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  1. Is this what you are looking for? europe_and_north_america_2021_collection Oceania_compressed-min.pdf
  2. I always prefer a land stay prior to the cruise to get into vacation mode. When the cruise ends, I always want to get the next flight home.
  3. My bookings are back on the site so those with dining window opening at Midnight EST should be good to go.
  4. Mine gone as well and I can't add them again. Specialty does open at Midnight Miami time which means "Flatbush" could access it at 9pm his time.
  5. I really enjoyed it when I went and hope they keep doing it. The 3 glass flight of wines was excellent and I believe you can buy the opened bottle for a very good discount if you particularly like one of the wines.
  6. They had no bottles of Silverado in the Pinnacle - which was the best Pinnacle service I can remember. I got the last glass of Silverado at the Ocean Bar. She had one bottle left and gave me a very generous pour to finish it.
  7. Thank you all for your help. I submitted the Lost and Found report and will let you know what happens. Like KrazyKruiser says, they probably thought I was throwing them out. To Miss G- I had lots of Spellbound and I even tried a glass of Silverado for $25. It was lovely but the price for Spellbound was more to my taste and pocketbook Had rain in Quebec City, sea day and Halifax. PEI and Bar Harbor - beautiful, mild and sunshine. Tried Lobster Roll in PEI, Sydney, Halifax and Bar Harbor, Bar Harbor at West St Cafe was best and was the only one with the proper split bun -imo
  8. I left a good pair of shoes on the Zaandam last week and would like to know if any of you helpful posters have a number to call and ask about them. Catherine
  9. The $20 surcharge is for a whole lobster, not just a tail. They say it is grilled but it is steamed and then the the tail is split and maybe lightly touches the grill. I had it last week on the Zaandam and it would have been delicious if they hadn't under cooked the claws. If you get it, crack the big claws first to see that they are cooked. By the time I finished the tail(which was very tender) and got to the claws, the meal was nearing the end and it was too late to say get me a another one so they refunded the cost(that's another story)
  10. That's wonderful news about the wine. I'm sorry though for the loss of your family member. Very good comment about always having a kind word. It's been lovely to follow your blog in anticipation of next week. We got notice yesterday that the ship is docking at Terminal 3 so that's a good thing for all of us.
  11. No rush but have you been able to find out if they have any Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon by Mondavi on the ship? Great pics. Too bad about Bar Harbor. Such a lovely place when the sun shines.
  12. Great description but inquiring minds want to know if it works?
  13. So true that everyone has a story. Hope your father has a successful surgery and you can relax on your cruise. Love to know where you got those rain boots.
  14. Which date? Mine is for the June 1st cruise the one that starts when Miss G gets off.
  15. Just an fyi for people booked on later cruises. I got an upsell offer this morning from OV to a Balcony or HAL likes to say -Vista for $159usd or $199CAD pp. I was tempted but I exercised control and didn't call because I decided I wanted to find out what those Lower Prom cabins were like for future reference.
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