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  1. I had this problem a couple of years ago on another credit card. The credit card returned the refund to Princess and Princess issued a check in about 60 days from expiration. I understand that Princess has to initiate the refund through the card the FCD was purchased with. Costco switched from AMEX to VISA in June 2016 and the issuer of the AMEX is not the same as then. Princess acknowledges that I have a refund due, they refunded to AMEX which I don't ahve any ties with now and that AMEX has the refund but has failed to return to the refund to Princess. As originally stated, the issue is firmly between AMEX and Princess. I would follow up with AMEX buth Princess can't or won't disclose the AMEX issuer they sent the refund to. AMEX should ahve promptly returned the funds, once they found I do not have a card with AMEX. Princess should be able to work with AMEX to get issue resolved. I will follow up with Costco tomorrow (thanks for the suggestion) I did purchase the cruise through Costco travel. I am not sure Costco can resolve it any more than I can since Costco severed ties with AMEX more than 2 years ago. Princess should issue a check for my refund and not delay the refund to me anymore, while they continue to try to figure out the issue with AMEX. I hate to place blame on anyone, but Princess needs to take care of me as the customer, I purchased FCD from Princess and it is their responsibility by whatever means required to refund the money to me. They attempted through the Credit card and that is for Princess to deal with. As for me, I think 6 months is long enough to wait for my refund.
  2. Yes, I have contacted the servicing bank for AMEX, they sent me to who had taken over the accounts, they could not find the account in their archives. I did spend over an hour calling several different branches of AMEX. None of them were able to help me, either by my account or whether a refund had been issued to AMEX or back to Princess. The fault is between Princess and AMEX. Princess will not give me any information about where the refund was sent to (AMEX) so I have no way of tracking or contacting where the refund is with AMEX. It is fully the responsibility of AMEX if the account is closed by AMEX to return the money to Princess since there is no active account information. My position is Princess should not delay my refund any longer, because Princess is unable to resolve the issue with AMEX. There is not a dispute about the validity of the refund or the amount. I fault Princess that they have not been able to get AMEX to issue the refund. AMEX acknowledges to me that I do not have any active accounts with AMEX. Princess has had sufficient amount of time to resolve with AMEX and if they can't, should issue refund. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Incorrect usage, I apologize it is a Future Cruise Deposit. It is fully refundable. I had this happen a couple of years ago on another closed account and Princess had the deposit refunded within 2 months. Princess has been very unhelpful in resolving and that is why I am posting here now. Especially being Princess told me last month that it was an issue with all the Costco AMEX accounts during this time frame.
  4. I am writing to see if anyone else has had issues with their FCC refund. We bought a FCC on a cruise 4/14/2016. It expired 4/14/2018. I expected the refund to eventually come to me. I know initially it has to go back to the Credit Card it was paid with. The problem is it was a Costco issued AMEX. Costco switched from AMEX to VISA in June of 2016. My AMEX account was closed. So Princess sent my refund to AMEX back in April 2018. AMEX has not refunded the money back to Princess. Last month I was told this was an issue with many exorcised FCC and the Costco AMEX cards. I waited until August 2018 to contact Princess for refund and response was they would have to check with AMEX as my refund had not been returned. So I called back in September 2018 (one month later), I found out I was not the only one having this issue but was promised by Princess customer relations that it would be resolved with AMEX by Sep. 7 (4 days later). I waited another month, now October and was told Princess still had not resolved the issue with AMEX and I would just have to wait. I expressed to Princess that I felt 6 months was a reasonable amount of time to resolve the issue with AMEX and whether it was resolved or not that Princess should issue my refund. I have no way of resolving this issue, the refund to a closed account is by Princess to AMEX and Princess will not even disclose where the refund was sent. I contacted 3 different divisions of AMEX trying to track the refund from Princess down. My concern is how many other people are going through this issue with getting a refund. Has anyone received a refund that purchased a FCC with a Costco AMEX and that AMEX account was closed. I am very disappointed in Princess's response. I have been very patient and it is purely in Princess's hand to fix the issue. Princess should have sufficient clout to get the CC refund back from AMEX when the account is closed. Please let me know if you have resolved this issue and how, and if not let me know what you have been told. Roboref (ron)
  5. roboref

    Just off of Indy - photos!

    I smoked my first cigar and began smoking cigars in a Michael's club in about 2004 or 2005 on Century. I won the cigars at a lecture. I loved the atmosphere of the club. I always enjoy smoking cigars in an indoor lounge but am now finding myself checking for a cigar lounge indoors or not booking. We did a Scandinavian cruise on Celebrity Silhouette. Yep the only place to smoke was outside up on top. Absolutely couldn't smoke up there it was about 40 degrees and blowing. If it is a warm cruise Ok, I can smoke outside. But that is the choice. I understand people's desire to avoid cigar smoke, but the cruise lines need to provide an indoor venue. They provide venues for nearly everything else.
  6. roboref

    Family cruise line suggestions

    We've cruised on all the major cruise lines except HAL (leaving on our first HAL cruise in 11 days). All of them do good things for kids, but I would be on RCCL with my little ones if I still had them.
  7. roboref

    Second Seating Pet Peeve

    I certainly agree with most items covered so far. I am hoping our upcoming 36 night cruise we will be able to get over to late seating as that is our preferred time. We were wait-listed for late dining, but assigned immediately to anytime, which I absolutely hate. The addition I would make to the thread is I wish if you have something you don't want or like, politely communicate with the dining room manager, as early in the cruise I am sure he would like to match people as much as possible with their wishes. On a previous RCCL, We had early seating as were doing B2B and needed early on the first cruise due to other family members consideration. After our first night at early seating on the 2nd cruise we went and asked if we could move to 2nd seating. He was delighted saying he had 200 people on late seating trying to get ot anytime or early. So I am really hoping we can get off anytime to 2nd when we board! Keeping my fingers crossed. Roboref (Ron)
  8. I was hoping it was so. Will have to wait till we board, to actually find out. I so want to be able to smoke a cigar indoors.
  9. Does anyone have recent information from actually being on board that this is correct?
  10. I have done this several times in FLL. There will be porters to leave it with and with any luck it will be some of the first delivered luggage. On our transatlantic this spring, the rental car agencies at the airport provide a free shuttle to the ships. However, we arrived about 12:30 and it took almost 2 hours to arrive at the ship. The line was quite long to get on a shuttle and then each shuttle went to each pier slowing the process. While I give the shuttle an A for effort, the organization and efficiency could use some work. I would actually go ahead and pay for a cab.
  11. I am asking for my brother and his wife about the best way to book this trip. It involves the 36 day Transpacific from Auckland to Vancouver. My SIL would like to do the whole 36 day cruise. My brother hates sea days and does not wish to be gone that long. He is willing to do the first part of the 36 day cruise which is 13 days Auckland to Sydney and then he wants off the ship. Both cruises are available. We realize that a single supplement is probably required. My first thought is to book both of them for the trans-pacific cruise and then he leaves the ship in Sydney. No single supplement (since they both paid for the whole cruise) and maybe the easiest way. Or they book the 13 day cruise together and she gets a single supplement rate to Vancouver (the problem with this is that there is not a cruise listed for this segment). The 29 day Auckland to Honolulu is showing sold out, but that doesn't really help either as she would like to go all the way to Vancouver. I don't have any experience with this type of travel booking, so I did suggest he contact his travel agent directly and then maybe she could call HAL and inquire/negotiate a booking that would most closely match their travel needs. A single supplement is not a deal killer, but I would like to help them book it the most economical way possible. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated.
  12. roboref

    Things to do on sea days on a Pacific cruise

    I had read that on the smoking post thread. That it had happened on certain cruises but no one could confirm it. As I mentioned earlier, I have decided that trans-Atlantic or trans-pacific would require a protected pool environment as I love hanging around the hot tub and taking naps and indoor cigar rooms. We were on a Celebrity cruise last spring for 9 days and only outdoor smoking and it was cold outside and portside, so I didn't smoke for 9 days. I normally have one cigar per week, unless I am on a cruise then I have one a day, while Pam is getting ready for dinner. I had scoped out possible smoking locations outside and decided I could live with situation, but the Oak Room would make it even better. Roboref(Ron)
  13. roboref

    Things to do on sea days on a Pacific cruise

    Looking at this and sorry about getting off-topic a bit. We are seasoned cruisers and have 4 trans-atlantics under our belt. I think the main question for what to do, is that there will be activities. I am happy to read books, smoke a cigar and hang out by the hot tub. I am good to go. My wife is an avid reader and is really easy going as far as things to do. If there are really good lecturer's all the better. I think the ukulele classes, hula dancing class and great lectures would be an added bonus. All of the posts on this thread have really allayed any fears we have of going on HAL and are getting us very excited to go.
  14. roboref

    Things to do on sea days on a Pacific cruise

    We have never flown in the day of embarkation, as it just seems to be too risky. But we are going to do it this cruise, if we do miss the ship, the next port is not very far. Unfortunately we won't see much of Auckland. OlsSalt, we have been on smaller ships 2200 to 3000 passenger ships before. We really are not too difficult to please. Give us decent service, reasonably good food and some shows that are not horrible and we are good to go. Also we have pretty much decide for cruises with many sea days, an enclosed pool area is a must!
  15. roboref

    Things to do on sea days on a Pacific cruise

    36 day Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Collector. Yes, it was a big commitment to HAL for this cruise and not knowing what to expect. We had all the pre-conceived notions of HAL just being dull & boring with a much older passenger demographic. We have done several long cruises and that is a simple fact that the longer cruises will have an older clientele. But being retired I am in that category as well. We did a lot of reading on this board and comparisons of HAL to the other lines we have been on and decided to jump ship from the RCCL 24 day Sydney to Seattle cruise we had booked to this cruise. It was hard to give up our diamond perks on RCCL. But this trip fit our needs scheduling wise and after our trip this year of 45 days with 3 cruises, 4 hotels and 3 flights we felt a flight, cruise, flight would be more appealing than trying to cram a lot of pre-cruise days in New Zealand and Australia. We don't need lots of activities but we have enjoyed the lectures on our Trans-Atlantic a lot. If HAL is similar in style, food, service and class to Celebrity or even RCCL, we know we will enjoy the cruise.