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  1. Enjoying your review! We LOVE Garrett Popcorn. Get that cheesy, caramel-y Chicago Mix every time!
  2. From a few years ago, I think we were on the Escape with the drink package but brought along a couple bottles of our favorite sparkling wine and didn't drink one. On the last night, we just took the unopened bottle to Guest Services and said we'd paid the corkage (they saw the sticker that NCL attaches), and there was a $15 credit to our onboard account the morning we disembarked.
  3. Highly recommend downloading Delta's app. That way, you can know which gate you need to be at before deplaning from your first flight. And yes, an hour is enough time to get from one gate to another in ATL, even if you need to switch terminals. The underground train runs frequently from terminal to terminal.
  4. If the site said "Prices FROM $170," it doesn't mean that the night you're staying is $170. It could be $300. Hotel rates vary, so it could just be that the night you need is on the higher end. Or, as others have mentioned, it could be the per person rate that NCL charges for hotel stays.
  5. With cruising, when you're past final payment, it's considered a cancellation because NCL now has to sell that room for that itinerary. Unless you're willing to take the 50% penalty then pay whatever the rate is to move to a different ship or sailing, there's really nothing you can do except wait for reviews and learn about the things you think you'll enjoy about the ship. We are not into race tracks or ropes courses, but still manage to find lots to do on a cruise ship. Hope it all works out for you, OP, and that you have an enjoyable cruise!
  6. I'm female, so I use a wristlet for the entire cruise. I leave my purse in the room and lock my wallet, passports, etc. in the safe. The wristlet is small, and I can also put my phone and ID in there. Fits easily in the beach bag I use in ports. This is what I use: https://www.verabradley.com/us/product/Iconic-RFID-Front-Zip-Wristlet/22899-22899N13?cm_mmc=pla-_-gs-_-180201-_-shopping-accessories&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxd22tt7O5AIVB4TICh1HygWhEAQYBCABEgLHIfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  7. Yay! I've been following your story since the 9/1 debacle and am excited to see that you picked another cruise. That'll come up quickly!
  8. We sailed on the Getaway over Halloween last year. There were a number of people dressed up that night and some small decorations throughout the ship, but that was about it.
  9. It was our first and only time trying to get Vibe passes, and we were successful. We were on the Getaway last October and got to the port around 9:30 a.m. Security wasn't even open at that point. We ended up with boarding group 2. We were in a balcony and we're both Gold members. Agree with the others who said they went straight to wherever they were selling passes to buy them. On the Getaway, it was in Headliners on deck 6, and we walked onto the ship on deck 7, so a quick walk down the stairs to Headliners to stand in line. Every person who wanted Vibe passes had to be present, if I recall. They scanned each of our cards. Our experience was before the price increase, so it may be different now with that.
  10. We, too, typically fly SWA as our primary, but also fly Delta and American, so I can speak to those two. Delta and AA each charge $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second checked bag. Carry-ons are still free on both airlines, though they do seem to be cracking down more on sizes of those and will request that you gate check if the bag is too large to fit in the overhead bins. Not sure if they charge to gate check; they didn't use to, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do now. We usually check bags, so I don't pay attention to any gate check charging, if it's happening. As for seat assignments, Delta Comfort will have a fee, but I'm not sure if their Main cabin choice comes with a fee. For AA, Main Cabin Extra and Preferred have fees. Seat fees can start at $30 and go up to whatever First and Business class charges. When you know your flights, check out seat maps on the airlines' websites. Free seats will be listed as such if you hover over the seat choice, or if you click on one, the fee will be indicated on the page. Hope that helps!
  11. My husband misses the ship pins. He wanted to collect them for each ship in the fleet. I could live without them, but it is something he comments on whenever we sail and at least wishes they'd sell them in the gift shops.
  12. Our PCC is good. He doesn't call and annoy or try to sell us cruises and has been very responsive via email or phone when we've either needed to make changes to a cruise or cancel one. Earlier this year, when I emailed him after business hours to cancel a cruise, not expecting to hear back from him until the next day or even day or two after, I got a response within 15 minutes that my cruise has been canceled and my CruiseNext deposit refunded. I wouldn't say they're worthless, as ours has helped us, as well as family and friends, book and make changes to cruises without having to call the general number and wait on hold - though I have booked at least one cruise via the general number when he was a new-to-us-PCC. We typically email him and do everything that way to book, and he makes things really easy for us.
  13. You can bring as many bottles as you want! Just carry them on to the ship, and you'll be directed to pay the corkage right after security -- at least that's how it works in Miami. Maybe different in different ports. They'll charge the corkage fee directly to your room.
  14. I'm in Fort Myers and they are awful here. We were in Longboat Key last week and they were terrible! One tip we learned (we're somewhat new to FL) is to take a wet dryer sheet to get them off. We did that when we were in Longboat and, although it left a slight residue, they came off pretty easily! Just make sure it's wet or it won't work (scratches cars?). And the residue washed off when my husband washed our cars last weekend (and again this weekend). This is one thing I had no idea about until we moved here. Ready for this season to be over!
  15. Have stayed there twice -- once before a cruise a few years ago and once for a weekend getaway last summer (we live on the opposite side of the state). Nice hotel and easily walkable to restaurants and the nearby Walgreens. If you can, choose a room in the tower versus the marina view rooms, which have views that are often blocked by big yachts -- unless you want to admire those huge things for your entire stay. 🙂 There's a water taxi stop at the hotel, so you can hop that to different stops along the river (Las Olas, Margaritaville, cruise by to see which ships are in port, etc.) Super easy to get to the cruise port from there, too.
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