). Allure has Mama Mia as the main stage show, and no “Columbus” second show (which I thought was brilliant!) on HOS. Everything else mentioned spot on so far. Can’t think of anything else glaring at the moment. I’m really busy at the moment 😉
  7. You're welcome. At least it gives you an excursion option you didn't know about if you're a movie buff. IIRC it was not offered by RCL, you had to book online privately https://www.robertshawaii.com/kauai/tours/hawaii-movie-tours/
  8. Robert's Hawaii Bus Tours (click on "Hoopster95 replied to a topic" below)
  9. I think if the ship starts selling out and the prices are going up, they should be able to call you and ask you for more money, or else they sell your cabin to a higher paying customer. What part of "FINAL PAYMENT" does not make sense?
  10. Hoopster95

    All things Going Going Gone (GGG) Sale

    Hey Biker... here's a short story to add a small wrinkle to the GGG "sale" last minute strategy.... Allure Nov & Dec sailings were showing up on the GGG flyer back in Oct. About 30 days prior to sailing they were taken off of the GGG Flyer as RCL began adding January 2019 sailings to the GGG flyer instead. I noted that without any RCL sale or GGG sale, there were still a good 50+ interior and 50+ OV cabins available on the Dec 9 sailing at great prices... even with the high amount of inventory they were no longer showing on the GGG sale. I wanted to pull the trigger, but I really wanted to wait until the following week for the Black Friday sale.Then all of a sudden one morning about 1/3 of the interior and 1/4 of the OV cabins were magically gone overnight. I immediately thought "there we go, RCL is pulling inventory to give away to CasinoRoyale or other freebies"... I see this all the time on almost every sailing I watch when I'm booking last minute, and I knew that most all the cabins would be gone in the next couple of days. I quickly called my TA to hold a specific cabin, and also asked if there was any way he can include any Black Friday deals that were to come the following week (I was booking the full week before Black Friday). Gratefully he was able to add the Black Friday $100 OBC to my total, plus the $25 from RCL, plus a $50 "Loyalty obc" that I get from my TA for every booking regardless of price... total price taxes incl = $1400! less the $175 obc. I booked Nov 19... 3 days later only about 10 each int &10 OV cabins left, price of the cruise up over $300 per person. Today, 11 days later, one OV left. It pays to know the pricing of various cabin categories, as well as once a day viewing the cabin inventory to see if there are major changes even if the sailing is removed from the GGG flyer
  11. Hoopster95

    Air Travel? Day early or same day

    No one woke up Sat Jan 7, 2017 expecting to die in that shooting at FLL airport that morning, let alone miss a flight into/out of FLL as everything was shut down. I watched ships leaving out of the channel at 10:30pm as they waited as long as possible for late comers. My understanding is that all the ships, including Allure, sailed away several hundreds less than what they were supposed to. IIRC those hundreds had to catch up with the ship a couple of days later in St Marten. I was lucky... I was flying there the day before to get on Harmony Sun, Jan 8. and was able to re-route by purchasing two of the last 4 tickets left on an American flight that was going to Miami airport. Harmony left late on the Sunday as well as many people missed the ship anyways.... the airports, both MIA and FLL, were in chaos from the day before, and likely any flight at all flying in/out was at full capacity already. A few cruisers who had flights cancelled the day before couldn't even make it to their cruise on Sunday. No one could have possibly expected this. If I had told this story a month before, everyone on CC would be posting "that's cray and unrealistic", "it'll never happen","what are the chances?"... including me!
  12. Hoopster95

    7290 and 7262 on Ovation of the Seas

    Those aren't hump cabins This will answer your question (click below where it says "Hoopster95 replied to a topic")
  13. Hoopster95

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    I 150 million % agree with this comment
  14. Pretty easy decision for Royal, eh Bob? One Miami exec to another: "Gee pal, what do you think we should on the EX drydock? Leave the hottub so that 10 people per week could use it and we can spend thousands per year heating and maintaining it, or add 10 interior cabins so that we can make $1000 x 52 weeks = $52,000 more revenue on the cabin, let alone drink packages, dining packages and all the other revenue we make off of these suc.... er.... cruisers ?"
  15. Hoopster95

    Harmony of the Seas Aft Cabins

    My condolences. It's nice to see that you still wish to enjoy travel and cruising. Just a note... Harmony will be vastly different at your cabin compared to Allure or Oasis. Even with the second to last balcony cabin, you will not have a clear view of the Aqua Theatre shows and events from your balcony with the Abyss slide in the way. I've circled or arrowed in red your cabin