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  1. please send you email address to rlangham@btinternet.com and I will send you details as to how to arrange this. Eliana
  2. We are about to book another cruise next year and will go on the Explorer or Splendor, itinerary has become less important. Can anyone tell us the differences between the Splendor and the Explorer other than lounge names and possible decor.
  3. Changing the topic slightly. We would like recommendations for a pre-cruise hotel in Miami for two nights. Next January.
  4. That is great. We want to use our unrefundable shipboard credit the other way round to you, i.e. hotel for the night before we board and the following day transfer to the ship
  5. Can you use non-refundable credits for a pre-cruise hotel and transfers from airport to hotel and hotel to ship?
  6. My email is rlangham@btinternet.com. My details for the Ambassador form are Raphael Langham Seven Seas Society Membership number 211463679001 These details can also be used by anyone else who reads this site/posts and needs to link up for the Ambassador program.
  7. Well said Mark. Cruise Critic has become a forum for moaners and it is refreshing to read comments such as yours. We love the Explorer and indeed the other Regent ships and take the nit pickers with a piece of salt. However, we still wish Regent would improve their coffee - just go for a better blend and medium roast not a dark espresso blend throughout the ship which still remains their norm. Their complimentary wines are generally very good and maybe their wine buyer should also be given the role of coffee buying!
  8. I am confused. This thread started up as a query as to what was happening during the missing days in the Explorer's itinerary. It seems that it will be in dry dock.But what for is a mystery. Seats, cushions, pillows and booths are trivial. There must be more to it.
  9. What a shame. I thought that was a feature! But seriously, I hope they add comfortable chairs to the suites that need them, like the Superior ones.
  10. Not sure if this has been covered on another thread. The Explorer has no cruise dates between 29 October in Rome and 12 November in Barcelona. Is she on charter or in dry dock somewhere? If in dry dock, what for?
  11. One change I have previously suggested to Regent is to replace Prime as most items on its menu are available every evening in the main restaurant. An Asian or French venue would be great. We would then have a greater choice at dinner.
  12. Exactly when is Navigator’s dry dock, for how long and rather than guesses or rumours what exactly is being refurbished.
  13. Just a reminder if you have just booked or about to book your first cruise with Regent you can get a $250 onboard credit through the Ambassador process. Please contact me at rlangham@btopenworld.com
  14. Reverting to coffee. A fellow passenger who seems to know about coffee told us that Regent use a Robusta blend as it is much cheaper than the much more pleasant and drinkable Arabica, and that accounts for its bitter taste.
  15. We seem to have run out of comments on the current transatlantic cruise of the Voyager which is the subject of this thread. We are on it and enjoying it very much. An excellent magician entertained us last night and he’s promised a teach-in later in the cruise. As to complimentary wines there is no problem, just ask the someliier or wine steward if those offered are not to your taste.. For those that like a dry white the Sancerre is very good and for a good light red try the Californian Pinot Noir. Threes also a complimentary Cotes de Rhône and a Chateauneuf, both of which we’ve enjoyed on previous cruises and will be trying later on. Our only complaint is that Regent have not changed the blend of coffee they use - it remains an Illy dark roasted espresso blend and much too bitter to our taste. It is the only blend in all the outlets. Next time we’ll bring our own coffee on board!
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