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  1. I have traveled solo several times on Oceania. Because the ships are not huge, I have always found it easy to meet people. As Mrs f. says a lot of people are willing to share in the main dining and in the specialty restaurants so you have lots of opportunity to meet people. There is also a Hostess who regularly hosts get togethers for solos. Join your Roll Call. Some are not very active but there is always a chance that people will post private tours and be looking for someone to join. I have met some great people that way that I am still in touch with.
  2. Good try. I would do the same thing if I could. I don't mind if I get one of the aft Neptunes but I would really disappointed if I got one the fake upgrades to the Spa ones with the rinky dink balcony
  3. Same here. It's a great idea. I was on Riviera in Nov 2019 and I managed to come to one of them and one other couple showed up. They bury the ad for it somewhere in Currents and I forgot the second one.
  4. Congratulations. Those cabins used to be balcony cabins and then became Concierge cabins because they were and still are so popular. Love looking at the wake.
  5. I love O class and will miss La Reserve and Jacques but there are a few other things that are very nice on the R ships. Having sailed HAL before I converted to O class, one thing I did miss was the wraparound promenade that HAL ships have. Sirena doesn't have full wraparound but they do have outdoor promenade on either side of the ship. Also, because they don't have 4 specialty restaurants, Privee and La Reserve like the O class, the main dining room menu has selections every night from the specialties. On the O class I have had some cruises where I never went to the main dinin
  6. ICT Lineman was the one who posted but thank you. I am on Sirena on Dec 1st and have poured over them several times. I usually cruise on Riviera or Marina but have been on Insignia and Regatta. Think it is really nice to get a dedicated Red Ginger on Sirena. Those washrooms on o/v, balcony and Concierge are small. Like someone else said, if you can splurge for a ph, they are a really nice cabin size with a decent sized bathroom.
  7. Those Sirena you tube cabin tours are being done by a guy who is 6'6" so that should give you an idea.
  8. I must be an outlier. I've had numerous LaReserve dinners and I did do the Champagne dinner. The food was wonderful- very similar to the Connoisseur dinner that used to be done. I love Champagne and thought I would be thrilled. I didn't care for 2 of the Doms but the Dom Rose 2004 was fabulous. If I did the dinner again, I would probably ask if I could just drink the Rose with every course.
  9. Does the A in Aplmac stand for Alfredo😎
  10. Gorgeous pics. I knew about Champers but hadn't considered Tapas but it looks really nice. Will check it out. Appreciate all your pictures and answers.
  11. You do get vibration when the ship is docking or backing up. It might have woken me up once but it never bothered me. One thing that bothers some people is that these 2 cabins are a bit narrower than all the other penthouses and the walk in closet is a fair amount smaller. I don't care because I would rather be on that balcony than stand around in the closet lol. If size of cabin is important, you get a large balcony and the standard ph size cabin in 7128 and 7133.
  12. I have been in 10031 and 10056. All the penthouses are the same size except 7135 and 7130. If I can't get my Deck 7 ones I would take Deck 10 over Deck 11 with the big overhang. All PH on Riviera and Marina are very nice
  13. Yes. Only 2 of those with the huge balcony- 7130 and 7135
  14. If you like that picture wait til you come round the corner😃
  15. Wonderful pictures- so wish I was there. I found out Yellow Bird has no elevator and fair number of comments on Infinity that beach is wonderful but rooms are dated. I used to go to Barbados a lot but many many years ago - think Bert's Bar and the Abbeyville- I was so young😁 My taste in rooms has become more particular. I do like the South Coast. Sugar Bay looks very nice but I'm reading comments that going all inclusive isn't necessary. Again back in the day I think Flamboyant was one of the only a la carte restaurants on the island. Oh well I have time to decide - not a
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