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  1. We just returned home from a partial transit to the Panama canal and and the western Caribbean. It was one of the better cruises I've been on, and the first with NCL. We were sad to learn that ALL shore excursions in the canal zone were cancelled. The reason given was not enough tenders from the Panama yacht club. We had booked a railway tour that goes the entire length of the canal. The Island Princess was also doing a partial transit the day we were there and guess what? Their excursions were not cancelled that day. This was the Joy's first foray in this reg
  2. This is a good tour. Your luggage is safe while you do the hop on, hop off tour. Got to the FLL airport lickety split.
  3. Welcome to my world! Same thing happened to me on an upgrade from mini suite to Haven suite! Left a bad taste in my mouth. I have an awesome TA. He talked to lackeys and their supervisors. Same story. My TA told me that I could cancel the air, pay about $200, and then get the better cabin for the price difference. (Sheesh).
  4. Welcome to my world! Same thing happened to me on an upgrade from mini suite to Haven suite! Left a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. I will be on this excursion in early November. I will let you know how it turns out.
  6. I did call my TA to see if I could change that redeye to the day before allowing us a full day in Miami but no can do. I did not get my air deviation in time to make this happen. NCL told my TA it would cost a few hundred dollars. Oh well.
  7. Mine were AWOL earlier today and are back this evening. I think it was down for maintenance.
  8. I thought I would relay my experience with NCL's free/reduced air. I'm sure this topic has been hashed and rehashed to death. But here goes. After many cruises with other lines, we decided to finally give NCL a try. Last April, we booked a cruise on the Joy to the Panama canal. We live in SLC, UT and airfare to the Miami area isn't cheap. ($600 or more round trip). We were delighted to get air included for $99.00. Being a newbie with NCL, I took what I saw on their website as gospel. It looked like they chose American airline flights both ways. A few months later it morph
  9. Hello, I thought I would share my experience with the NCL free/reduced air. DW and I live in SLC, UT and are getting air for both at $99.00 to FLL. That is a pretty good deal compared to what it would cost on our own. (Around $600). We booked last April and did not find out who our air carrier was until just today. We are 38 days out from our Panama canal cruise on the Joy. (Our first with NCL). As other posters have mentioned, you see hypothetical air itineraries listed. Ours looked like American Airlines both ways at first, but then mysteriously changed
  10. I will be sure to find out what the deal is/was with the Haven restaurant and galley. I did a Celebrity cruise a few years ago and had their Aqua class stateroom. Aqua class and suite pax were able to dine in the BLU restaurant. It was fabulous! Ran like a Swiss watch. I hope to have the same experience with NCL.
  11. I think the Platinum card perks are combinable with other offers. Does CAS have any AMEX travel partners? If so, you should be in.
  12. I hear they are remodeling the galley for the Haven. I hope it is functional on my upcoming Panama Canal cruise in 40 days. (Assuming by bids for the Haven pan out).
  13. This is a cautionary tale. I choose cancel for any reason insurance. It is more money but worth it in a situation like this. Good luck!
  14. I don't think you are being unreasonable at all. I would offer you $100 OBC on your next NCL cruise. You will feel better about them and they will be able to shake you down for your cruise dollars in the future. Instead, your cruise dollars may be spent with another line willing to take your hard earned cruise dollars. I won't go into it here but I got a similar type of slight with my last cruise with Princess. It left just enough of a bad taste in my mouth that guess with whom I am cruising next? (NCL and my first with them). I don't expect perfection but the little things m
  15. I'm on the Joy leaving Miami on 10/27/19 to the Panama Canal. (And back).
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