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  1. Just saw this...I will be sailing with you on Edge and Mari Gras.....new ships...should be fun!!!
  2. main problem with the kids sale free is they only offer it on days in which kids are in school.
  3. I think if you have 3 or 4 in your cabin, the current sale is a little better deal. I guess I will roll the dice and see what happens tomorrow.
  4. Evidently this ends tonight. Anyone out there in the know can advise if it will be extended or what the next sale is scheduled to be?
  5. Slot machines are supposed to be factory set for desired payout and here in the U.S. they can not be changed. For instance one machine can be designed for 80% payout and another 90% and that is what it will be for the life of the machine. However, it always concerns me on cruise ships these settings may possibly be changed. For example, you will notice a slot tech change the settings to tournament mode on a bank of machines used for their slot tournament. (tournament mode produces higher payouts). Once the tournament is over, you will see him open each machine and change it back. I agree, it is suspect to me why first and last night seem to have more winners on most sailings.
  6. Cruise ships ported here in the US are not regulated by the United States....so the rules you are used to ( say in Vegas), do not apply. The ships are supposed to be regulated by the country in which they are flagged. Good luck with that....I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate the very few times I came home a winner (more money than I brought onboard) while at sea. Out of almost 100 cruises, I can count those on one hand. I think Carnival has more fun in their casinos....lots of drawings, events....premier/ultra invites. The moral of the story is...go into the casino to have some fun and if you get up by a 100 bucks...leave and spend it on something fun like an excursion or specialty dining night. I know, I know.....easier said than done...
  7. You must have sensitive ears...I think the Boardwalk Balcony is one of the best locations on an Oasis class ship. I would suggest you try the central park balcony, the only sound you hear is crickets.
  8. You get a tier point for every 5.00 the machine tally's, I am aware you can theoretically pull a five out of your wallet and play all night. But I think we both know, especially on cruise ship casino's, that ain't happening very often.
  9. Well, she did say "play thru" which equates to in and out. In your case after 15 cruises per year....you are spending about 850.00 per voyage. That is a chunk of change...and if the majority of those cruises are 3-4 nights...even bigger per night chunk of change. So I guess it all boils down to how many cruises Casino Comp does per year. If she is holding 15 slot pulls per year on Royal....maybe she gets a free inside cabin lol....with all the stress and risk involved being the organizer...I would say (under this scenario) she deserves a inside cabin...…I assume the casino hosts love her.....
  10. Well that makes sense. This system rewards quantity not quality. One and done (cruise per year) folks really lose out.
  11. I booked a Suite GTY straight through RCCL and online only indicates #GTY and my receipt only says GTY. I called and said why is there no indication of suite GTY anywhere and the agent says well we show it here and you need to trust you will be assigned a suite.....not sure how I want to approach this but basically I do not have the warm fuzzy feeling I just need to let it ride and all will turn out well.
  12. You sound like my sister....spends 500.00 and claims to get a free inside cabin offer multiple times a year. I am thinking you must have hit a jackpot at some point and they want you back. Anyways...I honestly do not think a one time per cruise organized slot pull is really going to make a difference. I also agree with everything casinocompchick has said. Now, in Vegas (see youtube) where there are professionals who organize slot pulls for a living...that is a different story.
  13. St. Vincent has a nice botanical garden you can take a cab to. They also have a mountain top Fort overlook which really gives a scenic view of the port. Outside of that....I didn't find much going on there.
  14. So what kind of extravagant gifts does prime earn you? Free drink card lol??? 100.00 off your next cruise....pfft...joke... I am not a Carnival loyalist by any stretch.... but their casino perks program is way better. I think Royal rips you off half the time.... I spent over 3000.00 and received a 200.00 off next cruise cert and had to ASK for it...lol.....
  15. Seriously??..it truly is minimal.....the casino royal comp plan is a joke.... unless you dump over 5k during 7 day cruise. These slot pulls folks put together don't make a dent. 20 people X 20.00 each= $400.00 gets you nothing....
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