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  1. Does anyone know if the Magnifica stretch will be delayed or won’t go ahead in March/April now that it’s been moved to do the World cruise in January 2021. See it’s a 119 day cruise so that’ll go into May. I’m sure her uk season starts May time. Thanks.
  2. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me?. My family and I will be stopping in the ports of Brest & Le Havre and we’re wondering if there’s any such sightsseeing tours there you can see some beautiful chateau. We absolutely love the channel4 programme Escape to the Chateau and would love to see some. I will try and google but just wondered if anyone would have any information about any nearby or whether a taxi would do some sort of tour where we can just look at them. Thanks Dillie
  3. Ok thank you. Thats good to know they’re are next to Tivoli.
  4. Hello Danish viking I was wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions?. My family & I are on Celebrity Silhouette stopping overnight in Copenhagen 4th and 5th June have booked Hop on hop off tour passes With Tivoli Gardens passes we can’t wait. But we have a couple questions if that’s ok. We have worked out the hop on hop off buses will have stopped by the time we’ve finished at Tivoli and thought we’d get a taxi back to the ship at Oceankaj. Do you recommend a taxi company? Should we prebook a taxi? Are there taxis near Tivoli we can get?. How much roughly for 4 adults?. Also we have a collapsible wheelchair that folds in the boot of a car. Thanks Dillie
  5. Thanks for your help again. I’m in touch with a guide now that sounds promising. I do just have a couple more questions if that’s ok?. I was wondering if you knew if Celebrity do Shuttle buses into Copenhagen, how much that is & where it stops?. Or roughly how much a taxi might be from the Ocean Quay Terminal into Copenhagen? No worries if not thanks again.
  6. Thank you both for the above two recommendations I appreciate that. I am wondering if the hop on hop off bus would be the best option.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if you could help at all?. Will be on Celebrity Silhouette stopping overnight 4th/5th June with my family. My situation is that I’m a wheelchair user and I’m trying to find a fairly reasonable priced tour to do some sightseeing. I’ve been in touch with a few companies that are charging a lot because I have said I use a wheelchair. I can transfer into a car & wheelchair can be folded and put in the boot, I can just about manage transferring into for example a Mercedes v class. So is really doesn’t really have to be an adapted vehicle. I wondering about whether I can get on the hop on hop buses?. A walking tour probably wouldn’t suit as my father although walks he struggles with bad knees so too much would be difficult. If you could recommend anything at all I’d really appreciate it. There’s no accessible tours onboard Celebrity for our sailing. Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok thanks so the extra food has fees then. We don’t arrive to our first port until 2pm so thought might be nice to have the Alcove that day. Thanks for answering.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before so thanks in advance. I’m thinking of booking an alcove on my upcoming cruise on the Silhouette in June for myself and family. So here’s my questions sorry there’s so many haha. It says on the cruise planner about a picnic basket what’s included in that and is there an extra fee for it?. It also says about a few dishes from some of the specialty restaurants are they included or again an extra fee?. Also it said beverages are these extra fees?. (I don’t have a drinks package). We are Elite so could you use your drink vouchers in the Alcove during the happy hour?. It Also mentioned WiFi is there a fee?. Or are all these included in your alcove?. I saw it says 4 bottles of water & a fruit plate and cheese platter are included. I did notice there are some asterisks next to some of the write up on the planner regarding there might be fees so I may have answered my own questions but just wanted to find out answers for sure. Do you think the Alcove is worth buying?. Thanks Dillie
  10. Hello, Sorry if this has been asked lots before so thanks in advance. I was wondering if there’s any up to date Menus for the Specialty restaurants on the Silhouette. Also on our cruise planner it says the Le Petit Chef is in Qsine is that the only menu for that restaurant on Silhouette? Just checking as my Parents went in Qsine on another celebrity ship and it wasn’t the Le petit chef. Also do you think it’s any cheaper too book onboard rather then the cruise planner?. We are Elites is there any discount for specialty restaurants?. many thanks Dillie
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows of any wheelchair accessible tours in Copenhagen. Or taxi tours? Can transfer from chair to car but not coach steps. Many thanks Dillie
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