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  1. Thank you all for your responses. ! Bob
  2. Thank you rka - always enjoy your posts and perspective. I for one am looking forward optimistically for whatever the future holds. Stay well everyone - we have a lot of cruising to catch up on when the time is right for each of us !
  3. Markham 😊 Wish I was joining you on board in July! - if time allows - please post - would love to hear and read your positive perspective while on board! Also agree - I believe that Seabourn will be back - better then ever.
  4. Thanks markham After I posted this original question - I did some research on my own and came to the same conclusion you stated....sticking w/Seabourn! Great outlook on your sailing next summer - my feelings exactly.... so much so that I hope to be on Sailing later on in 2021!!
  5. brittany12 Comparing stale products? If you consider Seabourn a stale product - what is your cruise line of choice? I consider myself a glass half full person and am optimistic that Carnival Corp (which Seabourn is a part of) will come out of this.....yes they are eliminating ships from their fleets and unfortunately some staff...but if their staff and crew are like most of us that are fortunate to still have a job during this crisis - I think most will be giving 150% + and will be so happy to be back at work that I don't think you will see any decline in the quality of staffing. Unless I am working in a bubble - the organization I work for has not skipped a beat and employees are going above and beyond to ensure our organization makes it thru this crisis. And I see it all around me in all the small private companies and mom and pop shops in our community. Will some things be different pre cruise and during - most likely...but if they are enhanced health protocols, I see that as a positive. Will I cruise if I have to wear a mask and only be allowed on ship sponsored shore excursions - probably not...but I am willing to wait until the environment on board and off shore is one that I will be comfortable with and will. meet my expectations If people rush back and then complain about the onboard experience and how it has changed and how it was not like it was before - then I chalk that up to people not being informed and doing their research. I always find it amusing when people cruise and then complain about almost aspect of their experience - if they had just done their research and were better informed of what the cruise experience is and is not - they either would have chosen a different line or a land vacation instead. Bob in NY
  6. SLSD - makes sense...they extended their current promotion until the end of November...so they are definitely trying to fill cabins and secure deposits and maybe payments in full to secure the additional 10% off the cruise price.. RC just posted sweeping changes for their summer sailings - repositioning ships throughout the world....so the lines are definitely gearing up for a restart. Will definitely be interesting to see what happens over the next few months if ships do start sailing by years end from the US and more ships start sailing overseas (but that season is quickly coming to an end)..... I for one will be watching from the sidelines and hoping for healthy and safe sailings for all of those that pioneer those first sailings in the first few months. Way to much at stake if the cruise-lines make one mis-step.
  7. Interesting that they are extending the current promotion here in the US until end of November now.... I more then anything want to book for next year...but so much uncertainty on what things will look like 6 months, 9 months...even a year from now. We were lucky enough to sail mid-January and now looking back realize how lucky we were to be able to sail when we did without any health implications to ourselves or our fellow passengers and the AMAZING crew on board. If we could fast forward to Fall 2021...... Bob
  8. Thank you Alidor When my DW saw me looking at Windstar deck plans earlier - she made a face and said what about Seabourn !😂 They totally won us over on our first sailing w/them this past January......
  9. Looking into options for next summer - and Windstar came across my radar. Understand that 3 former Seabourn ships are part of their fleet and are undergoing multi-million dollar renovations and lengthening. Would love to hear thoughts / comparisons for those who have sailed both - Love the Seabourn vibe ... and from what I have read so far - seems that Windstar is similar? Thanks in advance! Bob
  10. Looking into options for next summer - and Windstar came across my radar. Understand that 3 former Seabourn ships are part of their fleet and are undergoing multi-million dollar renovations and lengthening. Would love to hear thoughts / comparisons for those who have sailed both - Love the Seabourn vibe ... and from what I have read so far - seems that Windstar is similar? Thanks in advance! Bob
  11. SLSD - this entire situation here in the US is beyond concerning...every day - more bad news and the story changes depending on the internet site or the news channel one watches Would appear to me that Cunard recognizes the situation here in the US (and other countries that are struggling to deal with the virus) and is hedging their bets and deploying their ships in markets that they hope will be in much better shape (health wise) next year. If/when US citizens ARE allowed to travel abroad - they will - they will fly to wherever they need to, to meet a ship...even if it is for a 7 to 10 day sailing. Heck I will...I still have quite a few years before retirement - so even with the new norm of working from home (wherever that may be) - I still can't steal away for more then a week + a day or two ...so shorter sailings would suit me. Bob from NY
  12. Interesting post on Cruise Industry News re: Cunard Sweeping deployment changes for all of next year across their fleet. What a major change .....shorter more confined sailings in terms of ports and itineraries True Cunard only has 3 ships vs Seabourn's 5....but wondering if the same may be in the works for Seabourn whose longer sailings could be impacted by country and port closures at any given time. Thinking shorter sailings provide more flexibility? 2021 is definitely going to be interesting !
  13. JJS - no mention on remaining sailings. They did discuss the cancellation of the world cruise "this early" - but stated logistically under the current circumstances it made more sense to cancel now - this far in advance. Anyone's guess when sailings will resume.....
  14. I stole a half hour out of my work day to watch...enjoyed it very much. Josh came across as engaging and genuine - really down to earth in my opinion. Believe he was as honest as he could be with the on-going COVID situation and future deployments and the information he could share / questions he could answer! You could see he is very passionate about the cruising experience...at least I thought so! Bob
  15. Sorry about the disappointing news - but as posted already above - does not surprise me either. I think the balance of 2020 is a wash - at least for US and Caribbean sailings. Have my sights set on Holiday 2021 - as depressing as that thought is right now....don't think cruising will be back to some sense of "normalcy" (whatever that may be and look like) until late spring / early summer of next year for the Caribbean and unless there is a major shift of ships and sailings - Caribbean Fall 2021 sailings for Seabourn would be the earliest.
  16. Viking just cancelled thru the end of 2020 ocean and river. Would think Seabourn will issue additional cancellations for their sailings thru 2020 for those not cancelled already at some point.... Was optimistic at one point for a March sailing or maybe a May sailing in 2021..... Fall 2021 perhaps?😟
  17. I know the lines need to try to restart - but just seems crazy that lines are posting about the upcoming sail dates while lines that just started sailing are already reporting cases on board with crew and passengers and cancelling upcoming sailings. I think this is going to do more harm then good to the industry trying to restart to soon - will be all over the media again about sailings with sick passengers and crews floating around.
  18. This is not good news....thoughts and prayers to the crew and all the passengers With this news and Crystal cancelling now thru end of 2020....thinking Seabourn will not be far behind with cancellations.
  19. Rols Completely agree with you. Here in the NYC area - mask wearing is mandated and strictly followed - gladly by me for both my protection AND the protection of others. But I also agree that having to wear one on vacation - in the case of cruising - outside your suite, around the ship, off the ship, etc. is not something I would want to do. Bob
  20. Was really hoping to sail again in March '21...but I don't know..... Thinking it may be early Summer or Fall '21 at the rate things are going here in the US ..... Will need to live vicariously off photo's like these and off the postings of those early posters once and where sailings resume
  21. Thank you everyone for the great photo's...... So with the latest announcement from Princess extending their pause till mid-December..... would assume Seabourn may follow suit ? (I know their extension was Oct/Nov already)
  22. Fletcher Do tell....ship and port of that BEAUTIFUL photo?! Bob
  23. So I am being completely optimistic and looking at an end of May 2021 sailing from Athens to Venice. If this sailing actually happens - or I should say if US citizens by then could sail in Europe....with the cruise ship ban of large ships in Venice - would this sailing actually end in Venice? Believe their was a discussion on the RC boards about their sailings end in a port about 2-2.5 hrs away.
  24. Thank you cruisr and rka for your insight. Deep down I share your concerns and opinions as well - its just my hope for a vaccine clouds my better judgement - just want to return to some sense of the "old" normal at home and in the workplace....this "new normal" while working in the tri-state of the US - has not been as strictly followed by other parts of the US who are now paying the price...and I know its inevitable that we are headed for another round in the fall. I think I have hit that proverbial wall with all this.
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