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  1. We are doing the Summit to Bermuda On July 11th. Does anyone know any good places to eat on the island. Have not been there in a while so I was wondering what is there now
  2. I think I read another post that said the champagne has to have sparkling wine on the bottle not champagne otherwise they will take it
  3. I was wondering why people say not to get cabins on deck 9 because of the overhang. It should not keep people from looking out. Maybe keeps the sun off the balcony. Is there something else there. I had a deck 9 cabin years ago and do not remember any problems. Have they changed
  4. I am on the Explorer of the Seas right now. The Hurriacane had nothing to do with Royal Caribbean not stopping ther. It is a labor dispute and it was not safe to stop ther because some of the Haitian workers where making threats. I hope everyone who was to go there can. If not you make another stop. How ever we where not that lucky to to the fact of the distance back to Bayonne. I was disappointed but got over it
  5. All cruiselines are going to edocs no more booklets. If you book with Royal Caribbean then transfer your booking to a TA the TA has to go and change the address with the cruiseline. If they do not then Royal Caribbean will mai or email you the edocs. Apparently your TA did not do that.
  6. You still have not said whether you booked with a TA or not. Also if you are in a cabin that is for more than two people they do have the right to move you. If you had booked with a TA a good one who knows the business they would have told you that.
  7. Read the fine print, it says the offer can be changed at anytime.
  8. I had a problem like this for my December cruise. I am told they will not have the air contracts until 9 months out. They said check again in March. I found flights out of Boston which where cheaper than cruiseline air so I booked them. Canceled the cruiseline air.
  9. I sent an email about two days ago and received a response back within two days.
  10. The Freedom will taking over for the Voyager of the Seas leaving on Sunday. It will be doing Eastern and Western. Maybe not the same ports as the Voyager because it may not be able to get into some of the ports. This comes from my KAM told us today. She had just came from a conference call on it. Her information is better than what you get on the ship.
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