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  1. I'm traveling light this time and only have my carry-on.
  2. Just wondering if Carnival has a place to leave your carry-on once on board; I found this very useful on Princess - didn't have to wonder around with my bag before my room was ready. If not, I think I'll just put a luggage tag on it and have Carnival deliver it. Really don't want to traipse all over Lido with my bag.
  3. I had a future cruise credit. I booked the cruise I wanted and then called Carnival and had the credit applied. It was very easy and straightforward. Have your current and prior confirmation numbers available.
  4. We sailed to Alaska on Ruby Princess this past June. Lido was quieter, but it was cold out. The entertainment crew was outstanding, very energetic and talented. Lots of fun in the Atrium with line dancing lessons and other things. Good music throughout the ship. Saw people of all ages - lots of families with children. I think those who sailed were comparable to Carnival. I missed Guy’s Burgers, Blue Iguana and the fun Lido, but would definitely sail Princess again.
  5. I like the fun vibe that I get from the minute I board; I live Guy’s Burgers and Blue Iguana, I live the live music on Lido and the fun sail away party. I enjoy the movies on the big screen at night on Lido, the variety of things to do. I was on the Ruby Princess for a cruise to Alaska in June and it was amazing! I loved the classier look. There was no sail away party, just a couple of crew members (but no music) trying to get people interest ... in something. I would absolutely sail Princess again. I think I’m concerned that Celebrity won’t be as “fun” as Carnival. I’m a pretty reserved person, but I do enjoy being surrounded by a party. The Summit looks like a beautiful ship and we’re going to be so busy in port that I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll be on a cruise, after all! And that’s WEIRD that I made your google feed!
  6. Tell me it’ll be okay! Reassurances and hand pats welcome. 😀 We originally booked Carnival Fascination out of San Juan and invited another couple to go with us. Long story, but they convinced us to change to virtually the identical cruise but on Celebrity Summit instead. Thoughts on Celebrity?
  7. If you are flying in the day before and staying at a Miami hotel, check out SAS Transportation.
  8. Looking forward to your review! We’re in this same ship with the same itinerary in April. Safe travels!
  9. I can't wait to do this! Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  10. Thanks for the info! You found the walk do-able from water tax drop off point to South Point Park Pier? I'm off to map all this stuff, but I do like the thought of round trip on the water taxi.
  11. Thanks, but I wasn’t asking about the schedule, I was asking if anyone had experience using them.
  12. Great review! Sorry to hear you guys got sick, but sounds like an amazing time up til then.
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