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  1. Ask your TA. Mine said it had to be used on the same trip on a later date Elaine
  2. Not sure which airline or airline partner I will be using. Depends on who is giving the "most bank for the buck", or points, in this case! There are several online booking services that will find award space for a fee. The one I use has excellent reviews and has never failed to find space for us. Elaine
  3. Thanks - I'm not going to chance having to pay a fee of $350 to upgrade . I use someone to book award flights for me and his price is less than that for two people.
  4. Thanks SO much for the information. I guess I'm going to book my own flights. Was hoping to use some of the extra FCC for air, but we're doing a pre-cruise excursion instead.
  5. I hear you! Our cruise was cancelled last year too. We had 4 airlines to deal with and 3 of the 4 redeposited the miles rather quickly. The other one took months
  6. Thanks - trying to figure out how to do business class tickets.
  7. Thanks for the explanation It was my understanding that airlines will not ticket before the 331 days. You mentioned that it is possible to get the return tickets early, usually for a fee. Can you please explain how that is done? Thanks Elaine
  8. Thanks so much for the explanation of when Viking Air can be added. Our TA apparently was mistaken in saying it can't be added after booking. Important to know that you cannot pay with miles of awards until we have economy seats ticketed and I agree - it will be too late for them to be available. So one more question- If I book business class air with Viking, can I pay for it with points? Many thanks Elaine
  9. Hi again Questions about Viking Air Are you already booked with your cruise or are you booking it after booking the cruise? My TA said I could not add it on after the cruise was booked. She also said if we used Viking Air, we would have to book upgrades from economy to business class dating from the END of the cruise. At that time, there may not be award seating and we would not be able to cancel the Viking Air. Is this incorrect information? Many thanks, This whole thing is making me want to join you for a drink!!!!
  10. It IS very helpful - thank you After reading these posts I contacted my TA and she said that is correct; use it before or lose it. One more reason for me to go back to Oceania and say farewell to Viking
  11. Hi - Now I'm totally confused! Would love to get your input. I was checking information about Viking Vouchers and as I understood it, I was shocked to learn that the voucher “expires” if not used before the cruise. We received a 125% voucher for a May 2020 cancelled cruise. We rebooked for May 2021. We cancelled ahead of Viking’s cancellation for that cruise and had the voucher applied to the same cruise for 2022. After applying the voucher from 2020 tot he 2022 cruise, we have more money than the cost of the cruise. Do we lose it??? Thanks!
  12. Hi - FYI I read that Dublin has heavy traffic. We took a HOHO in London where traffic was heavy. We were so delayed that we got off and took the underground Pls let me know if you have information that is better than mine because I love taking HOHOs Thanks
  13. Hi Is there a description of the Dublin included tour?
  14. Personal preference. We live in a beach town and hate to miss the summers here!
  15. For us, it was about the dates. I would prefer London start but don't want to go in April or July so June 3 3 works best
  16. Would like to know which side of the ship has the best views and any other important information we should know before we book Thank you!
  17. Hi - would love to sign up for Rocky Mountaineer webinar. Have always wanted to do Canadian Rockies. This would have been a good time if the border weren't closed 😎
  18. Found some info that might be helpful Heidi -post 37 Re Viking selects air if you don't pay for air plus Elaine (travelnn) - It doesn't quite specify upgrades with points! My TA said I can book my air in August for May 31 cruise ; economy air $1199 + deviation .... etc.- all fees mentioned below, AND Viking will use my points for upgrade. Viking Air Plus: Starting at $50 per person Get a quote for nonstop flights or the most direct air service available Reservations with airlines that accept frequent flyer mileage Travel on specific airli
  19. Insane! I wonder whether the answers you get depend on the representative you speak to! Please update Delta information because that was my plan too. THNX
  20. My inclination is to wait, month by month, to see what Viking does. Our experience was great getting the voucher, although my DH thinks MAY not be a possibility! Viking is a good company and doing well in spite of what's going on. DH hated the amount of time I put into planning the PERFECT private excursions - that all had to be cancelleld. It was really easy to contact the vendors and re-book. And, if necessary, repeat! Gotta be positive.There's too much difficulty surrounding our world at the moment. Enjoy your retirement and hope for the best - glass half full!
  21. Let me know, please, when the US gets its act together (lol) Right now we can't go to Europe. January may seem possible but if there is another spike, we're done. The silver lining is if Viking cancels the cruise and they offer 125% voucher, the 25% above cost should cover the bump up to business class seating. Our cruise was cancelled and we're using the 25% to pay for Viking economy air, and bumping up with points. Hopefully, this is all speculative and we'll all be cruising as planned.
  22. From reading travel and credit card blogs, Polaris is supposed to be excellent. This might have some answers https://thepointsguy.com/guide/united-biz-seats-ranked/#:~:text= Every United Business-Class Seat Ranked From Best,(787-8 and 787-9) Many of United’s most... More Also - did you check seat guru's recommendations?
  23. Just found out the following re: flight cancellation "..... all major U.S. airlines – and many of the big international carriers – are granting free change or cancellation to many tickets booked through by June 30. And we expect these flexible cancellation policies to be the new norm as travel recovers. That means you could book a flight today for a trip this summer, fall, or even into 2021 and then cancel if need be, getting a voucher for the value of your ticket. So if corona virus doesn’t improve in time, you won’t be out a bunch of money." It comes from an article abo
  24. Re points: These are airmiles or points you have from flying specific airlines, airline credit cards, or points from transferable credit cards like Amex, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou points. Most airlines have partners so if you hold American Airlines miles, you may be able to transfer them to a partner that has a better rate or goes to your destination non-stop.
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