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  1. We're not talking about your own personal liking for cruising in rain and fog... page 1 of this thread is about having a Canadian port involved for Alaska cruises, and how a waste of time it is for people to have a Canadian port involved in any Alaskan sailing. Ignorance, and evidently arrogance, certainly is bliss isn't it?
  2. Here is 7606. This would be the same as 7206 on your side of the ship. Note the cabin is placed dead center in the middle of 2 of the larger white support davits which hold up the lifeboats In this photo 7612, and thus 7212 on your side, is facing directly in front of the white davits dead center of your view. When I look aft from 7606, I see the white davit that would be in front of your balcony. If you can move to a room number that is dead center to two of the davits that would be best if any are available
  3. You have zero value on this thread, so you have to resort to a comment like this.
  4. Would be really awesome when the fog horn sounds off every 30seconds at 3 in the morning... Or when you stand out on your balcony that you just paid $1000pp and the rain is driving at you at a 45 degree angle. Or you look out to enjoy the inside passage views and all you see is about 100ft into the fog. Or Quantum tries to get into Dawes Glacier, but there's so much ice flow from summer thaw out into the channel that the ship just cannot sail all the way in to get into viewing site of the glacier. Pretty awesome to think about the cost of the flight, the time taken away from another different holiday, hotel cost and other expenses that go along with that.
  5. If you're playing along, this is in Courtenay, British Columbia... on Vancouver Island. You know... as one of those ignorant cruise bloggers once said "on that little island that doesn't mean much" when discussing Alaskan cruising and the PVSA a few months back
  6. Shoot... still opens for me. Word for word cut&paste from two Alaskan residents answering questions to someone wanting to cruise in October "Help! My 50th birthday is in October.... I wanted to do an Alaskan cruise. There is only one cruise line in October for it. Is this a terrible time to go?' "October is the start of winter in Alaska. Most activities/tours will no longer be available, waters can be rough due to storms. Personally I wouldn't cruise Alaska past the first week of September." "I live here and would not recommend a cruise in October....we don't take our boat out after mid Sept.....and even then there are days when it is too blustery, seas too high and weather just too uncomfortable to be outside. I can't imagine they could have enough fool hardy folks to fill up a cruise ship for October......" "the key word is "fool." NCL knows many people are price sensitive but don't realize October is not really cruise season in Alaska. Money talks so they book cuz it is cheap. Kudos to the OP for asking about it. Travel in August and celebrate early!😀" "Thank you all for your suggestions! I will take your advice and skip October and go early!"
  7. Would anyone like to guess where this is? Jamaica? Costa Rica? maybe even Alaska? Anyone? 20210704_134433.mp4
  8. To keep this discussion on the OP's question regarding Alaska cruising in October ... the above is the actual and factual point to consider. The other factual point is that the Pacific Northwest is a rain forest. Guess what month starts the "rainy" season? Why haven't cruise lines sailed throughout October in previous years? https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/ShowTopic-g28923-i349-k13440001-Alaska_Cruise_in_October-Alaska.html
  9. Superb real life info BillB ... thx for chiming in on this 👍 Hope you're doing well
  10. Both my sailings of rough(er) weather and fellow cruisers stumbling right & left as they walked were in the Caribbean. My specific photo above was Harmony sailing out of San Juan heading (heading to Labadee I believe). My Oasis sailing was the Western Coz/Falmouth route... can't remember now which evening the barf bags were out.
  11. I found the photos... Note as we get closer to the shortest span between the islands you can see the towers on one side in the first photo... As we get closer and go under, the photos aren't the greatest however you can see the buoys (is that what they're called?) attached to the wires so that they are visible to approaching vessel traffic. They're not that high in my opinion, But I guess they're high enough for the cruise ships (Radiance and smaller?) to get under
  12. Well.... Had you and I put money down a couple of months ago that Serenade would actually be in Seattle today, especially via her Panama Canal passage, you'd be a lot richer!! My bet today on the BC inside passage is zero chance. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago that @chengkp75posted some great education regarding some of the laws of coastal waters ("the right of innocent passage") so Serenade "could" go through legally... but will she? Who knows really? Even the smaller Princess and HAL ships out of Seattle head out to sea... only the ships out of Vancouver do the BC inside passage. By the way, I wish the CC search tool did not change with the last CC massive "upgrade" 😡 I posted some good stuff that I can't find now about the inside passage a year ago... I did a whale watching tour out of Campbell River (Vancouver Island) and we sailed much of the channel that the cruise ships go through. There's a specific part of the voyage that enters and goes through the Seymour Narrows... super dangerous currents and there's also aerial electrical lines spanning the passage. I had posted photos. At the time I couldn't even believe that a Radiance Class ship can get under those wires. Anyways, this was also the reason that Capt. Hendrik mentioned on Ovation that Q Class can't do the BC inside passage either
  13. With the so many threads over the years discussing Voyager Class through the Panama Canal with @BillB48and @chengkp75, and the ability or inability for her to fit under the Bridge of Americas .... maybe once, and just barely, under the perfect tide conditions ... I'm only guessing if NOS does make her way to LA that RCG didn't want to chance that voyage through the PC and under the bridge. Remember that RCG had Ovation Alaska voyages posted coming into Vancouver for over a year, and all the talk about getting under the Lion's Gate Bridge (same as BoA mid span height). RCG knew all along re Quantum Class.... perhaps they also know that NOS is not worth trying to go through the PC perhaps? Too many risks and what ifs? Unlike Quantum Class, which RCG knew way back in 2014 that Quantum Class could fit (I posted that document from the Quantum Control Room from my ship tour showing Panama Canal specs way back then)... I've never heard/seen any talk or supporting docs re Voyager Class being able to go under the BoA, so the Suez route would be the only choice from Cadiz
  14. I'm personally expecting this... however I was wrong about RCG sending Serenade over to the West Coast via the PC just for a 6 week Alaska season.... then get deployed where? Maybe Serenade redeployed to do the SoCal/Mexico cruises?
  15. "MOST" ... extremely key word A photo from Harmony... I also have a similar photo from Oasis. For those of you who claim that an Oasis Class ship never moves and people do not get sick on them, you simply have not been on a sailing on Oasis Class where the swells are more than a couple of feet high. Yes, Oasis Class is a mere speck of sand in a massive bath tub (the ocean)... start swirling around the bath tub water and that speck of sand will start moving all over the place.
  16. Aha! The first indication that's she's not going through the Panama Canal after her Cadiz drydock.... instead going the long way around the world just to get her to LA
  17. Here's a photo from "deck 13"... the old "St. Tropez" deck on top of the Sky Bar. This shot looks forward down to the Solarium. As you can see, Adventure has been enclosed on deck 12 with new cabins. You can see the jogging track loops here in behind the Sky Bar looking down overtop the Solarium.
  18. So you mean like Chops, Giovanni's, Izumi, CP150, Samba Grill, Playmaker's, Sabor, Johnny Rocket's does today? You're on a 14 TA... do any of those menus change ever throughout the cruise? What do cruisers who have purchased the Unlimited Dining Plan do? The answer is super simple. You do EXACTLY what everyone else does in the Main Dining Room... you choose something different on the menu each time... and better yet, and very much unlike MDR, if you thought something was absolutely outstanding the night before, you can go back and have it 5 more nights in a row if you want. I found this complaint of "menus always the same" one of the weakest arguments against DD.
  19. I've become a professional lurker 😉 ... sometimes I'm here, sometimes not so much and for many days if not a week or two. Nope, I would not book this room again unless it's less priced than other rooms. I would much prefer one of the very front OV rooms overtop of the helipad with the awesome views and huge picture windows forward. I am really REALLY big on site lines, views, privacy, photos, etc. Unless you stand exactly at the farthest back of the railing (closest to the rock wall), you get full view of the Abyss no matter what. Also look at the view from my photos from within the cabin with sliding doors closed. Specifically note the translucent (separating the rock climbing wall) divider that is 100% non-see-through. You cannot sit down and look out towards the aft view. To add to my thoughts, that one night when they had a movie on out there until about 11:45pm it was impossible to sleep... and I wear ear-plugs. The room directly opposite to us contained a family of 4 (2 kids) and I was easily able to see them at any hour with whatever they were doing, and especially at night when lights were on. So being able to keep curtains fully open so that you can actually enjoy whatever view on any boardwalk cabin is not the greatest option. Again, I point out the view when standing at the closed sliding doors within the cabin.... all you see is the Abyss and the cabins directly across from you... the is no view of the port or the ocean, even from the coveted farthest back cabin. When you're in a regular ocean view cabin, you get to see the ocean and the port you're in! Just my humble and personal opinion... you may end up loving this cabin 🙂
  20. Quickly going through the review, I found more of my images and an excerpt regarding noise from a late night movie: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2358343-hoopster-on-harmony-jan-7-14-2017-review-wlots-of-photos/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-50803934 "Funny thing is we got to our room and it was filled with loud noise from outside. I immediately went outside the balcony to see what was up as I did not remember seeing a show scheduled i the Aqua Theatre... if you look at the compass closely it shows that Star Trek was playing on the big screens... and boy oh boy was it LLLLOOOUUUUDDD. Even with the sliding door and my earplugs in, you can definitely hear the drone and the lower tones/bass of the movie. GRRRRRR😡 We did not get to sleep right away and had to wait for the movie to finish before we could fully crash."
  21. The photo in this thread is highly misleading. You have to be standing directly at the railing, at the farthest rear of the balcony to get that fully unobstructed photo of the Aqua Theatre. If you sit down, or move back 2 feet, you absolutely cannot have that view. Please take a look below at a full review of 10329 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2358343-hoopster-on-harmony-jan-7-14-2017-review-wlots-of-photos/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-50779218
  22. You'd better look at your sea pass again. Quantum was immediately re-deployed to China after only 6 months in Bayonne. Anthem was in Bayonne in 2016 when you sailed
  23. His, and your, recollections are both correct. Anthem tried to provide both a true DD option as well as a bastardized version of Traditional Dining on the same sailings. You as the cruiser had an option to choose which you wanted. edit: I see your post above just now... you're correct. Both versions of dining were available.
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