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  1. Hello Virga, Glad you enjoyed MY cabin, I was the previous tenant, sorry about the food left in the fridge!;) It's fun looking at your pictures as they are almost identical to mine. Did you have any trouble with the shower? There were so many adjustments to make and being over 6 feet it was a tight squeeze! I never noticed the AC not being strong as it was so cold on my week that i turned it to the lowest (warmest) setting. Loved the location of that cabin and the balcony, quiet too!
  2. It was a stern anchor, rarely used, probably a push button mechanism on a wall covered by plastic dome with big "Crew Only" sign above...:confused:
  3. On almost every cruise I've been on i have to inform someone that room service is free. Last cruise on Caribbean princess I made friends with two women. About the 3rd day one of them complained about having to get dressed to go to the Lido for her morning coffee fix. I asked her why she didnt have a pot sent by room service like I did? Thats when she admitted that after 4 cruises she did not know it was free!:eek: For the rest of the week I was explaining and showing them things they were not aware of. We will be meeting on Radiance of the Seas in February!:D
  4. When is your sailing date? I'm on 12/5 sailing and wondering how far out these calls begin?:confused:
  5. I happen to like the Victory green.;) To me, it's more reminiscent of "OZ" than "puke"!!:D
  6. I really liked it as a an art installation or piece of sculpture.:D I will miss it on my many trips to S.J.:(
  7. Dawn and Jewel class NCL ships have forward facing balconies:D
  8. An outdoor, shaded, music free area with cushioned loungers and a sea view, for READING only. Not all promenade decks have chairs due to safety regulations.:(
  9. So, only pick out people that fit the profile. Maybe that's why terrorist organizations are trying to recruit homegrown Americans... that look just like you and me! You were singled out that day, i may be singled out tomorrow-deal with it.
  10. Same here, went to record it to DVR for Thursday night and the description of the program states Freedom OTS.:confused:
  11. Exciting news! Paradise is the only one of Fantasy class I have wanted to sail (for it's decor)and I love sailing from Tampa, so, gotta get busy!;)
  12. I run into one of these types every time I cruise!:rolleyes: In May onboard caribbean Princess I had a woman go into hysterics when I informed her that Carnival owns Princess. "Well, why would they have a different name?" she wanted to know. "Shouldn't the ship be named Carnival Caribbean Princess then?" I tried using the analogy of GM owning multiple brands but she would have none of it, " NOT MY PRINCESS!", she exclaimed!:eek:
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