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  1. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/2020-a-virtual-washout-for-cruise-lines
  2. Hi Katie. Another Captain who blogs is Captain Jonathan Mercer who was and is the Captain on the Amsterdam World cruise that ended in Fremantle Australia. Lovely writer and I wish we had more Captains doing a blog. http://captainjonathan.com/fremantle-and-the-end-of-the-world/ http://captainjonathan.com/3rd-april-indian-ocean-and-onwards/ Appreciate your post.
  3. I have to add the Terrace buffet. This is nothing like HAL Lido or any other main stream cruise line buffet. So much so that I rarely have dinner in the Main dining room. You wouldn't catch me having dinner in HAL buffet or even Celebrity buffet
  4. Thanks. Jacques by a country mile. Red Ginger and Toscana equally and last Polo. Also check out the paid food and wine dinner at La Reserve. A bit like HAL Chefs dinner but much better.
  5. If you liked Maasdam and Ryndam, then I think you would love Riviera or Marina. This link is from several years ago and the pics have Photobucket stamped on them but if you click they do open up. This was a guy who did a food review and rated everything he ate.
  6. Thanks Maris for this wonderful escape. I am also so glad you added link to last years review so I now have another review to while away the time. For those that don't see signatures, here is her link to last years cruise review. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=55764694#post55764694
  7. Jim has said he hasn't been posting much on CC lately because of the negativity of so many of the threads. I think you have successfully managed to close this thread with that comment. Let's aim for more hopeful posts. Stay safe everyone. Happy Easter
  8. Is this your first time posting a picture? If so, congratulations. Posting pictures now is much easier than on the old Cruise Critic site. You'll be doing Live from reports next.😄
  9. That must have been quite the journey. So glad you all made it home healthy and safely. Did you see the testimonial done by some of your fellow passengers? So much better experience than what HAL Zaandam is going through.
  10. I know a lot of people don't go on Facebook and may not have seen the moving testimonials from the people who just returned from Marina.
  11. I love Dimitar sp? One of the best butlers ever.
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