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  1. Transatlantics are wonderful. Probably my favourite cruise was the 18 day Rome to Miami in 2017. I would definitely check on the curtains. All those sea days are probably going to affect your use of the balcony. Given it's your first cruise with O and booking a big suite, I would hate to see you disappointed. . I know there are some that like the Vista suites but there a lot who wouldn't book them.
  2. I think the Bridge doesn't allow any curtains to be open after dark in Vista suites.
  3. I loaded my Vista booking and never thought to click manage booking til you mentioned it. You're right- nothing happens. As someone said, there is probably nothing to manage yet?
  4. Cruise Critic posted an extensive review with hundreds of pictures of everything on Riviera if you want to take a look. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/riviera-607/
  5. Best thing about Owners Suite is that you get the Head Butler and they are amazing. My question would be how much time do you think you might spend on the balcony. In the Vista, the furniture is often tied down and the balcony unusable if you are at sea. Also at night, the curtains must be drawn and no light on the balcony because of the Bridge. Personally, I think the Oceania Suites are the best value in the higher end suites.
  6. I have done all of them, even some that are no longer on the list. My favourite is the Odyssey menu. Just my opinion but I think the Bourgeoisie is too much food and much as I love Champagne, I only liked the Dom Rose on that menu- the food was very close to the old Connoisseur menu which I loved. It is a wonderful way to meet people and usually a lot of fun.
  7. I thought I read somewhere that you can only dine with people who were in your party. i.e. booked together. The only thing I can find on O is Will specialty restaurants be open? Are there restrictions on restaurant capacity and the number of reservations I can make? All of our specialty restaurants will be available for our guests. Capacity and reservations restrictions may be required based on local regulations in the jurisdiction(s) the ship(s) are sailing in. If they restrict dining to individual parties, that might be a problem for booking La Reserve. Does anyone have information from passengers on current sailings?
  8. I just was on the Edge and went to the $199 Daniel Boulud Chef's Table. The food was okay except for the bones in the sea bass. The wine pairings were not special and worse, they were optional so half took the wine pairing and half didn't. Two of the La Reserve dinners are $112.00 pp with grats included. I believe they are better value than the one on the Edge. Enjoyed the Edge but Oceania is still my favourite line.
  9. Get friendly with your sommelier. I remember some people on my cruise in 2019 that said their sommelier or bartender opened a bottle and charged a small premium over their price per glass on the package. A bit like ordering a glass of wine that's over the $15 limit- you only pay the difference.
  10. I'm disappointed . Is that the only other choice? The name conjures up some disturbing visions😨
  11. I hope they haven't taken away the Montaudon. That Chandon minus the Moet is awful. Never heard of Brut Cattier but I see it is real. I thought it might be a joke like "Pisse du Chat"
  12. Try living in Canada. Yellow Label Veuve is $74.85 a bottle. Ruinart is $78.00 and Laurent Perrier Rose is $102. I'll check out Ruinart
  13. I haven't tried that but I will say that I think you will find Montaudon is a decent substitute for Veuve
  14. Lost what I wrote. I bought Crystal once. We were going up north and couldn't find Veuve at liquor store so splurged. We drank the Crystal before dinner and ordered Veuve at dinner. Crystal was better but not $250 better. One of my new faves is Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne
  15. I like it too. I like Veuve better but probably couldn't tell the difference if I had to do a taste test. I just like the idea of knowing what I'm drinking.
  16. Do you think they might switch it for Montaudon? Montaudon is on the premium wine by the glass drinks list.
  17. Did you try it or is that the Chateau de Gangway that crew are referring to 😄
  18. I read that also and Russia ports have been replaced.
  19. Maybe but it was there on the O ships on the port side because we couldn't get to that elevator and stairs from the Red Ginger side. Possibly they expanded the galley.
  20. Maybe they are using that space on Deck 5 for quarantine rooms??? but entrance may only be on Deck 4
  21. There is a significant change on Deck 5 .. Where you used to leave Jacques and go to end of hall to elevator and stairs, that has been replaced by the Medical center.
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