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  1. thank you sfvoyage. I should have been more specific when I asked about booking multiple cabins - for extended family as well as ourselves. Assumed I could not "double / triple dip" but you never know until you ask 😉
  2. silly question - what if you are booking more than one cabin - credit per cabin ? Bob
  3. Sleep7 Thanks for the information. We live in NY so always fly out of either JFK or Newark - so will keep an eye out if we fly Dleta. thanks again
  4. Thanks Sleep7 for taking us along day by day. We sailed a similar AMA sailing a few yrs back (Christmas Day to New Yrs day) and we really enjoyed the experience. We did say we would love to sail during the time frame you did - less crowds and warmer weather (LOL!). Depending on what holidays you celebrate - a holiday sailing may be one you should consider at some point - but a completely different experience in each city / town ! Thank you for the info on the delta class - coach to europe is difficult - and not at the point where I can spring for business or first - so this could be a great option once we resume our oversea travels.
  5. SDuckers - safe travels! Please post if you can! Would luv to hear about your sailing ! Bob in NY
  6. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25738-seabourn-announces-updated-restart-date-for-seabourn-sojourn.html
  7. Thank you Princess Cruiser for taking the time to post already. 61 passengers - cannot imagine ... wish we were on board ! Post as you can - sailing along with you in spirit as are a lot of us ! Bob
  8. cruiseej - Actually I had a question about the surf event. Looking at January22 - 7 day sailings - some itineraries specifically list Carambola Beach, Saint Kitts And Nevis while other just list Saint Kitts And Nevis. Should I assume (never a good thing I know!) that all Saint Kitts stops are Carambola beach days? After experiencing one - hard to pass on a beach day like that on a future sailing - and would be disappointed to find out on board that I made an assumption I should not have ! thanks all!
  9. Thanks Borna! - I know you have another week until you are on board - looking forward to sailing along with you if you are able to post while on board. Bob
  10. Neverlookback -safe travels. If you are able to post while on board...would love to live vicariously through your sailing if you can take us along ! Enjoy ! Bob
  11. Cruiseej - thanks for the question - was wondering the same thing....since I need my laptop to check workwise once or twice a day but would also need/want internet access on my phone.
  12. Love this board! Was worried on our first sailing that we would not use all of our on-board credit (that didn't happen LOL!😜) but great to know its an option for the future.
  13. Neverlookback Totally agree w/you. Once on Seabourn - no going back ! (BTW - we are neighbors somewhat - I am in Rockland County!)
  14. Lisacope Congratulations...very jealous! When are you sailing? Believe me - after taking a Seabourn cruise.....you will NOT be able to go back 😂t to a mainstream line We took our first Jan20 before everything started shutting down and it is what has gotten me thru these past 15 months (thinking about the amazing trip we had). We just finished paying off our home mortgage and now those funds are earmarked each month for our next Seabourn cruise ! I keep dropping hints to my wife about an October Greece sailing 😉 Bob
  15. Thanks everyone for confirming I was not missing something on their site. With a restart as important as this - would think they would have had the information out and up on the web site first thing on the 11th - time will tell.
  16. Unless I am completely missing them on their site - have the 7 day Greece sailings been posted anywhere? Thought they were available as of the 11th?
  17. Thank you Never Look Back - cannot wait to sail along with you. Appreciate taking the time when you are sailing to post your experiences and observations.
  18. Cruisinbanjo - no mention of the Venture. The FB live session was all about the return to cruising in Greece and the Caribbean.
  19. Thanks all - was not able to watch but assumed that they would try to roll out some Carib sailings in keeping with what other lines are doing.....
  20. Usually someone posts the link after the fact - I can as well and or report back with any news !
  21. Crusinbanjo -believe Josh L is doing another FB live session this week - if so perhaps he will have an update?
  22. WOW - had a feeling they were going to be high. Even though I was thinking about an October sailing...my DW looked at me yesterday and said not a chance...way to soon to be thinking about an overseas flight and a cruise (we are in US - NY). Sticking to US travel for 2021...maybe Canada in the fall if they open up their boarders.
  23. Based on the article just posted under the News section...I bet I will be in for sticker shock (LOL!) time will tell....
  24. tv24 - thinking the same. Anxious to book a late Sept sailing (lower temps and less crowds).....will be interested to see how the early sailings are handled. Will also be very curious on the pricing of these sailings. Probably being one of the few people who do not have a FCC...hoping the are reasonably priced to entice bookings.
  25. Totally agree with you SLSD My wife and healthcare field daughter keep telling me...just because you are vaccinated does not mean everything goes back to the way it was.... My daughter who works in a NYC hospital said she expects to be wearing PPE well into 2022...and she is not on a covid floor/unit I was not happy to hear that ☹️
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