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  1. Ditto here, nor did I even have to prove who I was. All they asked for was name and birthdate. And since the State did it, my insurance provide has no record of it, unlike my Shingles and Flu shots which I can see online, since I got it at a local pharmacy and they ran the insurance. We are going to scan, copy, reduce and laminate copies, but keep the originals intact in case we have to get a booster later on. Laminated copies will go into our passport holders and reduced laminated copies will go into our wallets.
  2. Same here, that is one of our 2 conditions before we will step aboard a cruise ship again. There other being that we are not restricted to ship tours only. We are still undecided on the masking issue as its going to be over 10 months before we are scheduled for our first one and want to see how vaccination rates and effectiveness play out . We would prefer not to have to wear masks on our cruise, but its not a deal breaker at this time.
  3. Interesting, not for me. I did have to turn off my ad-block (ABP) extension for the site, but then I was able to read the article. It gave me the option to sign up or turn on ads.
  4. I investigated a bit more and found this link works for the referenced article.
  5. I get a page not found attempting to view the posted linked.
  6. We generally have some preferred snacks already brought on board with us, so not sure what we might gather extra from the ship, although some yogurt for the DW and a variety of the single serving cereal boxes are always good. As for Meds. Our old method on meds was to take have 2x meds for the trip or at least 30 days worth. May look at upping that quantity on our next cruise. Since we get all our daily prescriptions in 90 day supplies, its not hard to have a sufficient quantity to take along.
  7. Agreed, as that is one of our conditions to return to cruising. I also like that the CDC is requiring (recommending) that all port personal be vaccinated also.
  8. Or at least be prepared to. Some may already been able to acquire a vaccination in their home country, before joining the ship. But it would be prudent to prepare a mass quarantine/vaccination site to prepare the crew. I'm sure that there would have to be some refresher and new training involved in the return to cruising for the officers/crew too.
  9. Nothing this week, but I did get one that sounds similar to this a few weeks ago. It asked about cruising habits, some Covid-19 restrictions that would affect my decision to cruise and some other stuff. Maybe about a dozen questions in all.
  10. Exactly, this is why the DW and I are not focused on 2021 Cruises. We are watching things for the 2 cruises we have booked in 2022. Final payment on the first is not due until sometime in November, so we will have at least another 6 months to watch how cruising restarts and the general Covid situation world wide is being handled before we have to make the go/no-go decision. I feel for the crews of these ships that have now been out of work for a year and it looks to me that its going to be another 4-6 months before they start to get all the ships back in to service across the line
  11. We had a similar experience in Halifax once. We got some Beaver Tails and Fries on the docks and were sitting at a table enjoying them when a sea gull swooped down, landed on our table and proceeded to ravish our basket of fries. It grabbed a bunch, kicked the basket to the ground at which point a feeding frenzy occurred as every gull in the area converged on the fallen booty. In seconds there was not a fry to be seen, we then retrieved the now empty basket and disposed of it in the bin and proceeded on our way. No more food on the docks, at least outside, for us after that.
  12. Not surprised by this at all. The writing for this has been on the walls for many years. We visited Venice at the end of a Med cruise back in 1999. We had an overnight on the ship and then stayed an additional 2 nights post. While it was a bit crowded at times, it was not overwhelming as I've read about in the past decade. The evenings were the best time for exploring, but days were not too bad. And it did not flood like it does today. You could even still feed the pigeons in St. Marks Square. We have a picture of me, just covered in the little dirty flying rats as I'm attempting
  13. Because everyone on the flight may not be boarding the cruise? Even if they were, if you were positive you could start an outbreak between the time you landed and get tested before boarding. I see a negative test or proof of vaccination being a requirement for international air travel for the at least the next 2 years. After that, it will all depend on how prevalent Covid-19 still is in the world. Even a test 72 hours prior is of questionable value. All that indicates is that you were not infectious at the point of test. You could have been exposed at some point in the following 3
  14. I agree, which is also why we are not looking at any cruises in 2021. We will be content to let other take the chance, adventures and any risks first. And since the Caribbean is not our preferred destination anyway, the restarts don't appeal to us. We will wait until we can go farther afield (Asia, South Pacific, etc.) for our return to cruising.
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