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  1. And, believe it or not, they pay the referee.
  2. Leon, You may use me as a reference. they give a reduction in cost of cruise rather than onboard credit. But onboard credits are very handy and if any are left at the ene d of the cruise we spend them in the boutique. My email is rlangham@btinternet.com
  3. Dear Jen, If you use the Regent Ambassador referral system you will receive an onboard credit.. You need to complete an Ambassador form on the Regent Cruises website. You would need to go to the Seven Seas Society on the Regent website. On the form you need to have a referral and you may use me. My name is Raphael Langham and my Seven seas society number is 211463679001. Enjoy your cruise. Raphael Langham and Seven Seas Society number 211463679001. Enjoy your cruise. My name is Raphael Langham and Seven Seas Society number 211463679001. EnjoyMy name
  4. I will stick to the adage ‘No vaccine no cruising’. Why take the chance? There are other vacation opportunities,
  5. We will only cruise again, or for that matter fly again, when there is a reliable vaccine. Otherwise why take a chance? We are very elderly but patient and will sit it out.
  6. Just to add. I fear Regent have been going down since they were taken over last year. Maybe this is deliberate policy by the new owners.
  7. Flossie is right. The perks for loyal passengers have been seriously downgraded and Regent need to examine the Seven Seas Society benefits with some urgency. Although I must admit that I am unsure they really care.
  8. I am appalled. I do not believe the service on the ships will manage this with any efficiency and we will get laundry back much later than the current turn round and it will be of poor quality. Furthermore we are in the Platinum grade which included free laundry and we have been given $100 onboard credit as compensation, which is useless to us as we can never find anything to spend it on. Do Regent want to drive away their most loyal passengers.
  9. I may seem ignorant but in the printed Regent brochure there are a number of cruises that are specifically marked, only one in most lists. They are denoted as ‘featured cruise’ . What does this mean?
  10. My wife and I are regular cruisers, mainly on Regent and Seabourn. Next July we will be celebrating an 80th birthday and want to arrange a cruise for all our children and grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 18. We all live in the UK. What cruise line would anyone recommend? We would prefer UK or European based, preferably one week but no more than a fortnight.
  11. Thanks to all. It looks as if we will either have to stay at home or go somewhere “safe” on land. I fear that the “safe” places will bar visitors.
  12. Sorry, I have inadvertently repeated myself
  13. I am finding the current situation most confusing. 1. is or when will Regent be cruising again? 2. if they are or will be, how can we find itineraries? 3. If we want to cruise in the next few months, on Regent or a comparable line, are there any options open to us?
  14. We seem to be going off subject which is asking will there be future Regent cruises in 2020. I fear the answer still seems to be no or unlikely, which is bad news for those of us who have FCCs. But if cruises started again would any of you fly to them?
  15. When .regent resume sailing will they stick to the current(I.e. old) schedules or introduce new ones?
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