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  1. And now the J&J Trial is on hold, as they investigate an adverse reaction.
  2. Marketing extended and exotic itineraries to younger crowds comes with challenges. The people in their 30s & 40s are in the middle of their careers and may not be able to get sufficient time off to take a 2-3 or more week vacation each year. What to do with the little ones comes into factor too. I believe that is why the shorter Caribbean and Alaska cruises are so popular with that crowd. I've been fortunate in that since I run my own business that I could take off 2-3 weeks, several times a year to take an extended cruise over the past 2.5 decades. Especially as internet access become more available on the ships, in the new millennium, I could stay in touch with my clients and take care of any issues that arose. I remember dealing with emails and solving issues in 2015, as we steamed across the Drake Passage heading for Antarctica. Another time my phone rang while in Heimaey Island just after we finished our Puffins and Volcanos Tour. I was able to take several conference calls before we left port and then dealt with a programming issue as we left the port. Nothing like getting in a few billable hours while on vacation to offset the costs. 🤑
  3. That brings up the concern, can you even get coverage for Covod-19 from the travel insurance industry at this time or in the future. It might just become a non-coverable event like, war, terrorism and all the other exclusions contained in the policies.
  4. I know, as I've seen this on many recent cruises, but I'm not one of those. I really don't want to carry my phone around on the ship. I don't have the compulsive need to check the fool thing every 45 seconds. I have better things to do with my time.
  5. Same for us. Less than 5% of our cruising days have been in the Caribbean. We prefer going to interesting ports to view the culture and sites. We are not beach people at all. On our last Caribbean, we never even got off the ship at Half Moon. We have 2 cruises (well really 3 as one is a B2B) in the spring (Asia) and Fall (Greenland) and are just about ready to cancel the spring Asia set before final payment. We have a simple criteria for when we will resume cruising. A Safe and Effective vaccine that is ready available and received wide distribution.
  6. We are supposed to be on the Noordam for 28 Days in February/March. We are leaning heavily to cancel ourselves before HAL does. Just not ready to travel that far each way (24-36 hours) in close proximity to other folks on an airplane. We will not cruise again until a vaccine is ready available and proven to be effective.
  7. While that is a laudable goal, I think that with any vaccine there are going to be some small percentage of people who do not tolerate it very well. I'm sure the CDC/FDA have a % criteria (hopefully a number with some 0 to the right of the decimal) of adverse reactions that would still allow one to gain approval.
  8. In general we always fly out the day after disembarkation. Its just a lot less stressful. It also gives us a chance to do a final re-pack of our luggage that last night in the hotel. We would stay someplace close to the airport, so its an easy trip for check-in. Hey we are on vacation, its just another day!
  9. Did any of the cruise lines do a good job dealing with the pandemic? There were some really disasters, think Diamond Princess and more than likely those that got handled ok, never made any big press splash, so we did not hear about it. Its not something they probably planned for and I suspect a they really had to wing it a bit in a extremely fluid environment.
  10. While 7K from Carnival is far from trivial and I feel for those let go, its nothing compares to the attrition that is coming to the US Airlines come October 1st. From what I've read United is looking to layoff 17K, American 19K. Delta has only announce that 2K of pilots are going to get laid off, but I'll bet there are more FAs/Front Line workers going to get hurt too.
  11. I think folks don't really hear what is being said about the upcoming vaccine. First of all, once a vaccine is approved for use, we are going to need BILLIONS of doses. From the details I read, its going to take two shots 28 days apart for the vaccine to take full effect in a person, so in addition to the approval, we have to have the manufacturing of those billions doses which then have to be distributed and injected into people. Its probably going to be quite a few months, maybe even approaching a year before we get the ~70% vaccination rate that the experts say we need for this pandemic to really be behind us.
  12. That also has the assumption that the Crystal Balls they are using are properly tuned into the correct future. 😁
  13. That was not too surprising to me. It makes sense as in a restaurant you have a gathering of random people indoors were the use of face masks for the patrons has to be suspended for a period of time. While the servers remained masked the entire time, the patrons are pretty much unmasked for the majority of their time in the restaurant. Its pretty had to eat a meal through a mask.
  14. Yeah, When we did a 19 Day SA on the Zaandam, I don't recall seeing any supplies being taken on at ports along the way. I was really excited when we docked in Ushuaia there were crates of Chilean Sea Bass stacked on the deck. I was hoping that it would be for us for a nice MDR dinner on the way to the Antarctic, but alas, it was not, it was going on the expedition ship docked in front of us.
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