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  1. Are there any codes right now for the spa? I want to book the thermal suites for an upcoming cruise and wanted to get 20% off. thanks in advance! Vicki
  2. Does anyone know the stops that the Hop On Hop Off bus tour does? I want to go to Dr. Cave Beach and Scotchies for sure. Just wondering the route since it isn't listed as an excursion on the website.; Thanks in advance! Vicki
  3. I was looking at Resort for a Day and saw the Hyatt Zilara day pass. I thought it may be perfect for my husband and I as I am thinking it will be more relaxing than Dr. Cave Beach. Has anyone every done this one and have an opinion on it? Thanks! Vicki
  4. I have always wanted to take a Disney cruise. Unfortunately we never made it when our kids were young. I am looking to hear from those then went only as a couple with no kids. How was it? Thanks! Vicki
  5. Well thanks to this awesome group I got my price adjustment approval today for this excursion and each member is going to have an onboard credit. Thanks so much for the help on this !
  6. Good to know. I submitted on Friday and I did one for each person in my party just in case. We will see...
  7. I finally got the form submitted. How long did it take before you received the approval? And, did you fill one out for each person? I went ahead and did because I wasn't sure how they would look at it. My boys are in a separate room and therefore had a separate booking number
  8. I am trying to fill out the price adjustment form and I keep getting an error saying "the duration time is not in the correct format". How do I fix that? it just has two blank spaces with a : in between
  9. I have tried filling out the form and it says "incorrect URL format" and "incorrect duration time" What do I put there?
  10. Oh good to know! We will do that then. The excursion we want to do is is about $125 a person and at 4 people that can add up. I hesitate booking a Carnival excursion but since it is a day long one in Belize I think this will be the best route for us with less stress of trying to get back to ship.
  11. Does Carnival ever offer discounts on excursions like they do for spa treatments? There is an excursion I would like to book in Belize but so expensive. Usually we book on our own but since this is an all day tour I want to do through the ship. We also have the Carnival Credit Card---how does that work with booking excursions? We haven't done anything with the points earned yet. Thanks in advance! Vicki
  12. I haven't been to Monetego Bay on a cruise in a few years but I thought I remember there being a Hop on Hop off bus listed in the Carnival Excursions. We want to go to Doctor's Cave beach, Margartitaville and Hip Strip this trip instead of taking a full excursion. Does Carnival still offer this transportation option? I didn't see it on their website. Thanks in Advance! Vicki
  13. We are cruising to Roatan and are looking for a good private (non carnival sponsored) tour that includes snorkeling in West Bay? Thanks in Advance! Vicki
  14. Thank you for posting your daily updates! I haven't commented but have been following along. I love your writing style and openness. I wish you luck when you get home and look forward to your next adventure! Vicki
  15. Thank you for this! I have been waiting for a sale so I could book the Thermal suite for our upcoming cruise! Glad it was still valid this morning! Vicki
  16. Please do another LIVE review of that trip! We were going on Vista, same itinerary September 2019 and would love to get your perspective! Great review by the way!
  17. Your time dining on Horizon was terrible from our experience in June. We pick Anytime on all our cruises and on this ship it was just chaotic. Had to wait an hour with the pager. Area was super crowded with similar cruisers. We finally went down to dining room and told them we were waiting over an hour. They told us they would seat us right away but walked us all over the dining room looking for a table. Service took forever and the poor servers were so busy and stressed. We went to guest services and changed to 6pm for the rest of cruise. I heard they have an app you can check in but we weren't told that at the time. Not sure if it wasn't available in June but probably would have helped the chaos around the check in area if they told people that option. Every day of the cruise we would walk by that area and it was crazy. We booked 6pm on the next cruise and probably will do that dining time for all future cruises.
  18. YES! Take the Lido Balcony! You won't be disappointed. We had this option on a cruise a few years ago and we took it. We loved it so much this is the only cabin spot we will book from now on.
  19. we stayed on lido close to pool and noise was never a problem. We loved being so close to the area so we could run to room if we needed anything and it was great to get food from Guys, etc and bring it to room. Great location!
  20. What time did you get to NYC terminal to board? We are first time Platinum and want to make sure we are there in plenty of time to board right away. Never cruised from New York and want to figure out when to leave hotel. Thank you! Vicki
  21. Does anyone have the fax number to where we can fax in our stock info for cruise credit? Thank you! Vicki
  22. We are thinking of booking a tour at the rainforest on our own. I was wondering how we can get there from the port. Has anyone had experience with Uber in San Juan? Thanks! Vicki
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