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  1. Ditto, While we have only been cruising since the late 90's, we see cruising as a way to see new places with our travelling hotel. Several times we have visited cities on a cruise and gone back later on a land trip to spend additional days in order to see all the sites. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam are just a few of cities we have gone back too after visiting on a cruise. Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Valletta are some we want to go back to. We enjoy the sea days as more of a recovery day after some of the port intensive itineraries we have done in the past, but have no desire to spend multiple days just cruising around on the ocean.
  2. I would be very surprised if CCL took any of our input at all in measuring Orlando's or Jan's or any of the other Line CEOsperformance. . In todays short term corporation vision, the major factor that C-Suite executives are measured is the bottom line for the quarter. Many large corporations are afraid of making good long term decisions that adversely affect the short term quarterly results. When they do, they get savaged by the market analysts.
  3. Packing probably won't change too much. For prescription meds I always pack 2x the length of the cruise or 28 days, which ever is greater. Will definitely be adding in masks, additional hand sanitizer and wipes. In addition to the normal 3-4 little carry bottles we will add a bigger bottle for refilling the smalls. Clothes won't change much. We already take advantage of laundry onboard and the DW really can't cut down on the number shoes due to her feet issues.
  4. Both the DW and I got this offer too. Not sure which of the 3 cruises we have booked for 2021 it applied to, but we are not about to give HAL any additional $$ at this time.
  5. Anything we propose (or guess at) at this point is pure speculation. The only thing that can be said for now, is that Change Will Be Coming. What that is and how its executed will probably depend on following major factors. When can cruising restart for each of the lines under CCL. What is the actual cash flow from operations once they resume. I'd surely hope there are some serious discussions going on in the board room and executive management levels about the future. Nothing should be off the table, including shuttering lines and selling off ships. Its probably going to be ugly in the travel industry for the next couple of years. Some of the smaller European Airlines are already going under and the future for the majors both here and abroad does not look too good either.
  6. Got the full poop from my TA yesterday. We are now booked on the same cruise in 2021. Our deposit from the 2020 will transfer over, although it may take some time. To accommodate the time for the internal bookkeeping what they have done, is set the Deposit Due Date for the 2021 cruise for June 5th. If all is not reconciled by then, they will just push out the due data another 30 days. While it was not explicitly stated, if its still not taken care after 60 days, they will just push it out some more. So I don't have to give Princess any new $$ which was my goal. I'm not about to plunk down more money for a new cruise when they owe me money for an existing cancelled one.
  7. I got an email last night about the cancellation on the CB for August. It has an offer to give me an additional 100% FCC if I convert my current deposit into an FCC. I have until 6/15 to make a decision, then if no decision is made, its FCC by default. Seriously thinking about just flipping to the 2021 August Sailing.
  8. There has to be something going on behind the scenes that is causing this delay. It does not take any longer to process a refund of a transaction back to a CC than it does to charge it in the first place. But for a refund what does have to exist is that the merchant have the $$$ in an account that can cause the funds to be returned to the CC Vendor. Remember when you place the initial charge your CC is loaning you the money paid to the merchant. Now the merchant has to return actual $$ to the CC, which they may or may not have available right now.
  9. Those are the salient points, whats ports will be open to cruise ships and how many will want to cruise. As only 2 of our many cruises have been in the Caribbean, we won't be flocking to any of these sailings anytime soon. There may be some good deals to be had, but with all the unknowns on any forthcoming restrictions and potential for a disrupted cruise, we are not planning on anything for this year and possibly most of next year. I hope that the cruise industry can start generating some income, otherwise things are going to get really ugly in 2021 for them. But until we get a vaccine, an effective treatment method or herd immunity kicks in, life is not going to go back to anywhere near normal.
  10. Don't count on that for a few years. I believe they have already stated that the dividend is cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  11. I've been playing both CCL and RCL over the past couple of months. Since ours is held in an IRA-SEP, I don't have to worry about the taxes on it. I missed the last bottom on RCL but did pick up a few shares of CCL at $8 and just unloaded them at about $14.50. I think both are headed for another down cycle and will probably pick them both up again when I think we are near the bottom.
  12. The re-flagging is just the first and probably easiest part. Once you've re-flagged your now under US Employment rules, which means an increase in pay for all your staff and I believe that a certain % (all?) have to be eligible to work in the US. We took a around Hawaii Cruise back in October 2001 on what ever line was doing at that time. The ship was the old HAL Noordam, but i remember that all the staff (waiters, stewards, etc.) we interacted with were Americans.
  13. I believe I heard that some entity (City/County) in the US has started a lawsuit against China related to Covid-19.
  14. Why are the various ships coming into port for a day? Supplies, fuel other reason?
  15. The DW and her sister had a Rail Tour (Canadian Rockies) scheduled for early May, that tour has now been cancelled by the Tour Company and I believe most of their tours until late summer. So its just not the sea based tourism industry that is shutting down. Its pretty much all tourism.
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