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  1. Islandgirl4242

    cinque terre...

    When you wrote "later this month" I'm thinking you mean October. I actually looked at the shore excursions Oceania offers for Cinque Terre. It is difficult to imagine seeing much in only 4 hours since there are 5 villages. But as we all cruise we realize it is diffcult to really experience the culture and beautty of the ports we visit in the allotted time. We'll be in Cinque Terre near the end of October staying at a BnB in Vernazza for 5 days. We're taking the train from Civi to LaSpezia after a cruise. We plan to walk between some of the villages, take the train between other villages, and also use the ferry to see the coastline if it is still operating that late in the season. Will you be able to see a lot in 4 hours...proababky not. BUT soak up everything that you can of this beautiful area. Safe travels! ~~Judy
  2. Yes, growing up as a city girl I learned early to be cautious and aware. I looked at the article you linked and the responses were priceless.:D ~~Judy
  3. Islandgirl4242

    Paying cash(Euros) for car services/tours? (ATM)

    Have Euros with you when you arrive and if you do need more "then" go to an ATM. I don't want to spend my travel time locating my bank's alliance ATMs. ATM daily limits, safety of using, etc. sometimes are not actually the most convenient. IMHO! ~~Judy
  4. Enric, you are absolutely right...we try to be aware in any larger city that we're in...as much here in the US as when we travel. ~~Judy
  5. I've always felt that if you look like a target, you are a target. We walk with a purpose, we're aware of what/who is around us, and we're careful with what we carry when we're sightseeing. DH does have a nice camera, but has a slash/cut proof strap. Cell phone is left in the safe. This year I did buy a Travelon cross-body bag with anti-theft fabric and straps, also RFID interior pockets. We've been fortunate and never felt threatened and this year we're even more prepared...these posts have made me feel a little paranoid. I often wear long chain necklaces with assorted beads, charms, etc. and recently added a "thunder police whistle" for our travels...I hope I never need to use it! ~~Judy
  6. Thanks for the heads-up on this! We'll plan accordingly and now allow even more time for our return to port. ~~Judy
  7. Royal Caribbean is making changes to its' beverage packages. New pricing is "exclusive" of all gratuities and only one includes alcohol. Cruise prices increasing, beverage packages increasing, a push towards specialty dining options...will the ships still be filled? ~~Judy [url]http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=7224&UTM_Source=Social&UTM_Medium=Facebook&UTM_Campaign=Cruise[/url]
  8. Islandgirl4242

    Cinque Terra by ship?

    We're on a W Med cruise next month ending in Civi. We're taking the train to Cinque Terre and have booked 4 nights at a BnB in Vernazza with plans to hike the trails and also take the train between villages. At the end of our visit we're taking the train to Rome for a couple of days before flying home. I cannot imagine being in Cinque Terre with a cruise ship docked in LaSpezia...these are small villages that would be overwhelmed. Actually the Italian government has been writing articles about limiting the number of visitors to Cinque Terre in hopes of preserving the trails and natural beauty of the area. I hope it doesn't come to that. Whatever you decide to do in Italy have a wonderful celebration of your 25th anniversary!! ~~Judy
  9. Islandgirl4242

    Rome today! Oh dear!

    I totally agree! And attitude can make or break the day. Living in the states in the Pac. NW we learned quickly that when it rains no plans change and later we can look for rainbows! ~~Judy
  10. Islandgirl4242

    Cinque Terre: NY Times Profile, Tips, Secrets??!!

    About 90 days before the day you plan to take the train to Cinque Terre (http://www.trenitalia.com/) start watching the schedule and the fares. I found out they only post the schedules and start selling tickets about 90 days out. We booked the first day the schedule was posted (actually received an email reminder from them)and bought 1st class with reserved seats at 2 for 1 pricing. We got the same deal for 5 days later when we'll take the train to Rome. This means more money for fresh fish and later gelato.:D Yes, we feel fortunate to be booked in Vernazza. So many steps in the village and our BnB has none to climb from the train station to the BnB. Friends told us that the steps took a toll after a few days and they quickly learned to not forget anything in their room that needed to go back for. We want to save our energy for exploring! ~~Judy
  11. Islandgirl4242

    Cinque Terre: NY Times Profile, Tips, Secrets??!!

    We'll be taking the train to Cinque Terre from Civi after our cruise next month. I also saw the article in the Sunday NYT and it made me feel even more excited. We have a BnB booked in Vernazza on the small bay in town with a window overlooking the water. We booked 4 nights to give us the opportunituy to hike some of the trails between the villages and not have to rush "as much" as we visit Cinque Terre. Friends visited recently and said there is an abundance of wonderful seafood from small restaurants in the villages, but that it was quite crowded in July. With our arrival at the end of the tourist season we are hoping for fewer crowds...our BnB host said this will be a good time to visit. I can hardly wait!! ~~Judy
  12. Islandgirl4242


    Thanks for all of your time and contributions...something we have all come to rely on. Wherever the winds and tides take you, good luck in all the days and years ahead. ~~Judy
  13. Islandgirl4242

    Upsell! Upsell! Upsell!

    We really aren't bothered much on cruises by upsells...maybe that's because I don't hear all that well.:p Does the crew receive $$ for the upsells they complete? ~~Judy
  14. Islandgirl4242

    Alt. Dining on Silhouette?

    Yes, always after we board to make use of the OBCs and we've never found it difficult to find a specialy dining deal after we board.
  15. Islandgirl4242

    Bad ChoiceAir arrangements, really bad!

    We used Choice Air for our Oct. flights and this is our first time booking through them. I checked prices on several websites, including British Air. We got our first choice for flights, good seats, and saved $900...I'm doing a happy dance and hope that I'm still dancing when we land in Rome!! ~~Judy