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  1. I faxed mine in on September 9 for my Oct/Nov cruise and, as always, requested email confirmation. No response. So yesterday (9/21) I actually called World Cruise reservations and the CSR who answered told me that they were running very late. Then yesterday afternoon I received email confirming application of the credit but so far have not received new booking confirmation. Yesterday I also faxed in my benefit request for my Christmas/New Year holiday cruise.
  2. Yes, as a pilot I thought that was a hoot 😄.
  3. Yes, we locals are all curious about that!
  4. Me too @NextOne, and I have the glass to prove it.
  5. Sorry to hear this and hope you get a definitive diagnosis and healing soon, Bruno. But I'm happy to hear that, since you needed hospitalization, there was a bed available. Where you and I both live in western Washington our hospitals are overrun with covid-infected out-of-state anti-vaxxers. <-- No, this is not my opinion. It's a well-documented fact.
  6. Forgot to tell you about Koningsdam - 07-Nov-21 - 7 day California Coastal. It's b2b with the Koningsdam - 31-Oct-21 - 7 night California Coastal (you've already got me logged in for that one). Then Rotterdam - 22-Dec-21 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Holiday and that one is b2b with Rotterdam - 22-Jan-2 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean. As always, thanks again for ALL you do!
  7. Indeed! Many years ago I encountered a fellow Boeing engineer on Ryndam. We were both surprised because, even though we were flying buddies, we hadn’t discussed being on a cruise before that. So we got the great idea of finding other engineers to implement a nefarious plot. For the next couple of days we chatted up folks in the pool area, bars, dining venues etc until we found about 5 or 6 other engineers. We then all cornered the chief engineer of the ship and demanded that he allow us to see the engine spaces. He refused, stating “security issues” but, anyway, we tried. I’d still cut my right arm off at the ankle to be allowed to have a look at the big diesels.
  8. Ah, that explains why I have to come in here to follow you. I'd been following your live entries on Facebook but they suddenly ceased. Anyway, I echo everyone's anniversary wishes to you both.
  9. I just received one today. All are EDAMs Greece itineraries. Most are pretty short notice, especially for someone in North America who would need to make international travel arrangements. HEP2137COS_Sailings_USD_Final.pdf
  10. The Yum Yum Man chiming us into the MDR (fixed early and late seating), fresh flowers on the tables in the dining venues, librarians to keep the libraries neat...or what's left of the libraries.
  11. Thanks, neighbor! I always immediately ask the stewards to empty it, but sometimes I have to ask once or twice again. Yours is a MUCH better idea -- for me AND the overworked stewards.
  12. SO SORRY!!! I live in Snohomish County (immediately north of King County, location of Seattle) and maybe go down there once a year now, perhaps not that often. And when I have to go, I do not walk the streets of downtown.
  13. Yeah, they were on my September 2019 cruise. Particularly awful for raw sugar, which is sort of "sticky" anyway. So I brought my own raw sugar in packets for my October 2019 cruise and will continue to do so in the future.
  14. CCL (corporate, not the line) outsourced IT to a French contractor, Capgemini, back at the end of 2016. And the web site has been fraught with problems ever since.
  15. Sorry, didn't see this post until now. Anyway, to answer your question, there is always one 3/2 table on every HAL ship on which I've sailed (I am a tournament player on land and will NEVER play a 6/5 table either on land or at sea). The 3/2 table always is higher minimum and varies with time of day and with the ship. Sometimes I've seen it $25 at all times throughout entire voyage, sometimes $15 in the daytime and then bumped to $25 after dinner. And sometimes, on the big ships, they won't open the 3/2 table in the daytime because it is in a separate pit from the 6/5 and they don't have enough personnel to staff an extra pit boss and dealer. On the small ships there is only one pit and the pit boss has always opened the 3/2 table for me. However, there are only two small ships left in the fleet now so that's going to be a problem.
  16. No, unfortunately the "Have It All" does not include prepaid gratuities. And that was probably the only thing even remotely of value to me since I'm not much of a drinker (glass of wine with dinner), already have 50% off specialty dining anyway and the rest is paid for by shareholder and other types of OBC, and generally prefer exploring places on my own or with independent tour contractors...rather than in a packed HAL shorex bus.
  17. Oh, I think that I've sailed with them! The couple I'm thinking about is not only thin, they're rather tall also. And at the Mariner reception, their white Platinum medallion ribbons were plastered with pins from previous voyages. <-- do they even award those pins any more? I have quite a few but haven't gotten a new one in a few years (you know, those enamel pins with "Statendam", "Ryndam", "Panama Canal", etc).
  18. Just one of the many things that Ashford took away from us. Like the Halve Maen on the logo, the Yum Yum Man chiming us into dinner, and fresh flowers on the tables in the MDR. Wonder if Antorcha could be persuaded to re-institute any of those?
  19. That was my experience on my last two cruises (September 2019 on Amsterdam and October 2019 on Volendam). There used to be some snack choices...I liked the smoked salmon bites... in the Explorations Cafe, but on the above cruises it seemed that the only offering was some biscotti. The pretty photo posted by @Crew News is just a memory of days gone by.
  20. Such a sight would almost make it worthwhile to make the trip down to King County. Well, almost but not quite 😉.
  21. Well, if you're a real tea lover, I'm happy to see that you're in a Neptune Suite. As you can see from the picture posted of the tea selection in the Lido, it is mostly Bigelow. They also have PG Tips in the Lido. But in the Neptune Lounge they provide Harney & Sons!!! And that's the ONLY place that you can get it except for the Pinnacle Grill.
  22. My unit is on the 4th floor of a midrise condo here in Everett. Overlooks a residential street with single-story dwellings. So I get to sleep on an air mattress on my balcony!! No one at street level can possibly see my balcony -- I know because I checked it on my daily walk. OTOH, I dunno about my flying buddies who may be on final approach to runway 16R at Paine Field. I'll soon find out if they have anything to say about my choice of PJs 😉.
  23. NOBODY knows!! I mean nobody knows about the specifics of Ocean Players Club (CCL corporate casino subsidiary) rating/tiering system. Of the three corporate entities with gaming subsidiaries OPC is the most opaque. Although I don't cruise on either NCL or RCI, I have looked at the sites of their gaming subsidiaries (Casinos at Sea and Casino Royale respectively). They both are definitely more transparent about their tiering structure. I don't know why CCL is so secretive. It has been this way since I've been cruising on HAL and, so far, has never changed.
  24. Not overly fond of catfish – except as an excuse to fly. Back home in Texas our gang would be hanging around the airport, chatting, working on our planes, whatever. Around lunchtime someone might say, “Anyone up for catfish”? And we’d all run to our hangars and pull our planes out. Why would we do that instead of just getting in our cars and driving to a restaurant that serves catfish? Because there is McGehee’s Catfish Restaurant up in the tiny town of Marietta, Oklahoma. McGehee’s had its own dirt airstrip (don’t know if the airstrip is there any more) so you could land, park your plane there, and go into the restaurant. Pilots will use ANY excuse to fly. It is known as "going out for the $100 hamburger".
  25. Mine too. Perhaps that means the inaugural is really going? Just kidding, only kidding 😒
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