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  1. Interesting news today from Royal and Celebrity that they are restarting in June in the Caribbean and St Martin. Wondering since the Odyssey is currently positioned in the Caribbean......if that could be an option for a restart for her down the road.... start her Caribbean season much earlier then normal and start off small in terms of capacity .... time will tell
  2. Scheduled for my first vaccine/dose in a month - DW still waiting for her age group to be called up! Would definitely love to cruise in the fall - we would be vaccinated by then and would only sail if all crew and passengers are required to be vaccinated. Where that may be - is anyone's guess at this point ! Not sure how I feel about a mask on vacation - here in the tri-state mask wearing is a MUST - in fact the only time I see someone without one on is a rare occasion when I am outside running on the weekend which is why I think the numbers in the NY area are holding steady. Do I want to be on vacation and have to wear one on board or getting off a ship....not really. Time will tell for all of us when we will be back on board - most important thing is that the lines don't rush back and end up with an outbreak on board a sailing.
  3. It will be very interesting to see the position airlines take as well. But I guess more importantly what position countries take - for incoming tourists whether it be by plane, ship, train or automobile crossing a boarder. I know their are vaccine requirements to travel to certain countries.....maybe this becomes a requirement to travel....period. As soon as I am eligible I am signing up as is my wife and adult children.
  4. Crystal just announced vaccine requirement Have to believe Seabourn will follow....will be interesting how Carnival Corp handles across all their brands but it is a must for myself and family to travel ..... in the hope that it is in the fall of 2021 where-ever that may be or who will have us ..... https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24410-crystal-cruises-to-require-covid-19-vaccine-for-guests.html
  5. This is a huge blow to the Alaskan cruise market as well as Canada. Was thinking / hoping? maybe part of the 2021 season would be salvaged and certainly fall Canadian cruises....but then again it really will depend on vaccination rates since I believe cruise lines will make it mandatory that all passengers and crew be vaccinated. Heard on the news this evening that there is now a big push to test the vaccines on children with the thought of vaccinating children as young as two years old at some point down the road.....to reach that elusive herd immunity.
  6. Received the same email -(believe I receive two to three every day lately from Seabourn!) Assume they are trying to market to U.S. cruisers with the idea of staying "close to home" - not flying across the ocean (summer sailings are typically Alaska and or Europe). Mindset they are trying to appeal to "safer staying close to home (US and Canada) vs the trip overseas and multiple ports / countries" ? ...but then again right now the numbers in the U.S. are dismal and Canada is struggling as well. I want nothing more to possibly sail in the early fall - but I keep thinking where? and what will the experience be like in terms of countries and ports that will be "open" if we were to travel to Europe..... and its only January 17th 🤕...we have a long winter, spring and summer to get thru..... this time last year we were in the Caribbean on the Odyssey.....what a difference a year makes....! but we have our health and we are doing everything in our power to stay safe and follow the rules. Wife and I made a list last night of all the places we want to visit in the next two years .... that's about all we can do right now !
  7. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24181-carnival-to-delay-most-remaining-2021-ship-deliveries.html
  8. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24181-carnival-to-delay-most-remaining-2021-ship-deliveries.html Was not sure if this was old news - can't keep up anymore with cancels, shifts, delays, etc......
  9. so true zelker - hopeful for a 3Q restart at the latest- for the US and Canada and you are right...Juneau not the easiest port to embark /disembark - did not even think of that ! but the thought of sailing on Seabourn on the inside passage sounds glorious ! in fact sailing anywhere on Seabourn in 2021 sounds glorious !
  10. Will be curious to see how these sell.... with so much uncertainty at least thru the first part of the year - leaves only 3Q where I would think they could see more interest. If the price was right I may bite for an August sailing 😉 time will tell.....on this and so may other sailings !
  11. assume everyone saw - is aware? https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24044-seabourn-changes-2021-alaska-season-to-7-day-cruise-program.html
  12. Good news just keeping piling on....😔 https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23922-cdc-raises-warning-for-cruise-travel.html Looks like the vaccine's will be what is needed to turn this situation around once and for all.... I know its been discussed on various boards within CC...but I would think cruisers and all travelers (ship or airline) may need to show proof of immunization at least in the short term (20121?) in order to travel outside ones country? I know I would be comfortable with that requirement getting on a flight or on a ship - for my own health as well as that of the airline staff and cruise staff. While no vaccine is 100% effective - the %'s stated this week between 90-95% seem very promising. I think we all have a long 6 months ahead of us - at the very least. Since I am still working (thankfully) - 7 day sailings work for me as well - so looking ahead to maybe a summer sailing?
  13. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23914-seabourn-announces-additional-2021-voyage-cancellations.html
  14. Cannot believe this latest setback will be good for the industry at all...esp those who were planning to test the waters soon with trail sailings w/ volunteers from US ports. Understand the need for the lines to start somewhere.....but it appears SeaDream did everything right and they still could not prevent a case on board with a reduced capacity of guests and crew. I think the infection rate is just so high right now that even with prior negative testing - unless passengers are quarantined at the port for 14 days in a bubble before embarking - there is a chance of becoming infected in transit while testing negative at embarkation only to develop symptoms on board. I know the vaccine is not a magic cure - but at the 90 to 95% rates they are stating this week - I for one will bide my time until vaccinations are widely available before I am back on board..... Bob from New York
  15. Thanks for the link cruising nut - totally agree...even with all the testing before and during the cruise - a possible case is still possible. I am sure this will be all over the boards and the internet if the case turns out to be positive - esp with the point guy on board reporting. Will be interesting for sure....
  16. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/caribbean-cruise-seadream-1-covid/index.html
  17. Absolutely agree with other posters.... Once we are able to start cruising again would definitely be more comfortable on a smaller ship like Seabourn 😉 Just one more reason to sail Seabourn 😘
  18. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23757-cdc-defer-all-cruise-travel.html this year just keeps getting better and better... not a surprise though with the current situation .....
  19. Thank you for the encouraging words Mrs Miggins. Have to agree with you - appears the Greek government and its citizens have a handle on the situation. I hope it stays that way as we enter the fall season and the winter. Stay well everyone ..... Bob
  20. Looking at these sailings as well - and have to agree - the pricing is very enticing... when I went to do a moc booking for sailings in the second half of May the ship was wide open..... but also agree the uncertainty of what the situation will be here in the US and in Greece come May is preventing me from committing right now. My wife and I talked about it yesterday and the thought of visiting all those islands (for the first time for us) but possibly not being able to go off on our own if excursions at that time are still limited to ship based ones only would definitely not be something we would want to do - understand completely the reason for it and the need for it so I am not condoning the practice at all - it's just another factor that for us would cause us to postpone cruising. So much uncertainty.....
  21. Bigkahuna - would love to hear about your sailing - either during or after if you are able to post!
  22. thanks all - may need to take a look at Ponant - reading and hearing a lot of good things about them lately..... Not as luxury as our Seabourn...but may be an option....?
  23. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23622-seabourn-cancels-cruises-for-odyssey-ovation-and-encore.html
  24. Another round of cancellations just posted by Cruise Industry News.... very extensive into next spring for some ships ....
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