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  1. We had a Christmas cruise scheduled and I called last week to rebook for the following year. I am a planner and didn't want to wait and not have a plan. Carnival switched my cruise with no fees. We hadn't made final payment which helped. I just don't think things will be back to normal the rest of 2020 unfortunately. Now, I have 3 cruises for next year! That is something to look forward to. We switched our 2020 trip to an all inclusive in Jamaica. Vicki
  2. Havana all the way. We have cruised in those rooms twice now and won't ever choose another area if possible. The access to the back area was so worth it. I am not sure if your son will utilized the teen programs but they will have several activities he can attend with that group and he will get to take advantage regardless of which room you are in. We sailed with our boys in December and had a Havana room for the first time for them. Although they are a bit older it was still awesome. I can't stress how much better our cruise was having that back area as a type of oasis away from the m
  3. We are scheduled for a class reunion cruise on Royal this June 16th. I am amazed it hasn't been cancelled yet. My flight got cancelled last week. We are scheduled on Carnival for Christmas and I pray that we are able to take that cruise. This has to get over soon. If I can't cruise or have some vacation I am going to go crazy. Vicki
  4. I definitely want to rebook sometime when this one eventually gets cancelled. It's a bummer because it is a 30 year class reunion group cruise.
  5. I am on the Navigator of the seas this June and I just got an email that my flight is cancelled and they were unable to find available flights within 3 days. Not sure what to do. Do I start looking for another airline? Carnival cancelled all North American cruises through June but I haven't heard about Royal. I need this cruise but not sure if I should look to rebook? What are your thoughts? We live way too far to drive. Thanks in advance, Vicki
  6. I saw the posts about discounted cruise cash. I haven't ever bought any for my cruises before and wondering do they discount them often? I thought I would buy some for our Christmas cruise since our bill can sometimes be up to $1000 at the end of the week for our family. This could be a good savings if I buy this at a discount. I have just never bought it before. Thanks in advance for information and weighing in! Vicki
  7. With the prices going down, I am thinking of buying 100 shares of stock. From what I read, if you have 100 shares you can get $100 on board credit? We have a cruise planned in June and look to cruise more and also with Celebrity in future. Can someone confirm if that is true about the on board credit. The cruise we have in June is only a 4 day. Thanks in advance! Vicki
  8. We already own 100 shares and use the on board credit quite a lot. If I bought 200 more today would we get $200 credit per cruise or is there a max of $100? Debating on buying more Carnival or buying our first 100 shares of RCL Thanks! Vicki
  9. We were just on the Vista and had the Cuban Ice Tea from Havana Bar. It was so good! Anyone have a copycat recipe for that? I see the menu online but it doesn't have the proportions of the ingredients. Thank you! Vicki
  10. I was really hoping for Star Wars. But, looks like wont be an option for our cruise. With all the new movies coming out at Christmas I am sure we will have some good ones. I never thought seeing a movie on a cruise would be something I would do but on our last cruise we did that one night and really enjoyed it! Thanks everyone
  11. We will be on the Vista. First Christmas cruise but second time on this ship
  12. When do they release the movies that will be playing at IMAX? We are headed out on the Vista on Sept 21. Hoping Star Wars is playing! Thanks in advance! Vicki
  13. We have never taken a Christmas Cruise and wondering about the weather? I booked a snorkeling excursion in Roatan and Mr. Sancho's for Cozumel. How warm is it there and is the water freezing? Thanks in advance! Vicki
  14. Are there any codes right now for the spa? I want to book the thermal suites for an upcoming cruise and wanted to get 20% off. thanks in advance! Vicki
  15. Does anyone know the stops that the Hop On Hop Off bus tour does? I want to go to Dr. Cave Beach and Scotchies for sure. Just wondering the route since it isn't listed as an excursion on the website.; Thanks in advance! Vicki
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