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  1. Hopefully just speculation. The Nova's delay doesn't mean Spectrum will necessarily be delayed. Right? RIGHT??? Fingers crossed...
  2. GolfMom321

    New and current weight watchers

    Hi everyone. I'm a Lifetime member but not at goal (30+ pounds above goal, actually...:o) All my cruising is definitely NOT helping the situation! I went back on WW last month after my last cruise. Dropped 14 pounds really fast, but since then I've either been plateaued or gaining. Even though I was eating exactly the same, just how I should be, No weight loss. Talk about frustrating! This past week has been really hard--not nearly enough sleep, and too many "indiscretions" with food. Monday we had a graduation party for my nephew and I ate what I wanted to (which really wasn't bad), and then had TWO pieces of cake! I generally don't eat any sweets when I'm on WW, because it triggers me, but this was from a bakery that I know is fantastic, and I just decided to eat some. So I hop on the scale 2 days later and I'm up FOUR pounds?!? This makes No sense--just from 2 pieces of cake? So now I'm just floundering and eating everything I shouldn't. Heck, if I can't lose when I eat right, why bother? (I know, that's NOT helping...) I leave for a 7 day cruise in 2 weeks. I decided to eat eggs, fruit and a little oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch most days, fruit for snacks, and try to go with fish for dinner as much as I can. I will have ONE drink during cocktail hour (Baileys with milk, thank you very much!), and try not to go too crazy with the goodies there. I am really hoping this will work, since I have 4 more cruises just this year. I would LOVE to be at goal by the end of the year, but at the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to get there by the end of the decade
  3. GolfMom321

    Coco Cay Beach Questions

  4. GolfMom321

    Coco Cay Beach Questions

    What are the beaches like? Nice smooth sand, or rocky? Do you need water shoes or can you just walk in without worrying about rocks? Are the beaches deep (from back of beach to water)? Is there plenty of shade? Never been there, and can't seem to find the answers to these questions on here. Thanks
  5. GolfMom321

    Activity Managers onboard Royal Ships

    I confirmed with Flavio today that Enzo will be taking over on 4/13 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. And still No word on release date. Assuming it's Fall of 2019, they're kinda late with that info. We booked the Symphony TA in January of 17 for October of 18. If Symphony is going to Hong Kong by December of 19, then you'd think the ride from Europe, through the Suez Canal, and down across to Asia would have to happen by sometime in November at the latest. Wonder when they'll spill the beans???
  7. GolfMom321

    Activity Managers onboard Royal Ships

    On Brilliance right now. Flavio is the AM, through the end of this TA. He doesn't know yet who will replace him, but I'll check back in a few days to ask again.
  8. Wow, Lloyd! I'm surprised to see her so far along already! When is the expected delivery?
  9. Wait, so Marc will be CD on the TA? I thought it was Bobby Brown?????
  10. GolfMom321

    Activity Managers onboard Royal Ships

    Really???!!! What a waste of an awesome CD!!! But isn't he leaving RC? (can't say I blame him, if they're going to demote him...)
  11. GolfMom321

    Current Captains Con't

    SO happy to hear this!!!
  12. I've never sailed with Bobby or John, so I have nothing to compare to. I think your "car salesman" hits the nail on the head! As far as his rapid promotion to CD, maybe that's gone to his head a bit, and that's what I sense? Steve is one of the BEST CD's I've met. Very personable, genuinely friendly, great guy, super hard worker. Plus his staff all seem to really like him.
  13. I find him very fake ad he makes the same old jokes over and over. My least favorite CD of all I've sailed with. Trust me when I say I am NOT the only one who feels this way!
  14. I hope hope hope he will still be on in April for the TA. MUCH rather have him than Abe.