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  1. Update: I have finally received the refund check from Princess. 8 months after expiration and 5 months after first contacting Princess. I have been very frustrated by the whole process Princess has in place for refunds. To Princess's credit they were very pleasant in dealing with me, but absolutely incompetent. First, Princess said it was up to me to get the refund from AMEX since that it where it was sent to. Then said they would issue refund and by their own admission got the address wrong both times, even though I verbally verified it both times. Somewhere, in a department they misplaced a house # digit. Princess needs to consider processes that streamline this refund process to make it easier. I know I would never buy another FCD on a Princess cruise again, and the last time I spoke with a rep, told them that after all the issues in getting the refund, that I would consider very hard cruising again with them.
  2. That is sad to hear. It has probably been 6-8 years ago that I had a FCD expire on a CC account that I had closed, and I didn't even call. The check just showed up about 60 days after expiration.
  3. That could be part of the issue. I did not open the Citibank card that was offered. Thank you for the response. In my case the card was closed and I got another card. princess is supposed to issue a check (through an outside refund service they contract with). The FCD expired April 14 and I expected Princess to follow through and send a refund check. That is how they had handled a previous expired FCD. It has been such a negative and frustrating experience. Certainly something that should have been handled in one call!
  4. This is to update this topic. I got a response from Princess that a check would be issued Oct.13. Then Nov. 13 called again that check had still not been received and another call back to Princess, the response was it was mailed but check hasn't been cashed. They would reissue check, as promised on Dec. 4 Called back today and a nice associate noted that they had missed a digit in my address and that was why the 2nd check didn't get to me. I had verified my mailing address via phone message before the first check was mailed and personally via phone before the 2nd check was mailed. Princess took full blame for the error. But insists it will take another month to stop payment on the 2nd check and reissue and then another 4 weeks to receive. At this point, I had lost my patience. One of two things is going, either completely incompetent customer service reps or Princess is fraudulent in not intending to get the refunded FCD back to me. There is no excuse for Princess not processing a refund properly over a 5 month period. I will again renew my complaint with the NM Attorney General consumer affairs division in the morning. I would love to know if any other Costco customers have had this experience receiving a FCD refund purchased on an American Express card account that was closed.
  5. I had this problem a couple of years ago on another credit card. The credit card returned the refund to Princess and Princess issued a check in about 60 days from expiration. I understand that Princess has to initiate the refund through the card the FCD was purchased with. Costco switched from AMEX to VISA in June 2016 and the issuer of the AMEX is not the same as then. Princess acknowledges that I have a refund due, they refunded to AMEX which I don't ahve any ties with now and that AMEX has the refund but has failed to return to the refund to Princess. As originally stated, the issue is firmly between AMEX and Princess. I would follow up with AMEX buth Princess can't or won't disclose the AMEX issuer they sent the refund to. AMEX should ahve promptly returned the funds, once they found I do not have a card with AMEX. Princess should be able to work with AMEX to get issue resolved. I will follow up with Costco tomorrow (thanks for the suggestion) I did purchase the cruise through Costco travel. I am not sure Costco can resolve it any more than I can since Costco severed ties with AMEX more than 2 years ago. Princess should issue a check for my refund and not delay the refund to me anymore, while they continue to try to figure out the issue with AMEX. I hate to place blame on anyone, but Princess needs to take care of me as the customer, I purchased FCD from Princess and it is their responsibility by whatever means required to refund the money to me. They attempted through the Credit card and that is for Princess to deal with. As for me, I think 6 months is long enough to wait for my refund.
  6. Yes, I have contacted the servicing bank for AMEX, they sent me to who had taken over the accounts, they could not find the account in their archives. I did spend over an hour calling several different branches of AMEX. None of them were able to help me, either by my account or whether a refund had been issued to AMEX or back to Princess. The fault is between Princess and AMEX. Princess will not give me any information about where the refund was sent to (AMEX) so I have no way of tracking or contacting where the refund is with AMEX. It is fully the responsibility of AMEX if the account is closed by AMEX to return the money to Princess since there is no active account information. My position is Princess should not delay my refund any longer, because Princess is unable to resolve the issue with AMEX. There is not a dispute about the validity of the refund or the amount. I fault Princess that they have not been able to get AMEX to issue the refund. AMEX acknowledges to me that I do not have any active accounts with AMEX. Princess has had sufficient amount of time to resolve with AMEX and if they can't, should issue refund. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Incorrect usage, I apologize it is a Future Cruise Deposit. It is fully refundable. I had this happen a couple of years ago on another closed account and Princess had the deposit refunded within 2 months. Princess has been very unhelpful in resolving and that is why I am posting here now. Especially being Princess told me last month that it was an issue with all the Costco AMEX accounts during this time frame.
  8. I am writing to see if anyone else has had issues with their FCC refund. We bought a FCC on a cruise 4/14/2016. It expired 4/14/2018. I expected the refund to eventually come to me. I know initially it has to go back to the Credit Card it was paid with. The problem is it was a Costco issued AMEX. Costco switched from AMEX to VISA in June of 2016. My AMEX account was closed. So Princess sent my refund to AMEX back in April 2018. AMEX has not refunded the money back to Princess. Last month I was told this was an issue with many exorcised FCC and the Costco AMEX cards. I waited until August 2018 to contact Princess for refund and response was they would have to check with AMEX as my refund had not been returned. So I called back in September 2018 (one month later), I found out I was not the only one having this issue but was promised by Princess customer relations that it would be resolved with AMEX by Sep. 7 (4 days later). I waited another month, now October and was told Princess still had not resolved the issue with AMEX and I would just have to wait. I expressed to Princess that I felt 6 months was a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue with AMEX and whether it was resolved or not that Princess should issue my refund. I have no way of resolving this issue, the refund to a closed account is by Princess to AMEX and Princess will not even disclose where the refund was sent. I contacted 3 different divisions of AMEX trying to track the refund from Princess down. My concern is how many other people are going through this issue with getting a refund. Has anyone received a refund that purchased a FCC with a Costco AMEX and that AMEX account was closed. I am very disappointed in Princess's response. I have been very patient and it is purely in Princess's hand to fix the issue. Princess should have sufficient clout to get the CC refund back from AMEX when the account is closed. Please let me know if you have resolved this issue and how, and if not let me know what you have been told. Roboref (ron)
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