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  1. I hope mr. "luxury lines" doesn't ever get caught in the rain...his nose is so far up in the air, he'll drown ! (evil grin emoji here!)
  2. Thanks for that info. We have not stayed there for a while, but the buffet was included at that time when booking with VT. I think buffets everywhere may be gone for quite a while! 🙂
  3. I say ditto to this post. We have stayed here at least 4 times and book through Valutrips. Rooms are large clean and comfortable and they used to offer a complimentary breakfast buffet (not sure if this is still the case).
  4. I am pretty sure that he is not with Royal any more. Irky from Turkey. He was the best trivia guy ever! Funny, personable...a real delight. 🙂
  5. This is the best thread !!! Thank you Ukigirl for your humor and creativity. You made me laugh and really brightened up my day. Also, your "waiter" is very handsome!!! My best wishes to you and the "waiter" for good health and happiness as we all get through this. 🙂
  6. Our grandson was supposed to leave yesterday (3/14) on Navigator (RCCL). Since cruise was cancelled, he was offered 100% refund OR 125% FCC.
  7. You are right if it comes to being quarantined . Two weeks in a small space with a toddler could be "difficult" to say the least !!! 🙂
  8. FYI...very young children are at very low risk for corona. 🙂
  9. I love the ad on TV recently for "Plant Butter". I call this margarine as well. 🙂
  10. Really not absurd at all considering the OP is traveling with daughter he/she describes as "severely disabled". Sounds like they definitely could benefit from at least some sort of insurance if unforeseen circumstances should arise as indeed they have. 🙂
  11. You have a point. I may have been a little hasty with my remark. 🙂
  12. Newsflash! Many things are closed world-wide on Christmas Day.
  13. I also received one from my cabin steward a few years ago. The best thing....no calories! 🙂
  14. I would be far more likely to do this with 2 adult daughters than I would with 2 friends. The dynamic is just different. It can be done, of course, with friends, but maybe not the best choice? As the old saying goes, "whatever floats your boat" (pun kind of intended!). To the OP...Enjoy your cruise ! 🙂
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