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  1. Every single cabin on the boardwalk has a restricted view because of the Abyss, including the final cabin I was in the final cabin on deck 10, 10327. Here's the view
  2. Only when it's politicized. Read articles and watch information from non-American sources who don't have a political agenda
  3. Are you going to actually read any of the hundred articles on line by googling "airline safety".? Or maybe just click one of the three links I provided to you? Right... that's too difficult. It's easier to believe what you believe, without listening to any reason or scientific study.
  4. Canadians have been leaders in compliance with regard to masks, social distancing, etc. Canadian leadership has been extremely consistent across the country... Canadian borders and ports will not open for travel, not only to Americans but everyone else, unless C19 is proven to be in control or is eradicated. What are the chances that it's eradicated within the next 5 months before May 2021? The 2021 Alaska cruise season (re the PVSA), in my humble non-scientific opinion, is in jeopardy.
  5. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/evaluating-covid-risk-on-planes-trains-and-automobiles/ “An airplane cabin is probably one of the most secure conditions you can be in,” says Sebastian Hoehl of the Institute for Medical Virology at Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany, who has co-authored two papers on COVID-19 transmission on specific flights, which were published in JAMA Network Open and the New England Journal of Medicine, respectfully.
  6. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/article-what-are-my-chances-of-catching-covid-19-if-i-take-a-flight/ https://www.dw.com/en/how-safe-is-air-travel-during-covid-19/a-55435284 https://www.vox.com/21525068/covid-19-airplane-risk-coronavirus-pandemic-airports
  7. Three things have to go wrong for you to get infected on a flight... There has to be a Covid-19 patient on board They have to be contagious Assuming they are wearing a mask, which is mandatory, the mask itself has to fail to prevent the transmission. Add the fact that on the plane you are sitting in a finite area within proximity of maybe 10 people max within 6 feet of you, vs. crossing paths with 1000 cruisers over 4 days, I'd say you have 100X multiples more chance of getting infected on a cruise ship
  8. Did you actually read THE ENTIRE post, the context and story of why I was replying? or simply take that statement out on it's own?
  9. 7 days before the Seadream cruise, I walk down the street and two men without masks loudly talking and laughing, aerosols flying all over the place, inadvertently infect me. So now I'm infected. 72 hours before the Seadream cruise, I test negative... I'm still incubating. Upon embarkation, I still test negative.... still incubating. On 1st day of sailing, it's the 8th day after being infected symptoms finally show up. I go down to medical on the ship and finally test positive. The entire ship shuts down and the cruise is over. Had those COVID-IOTS wore masks 7 days ago
  10. The point is not if that other person gets the virus from me... the point is WHEN that new person actually tests positive after I have infected them. Masks have zero factor in people getting positive 1 day after getting on board a cruise ship. Those that are testing positive were incubating the virus before they got on, but did not test positive until they were already on board.
  11. Further, Covid19, the common flu, Noro, or anything else will never be kept off a ship... NEVER. They will always appear. It's not about keeping viruses off of ships... it's about mitigating the problem once it shows up. The questions need to be answered are how does the cruise line keep fellow 5000 60+ years of age C&A Diamond and up cruisers on an Oasis Class from filling the morgue when they're on a transatlantic with no where to port and only so many beds in the medical? Will there be ventilators on every ship?What ports will allow safe passage and/or medical car
  12. SO.... let's say personally I unknowingly got infected 4 days before embarkation day... I don't know it yet, I'm asymptomatic. I have the cruise booked on Seadream. I get tested 72 hours before the cruise ... I test negative I get the rapid test on embarkation day ... also test negative... so I board. Without a mask, I cough on someone that very day of embarkation.... unfortunately that cruiser may be obese, have asthma, had Pneumonia a couple of times in the past, etc etc. Do they get sick and test positive the very next day? Masks were not the issue. It was so
  13. As Twangster said, two glaciers in one sailing is mint! Sitka - Whale watching here likely the best choice. The town itself is underwhelming in comparison to both Juneau & Ketchikan in my opinion. Juneau - so so many other options rather than whale watching for an Alaskan experience. (glacier hike, dog sled, etc) Ketchikan - has one of my favorite excursions ever (not just Alaska) was http://alaskacrabtour.com/ Walk from the cruise pier about 5 min down the next pier gangway to get on this boat. Super super easy, no need to book through the ship unless
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