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  1. Wow, I had no idea that something like this could happen. I'm sorry for all who had their cruises canceled. A little too close for comfort - I'm booked on the Regal 7-day on June 18, 2022.
  2. @cruisemom42 Thank you for your invaluable input to this thread! You obviously love the area and want others to as well.
  3. Princess sent me an email
  4. Sweet! I loved cruising in Alaska and hope you enjoy yourself!
  5. Perfect! That's excactly what I'm thinking!
  6. It's happened to me! I just got a free updgrade to my June 18, 2022 Rome to Athens cruise on the Regal! Moved from D327 (deluxe balcony) to D729 (aft premium deluxe balcony). I've never had an aft balcony, but am hoping I'll love it. I have 48 hours to turn down the upgrade. Thoughts?
  7. Spoke with a Princess representative this morning. The difference is that the Explorer has one excursion included in the 3-day/location land portion.
  8. I know we will do the cruisetour; I like that transportation and lodging is taken care of; it’s simply a matter of which one. I hope to talk with a Princess rep tomorrow for more clarification.
  9. Looks like I need to look at these again; the prices seemed to be the same, which wouldn’t make sense if the Explorer included everything.
  10. Looking at booking Majestic for 2023 Alaskan cruisetour and don't see the difference between the On Your Own or Explorer options. They both go to the same places and the descriptions are the same. Can someone tell me what the differences might be? Thanks!
  11. Oddly, I thought this was going to be about drinking on your flight to the cruise. 😜 Will have to try some martinis on my February cruise. 🍸
  12. Can someone please explain what the room categories mean or direct me to a good resource? I’m booked on the Regal Princess in D327 which is a DB category. I’ve never seen the category prior to booking; how can I know if it’s good or not? Thanks!
  13. I had this happen, as well. I closed the app and opened it again and my booking showed up.
  14. Thanks for the heads up about seat guru; I've checked it out and am now happy with my seats! :-)
  15. Thanks for the info re first class v. business class; at least one of my "business class" flights is actually what I would consider to be "first". So, YAY!
  16. Well, that’s interesting! I thought all planes flying overseas had first class. I’m sure we’ll be comfortable in business class since I don’t usually fly that, either! 😀
  17. Just wondering if Princess generally adds any additional flights to their initial offerings? I booked my flights for Rome/Athens today and am disappointed that I couldn’t get first class - which I have never flown, but fully intended to this time. I know I should have booked last week at the first opportunity, but I was on vacation and couldn’t get to it. I think I have one leg in first class (Cincinnati to Chicago) and the rest are all in business class. Really wanted to do this for my 81-year-old mother. 😢
  18. I hope these services are back up and running by our February cruise. Thanks for all the great info!
  19. I assume this is something you sign up for once on board? I’ve used similar services on other cruises (this will be my first time on Celebrity).
  20. We have TSA precheck, so we’re probably good. Thanks!
  21. How quickly does disembarkation usually go at Port Everglades? Would I be able to make a 12:15p flight?
  22. I had one cruise booked for April 2020, which we rescheduled for April 2021, which was rescheduled for April 2022, which then had to be moved to February 2022 due to the fact that they decided to send the ship to Europe in April (Celebrity). Longest wait ever for a cruise. I have a Med cruise booked with Princess in June 2022, which is fully refundable if cancelled by final payment date. I’ve also booked my hotels for that cruise which are also refundable. Hope we get to go!
  23. I sincerely hope that cruise lines require a vaccine in order to cruise; I also hope that all staff on board are vaccinated. I will be vaccinated, I will wear a mask, I will take ship-sponsored shore excursions. I want to cruise!
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