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  1. Trying it just to test the waters and its a unique itinerary (Greenland) that we would have to do the VOV on HAL to hit.
  2. Here are some very concrete things we have noticed over the last 5 years. Reduction in staff, especially in the steward area and cruise director staff. There used to be a CD, ACD and they had a couple of staff. Now it seems if there is just the CD and ACD. This results in a reduction of on-board activities for Sea Days. Stewards and Assistants now have to take care of more cabins than before. Elimination of the Exc/Port Guide. These were often individuals who had detailed knowledge about the ports we would be visiting and gave excellent information on the ports and infrastructure. As we are primarily DIY folks for tours, we appreciate any and all information about local ports. Seen posts about the CD now taking over this roll too, which probably means the loss of all this valuable information. Shows. I'm not talking about quality, if I want Broadway level entertainment, I'll go to to a major city which has a first class theater reputation. The number of Production shows has been going down over the years. More comedians and magicians, less shows. Adding the HSC has led to a bit of a service level decline. I fully understand why it happened, with the introduction of Anytime Dining, but since the MDR staff does not have to work for those tips, they don't make quite the same effort. Back before HSC, we would see the Matre de pretty much every night. Last cruise (14 days) I don't remember having him stop by and ask how we are doing even once. As an example, after the first night or two, I would always have a glass of ice tea delivered to my place soon after sitting down. Now I have to ask for it and sometimes it has not arrived until after we have ordered dinner. Having primarily sailed HAL over the years, I realize the grass is not any greener at the other lines, unless we want to really spend up to the Luxury brands, which would cut into the number of cruises we could afford. Trying Princess for the first time next year. We'll see what happens.
  3. Caribbean Princess, but I would like to understand what that has to do with my basic inability to even login to the new App. Tried the 'reset password' link from it and got the email, but that link returned a 400 error (Server could not process your request). So I'm really not very impressed so far with either the App or Princess Support on it. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. I figured, but what about the person up stream who reported that all 8 of his upcoming cruises are available the App? I can't believe that all 8 of them are at the Ocean Ready status. The previous poster says they can see their August 2020 cruise in the App, but I can not even get signed on to the darn thing and the help desk has been no help at all. Also, I still can not find out, if I can use my existing Princess Signon Id with the App or do I need to create a new account for it? Caribbean Princess is the ship.
  5. Ok, a bit frustrated here and not finding any good information. Here are the details. We have our first cruise with Princess scheduled (August 2020). I downloaded the new Medallion App (never had the others). But how do I sign on to the App. Using my id (email) and password that I use to get on the Princess Website, results in a message that "the information entered does not match our records'. Ditto for trying to use my reservation number/name/birthday to get access. Calling the help desk they said that since my cruise is not Ocean Ready yet (but is a Medallion Cruise), I can't sign-on, but that seems a little crazy. Do I need to create a new account for just the Medallion App? You can only use the app when your cruise is coming up?
  6. We did something similar many years ago, although it did not include a cruise. We flew into Amsterdam and then took the train to Caen via Paris. We spent almost a week based in Caen driving around to all the Normandy Sites. An excellent reference material is the book Stand Where They Fought, by Carlton Joyce. When we ordered the book, we also got several detailed maps with directions, suggested multi-day itineraries and other information on the beaches, cemeteries and museums. Another excellent resource is https://normandybattlefields.com. Enjoy. I know we did. Out every day pretty much until after dark. Many hours of driving all navigating by Paper Map! As this was back around the turn of the century long before cell phones and in-car navigation systems. Each night we would plan out or next days travels.
  7. For us its always a calculation that needs to net out to less money overall. Once we gave up a ton of perks (800pp Air Credit, OBC, Beverage, etc.) but still ended up with over $1000pp total decrease for the cruise. Anytime there is even a hint of a sale going on, an email gets dispatched to my TA to check it out. If it results in a overall all decrease, in the total cost of the cruise. I'm all over it.
  8. Nope, hope it never happens. The DW needs a bathtub for soaking purposes. The trend away from tubs is starting to restrict the cruise lines and room types that we can book. If this trend continues I can see the day when we will have to give up cruises as a vacation choice.
  9. Why would US customs care. You are in Canada? Now I could see Canadian Immigration possibly caring.
  10. Just learned an important feature about the App. If your cruise is not at the Ocean Ready State, you can add it or even logon to the application. The error message states that "Your information does not match our records." I gave the support line a bunch of grief over the terrible error message. It should tell you that Your Cruise is not Ocean Ready yet, not that your information is incorrect. The support tech did not think my complaint was very valid, but grudgingly agreed to send the suggestion upstream. I doubt it will actually happen, but hey you never know. I've been in Software Development for over 30 years and one of the things I harp on is that error messages should be made as accurate and meaningfull as possible. If I had gotten an accurate error message it would have saved me the 10-15 minutes I spent on the site chat and then calling the support line.
  11. We booked an Asia 2021 back in May. So I believe most , if not all of the 1st Quarter 2021's are already published.
  12. We do something similar. Unless I can get Flights out from Europe after 2pm, its an overnight before the flight home. It also lets us re-pack our luggage to meet those pesky airline restrictions. We tend to do more pre-cruise stays at new ports, as we can be pretty wiped after a port intensive cruise.
  13. Thats generally my go to set also. Depending on the itinerary, my walking shoes will be either sneakers or high top walking shows. I'll also include a set of moccasins for cabin wear. Male. Unfortunately the DW has foot issues, so she needs multiple sets of walking shoes (3 or 4) in order to get around every day.
  14. It appears that some of that has already started. The elimination of the Port Guide, rebranding of the CD into the Cruise and Travel Director, cuts to shows, etc..
  15. The ability to select seats prior to final payment is a function of how the airline works and what type of seat you have booked. Lufthansa is the most restrictive and it will vary for the others depending on your status and type fare class.
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