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  1. Just because a couple has children doesn't mean they take said children on every getaway/vacation they take. Why do you continue to repeat that inane statement "now that your a "family," that 's how you vacation" As others above have said, how you vacation depends on what you want from the vacation, how adaptable(or not) your child is among many other factors. UGH!!!
  2. Please amend the above post to SOME Caribbean beaches are narrow, not ALL of them (ex. Magen's Bay , Aruba, and others). We have been to many Caribbean beaches and have been able to "spread out" on several. I don't think CB has ever been anywhere else except Grand Cayman 7-mile beach to which I'm sure she took the bus! 😉
  3. You have been lucky with the phone calls. Even if you do not meet your cabin steward on the first day, a call onboard to Housekeeping and/or Guest Services will get you what you need. 🙂
  4. Please...pay NO attention to our little Matty. He just says stuff because he can. Sad, really.
  5. Is someone forcibly dragging you to the rehearsal/performance(s) of the Choir. Surely , the ship is large enough that you don't have to be anywhere near the Choir.. Or, perhaps, you just enjoy being contrary in general??? I'm outta here! If it is in you, have a nice day.
  6. Well, aren't you the little ray of sunshine. Have you never heard "Different strokes, etc."? Apparently not.
  7. Not me...I would rather get a restful night's sleep in my "teensy" cabin ( Have had a few of these) than walking around in my "decent" sized cabin because I can't sleep because of the thumping/scraping going on above me. As to the latter, I speak from personal experience...not fun.
  8. Wow! I love that idea....wish some of the other lines would try it.
  9. ...and it is sooooo hard to be good sometimes 😉
  10. Nope, you are not alone. I echo your sentiments entirely. The less "stuff" I have to bring, the better! 🙂
  11. I probably wouldn't do it, but if my family and/or grandchildren wanted to, I would go along. To each his own...if others find pleasure in matching t-shirts, I say go for it! 😉
  12. Especially when you live in VIRGINIA ! What??
  13. OP never said that Bermuda is the ONLY place he/she wants to be: just how to spend the most time possible there while still on a cruise. Do you really think the OP is so obtuse that they couldn't figure out to book a land trip to Bermuda if that is what they wanted?
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