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  1. I don't see Daniel Boulud either under the dining options unless I click Plan all cruise dining Indulge your appetite for the very best with a cruise dining experience like no other. MAKE A RESERVATION PLAN ALL CRUISE DINING
  2. We're on Sept 11 and would be happy to meet you😷. Thanks again for those sites to get PCR test. That makes me feel more comfortable that I have options if disaster happens. Do you see the option to book the Daniel Boulud Food and wine pairing dinner? I have booked it for my cruise but I see in FAQ that people can only dine with those they are travelling with. Wondering how they will do that dinner. Also the booking is for 5:30pm day of embarkation so I'm pretty sure that must just be a place marker and you will find out on board when the actual date will be.
  3. You could go back to Eden again and order the alternate items with pictures and tell us which you prefer 😛
  4. Thanks Poffles. Looks like RT-PCR is accepted and for a small fortune I could get one lol I need to look a little more to see if I have to pay as soon as I book appointment or when I get the test. If at time of booking, that's pricey insurance if Celebrity comes through with the results in time.
  5. Thanks Graphicguy. Loved your blogging on your first cruise. I looked at these and the LabDoctor says results in 12-24 hrs which would mean staying over in Ft Lauderdale for a day at least. The second site has the RT_PCR results for different prices. RT-PCR Test Urgent Results in 30 Minutes $349.00 ~ International Travel Approved ~ Includes QR code
  6. I am on this cruise next month and would love to know if anyone knows the difference between a rapid PCR and a regular one. Are they the same and just cost more to get the results faster? Don also said there was a long line for testing at the airport. Celebrity cancelled the day before test because of the Covid cases in the Infirmary and when they did do it, it appears the test results went into cyberspace. I have a return flight the day I get off the ship at 1:40. I am going to see if Celebrity will do the test on Thursday rather than Friday- it would still be good for Saturday departure. I guess I should also check for appointments with rapid results after I get off ship- a pharmacy rather than the airport maybe- in case the Celebrity test results get lost.
  7. Just trying to point out that the 60 a day pp plus suites get internet for 2 devices on Celebrity( only 1 device on O) would make the cost about the same. Did you like your Crystal Cruises?
  8. I was just watching Don's Family vacation on you tube and he is still in Fort Lauderdale awaiting test results. Apparently Celebrity cancelled his on board test because of the positive cases that were in the Infirmary. He had to cancel his flight, book a hotel and line up somewhere in Fort Lauderdale for a test when he got off the ship. As of a few hours ago, he still doesn't have results. Anyone else have a similar situation?
  9. $40 pp a day beverage is only for wine, beer and champagne at lunch and dinner. Premium Beverage package is $60 a day pp and their wine by the glass selection is not comparable to Celebrity choices. Don't get me started on their Champagne by the glass - Germain. I love Oceania and it is my cruise line of choice but I was on the Edge in 2019 and I was very impressed.
  10. I am fortunate enough to have booked for October so haven't made my final payment. I did read all the hoops that unvaccinated people would have to go through which would make you wonder who would agree to that. After thinking about that, I remembered something Keith said about getting on the first cruise. He said how wonderful the staff were to see everyone and how happy all the passengers were to be there. I remember feeling sad that I couldn't be there to see that joy. That's when I decided to cancel. Just listening to some of the comments, I believe the atmosphere will be different and tense. Maybe no unvaccinated people will be on but we would be spending a lot of energy being worried that someone among was unvaccinated. Also, how many will want to interact with people they have just met in this situation.. Not conducive to a feeling of joy. I understand and sympathize with Crystal needing to stay in business, but given the short notice, I do believe Crystal had an ethical and moral duty to offer FCC or an alternative cruise at a later date for those who had already made final payment. I am disappointed because I was really looking forward to trying Crystal and maybe I will someday.
  11. That's great news. Has anyone found out if Celebrity is going to enforce the 42 days between shots? I read their advisory and couldn't find anything on it. I just booked for Sept 11 and that would be a disaster for me with 90 days between shots.
  12. Eight nights SPECIALTY RESTAURANT? Updated July 9, 2018 Guests are permitted to make the following reservations in our specialty restaurants - which vary by ship, category and length of cruise: Marina and Riviera Owner’s Suite, Vista Suite and Oceania Suite Cruises 7 days or less: 1 reservation at each restaurant Cruises 8-17 days: 2 reservations at each restaurant Cruises 18 days or more: 3 reservations at each restaurant Penthouse Suite Cruises 17 days or less: 1 reservations at each restaurant Cruises 18 days or more: 2 reservations at each restaurant Concierge Level Veranda, Veranda, Ocean View and Inside Stateroom All cruises: 1 reservations at each restaurant Insignia, Nautica, Regatta and Sirena Concierge Level Veranda and above Cruises 7 days or less: 1 reservation at each restaurant Cruises 8-17 days: 2 reservations at each restaurant Cruises 18 days or more: 3 reservations at each restaurant All other categories Cruises 17 days or less: 1 reservations at each restaurant Cruises 18 days or more: 2 reservations at each restaurant
  13. I can see the menu and am getting excited. I want to book the the Vintage Room. Can I do it before I board or do I book it when I get on the ship?
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