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  1. Ok I am in....had to reschedule from the Carnival cancelled Thanksgiving sailing. Looking forward to this ship!
  2. The extremely limited itinerary available for CA sailings is what makes the big difference.
  3. Book now on Carnival out of Miami or Port Canaveral for August....do some of your own research...Carnivals plans are out there.....and if you think Carnival will sail and the others won't follow....well....what can I say.....some things you just can't fix.
  4. If you did some basic research you would know Carnival intends to sail only 8 of its ships starting in August. Therefore your concern of paying customers being displaced by a convention is not warranted.
  5. "We'll" give you a second chance....who is we'll? …"Freedom of speech not in the constitution" lmao....ok buddy..... FYI...Carnival leaves out of 2 ports in Florida August 1....look it up.....Victory Casino Cruise leaving now....look it up.... Orlando princess charters leaving now...look it up....just a sample from one Florida port...
  6. Then you should know the Victory 1 does more than 3 hours at sea....and since one can now run to CVS and get a test done...it would make sense positive tests "may" be higher.....Indian Harbor eh? Just a little over 500 cases here in Brevard since the start of this debacle.....but, like your pal Yogi...by all means continue to promote the fear mongering..... Oh and to help you out with the math....if one person goes and gets a test done and tests positive...then gets 2 more verification tests done and they also are positive...that equates to one case....with 3 positive tests....simple enough?
  7. When speaking with regards to Florida.... what you are promoting is Fake news...maybe the virus is spreading in your area due to riots and protests but here in Florida we are doing quite well and our State is open for business. Cruise ships are leaving the port daily, parks are open...we are fine. Your last posts claims you fancy yourself as a protector of the people... Fear-mongering is not protecting people.
  8. Some good news...I received in the mail a promotion for our sailing to purchase certain packages. Mommy/Daughter spa day...Character breakfast etc.... I view this as a positive due to the fact they would not be promoting our cruise if it was soon to be cancelled. I also read a post earlier which said the ship was ahead of schedule.....fingers crossed. I just sailed out of Port Canaveral last week on the Casino ship....it felt good to be back out at sea!!
  9. Day cruises have already been operating for the past month here if Florida...no issues. Traditional cruises start in Florida 1st of August. The convention is at the end of August. Based on these facts, your mixing fear with the convention seems to be illogical. It would be more accurate of a post if you had said "I am worried about cruises starting in August".
  10. They have already started Casino and Day trip cruises out of Florida.....therefore limited capacity short cruise Bahamian runs for major lines out of Florida would seem to be the next logical step.
  11. As I have mentioned previously, the local casino ship (Port Canaveral) is only sailing at 35%. It would be absurd to think when Carnival starts up they will not have social distancing protocols in place. CCL will have to submit a plan for approval prior to be given a green light for restarting its operations and in order to be approved it will undoubtedly include reduced capacity. Now what that "initial" figure will be?.....50% sounds about right.
  12. Sorry but you are incorrect. Carnival specifically said they are limiting the amount of guests onboard for the Mardi Gras initial sailings. They said it was due to having enough crew onboard to provide adequate service. Two other easy reasons the ship will not sail at full capacity...social distancing, example, currently the only ship sailing out of Port Canaveral is limited to 35% occupancy... therefore it does not matter what the cruise line wants, it is what the State and Port authority will approve. Reason number three, the ship will need to ramp up training of its crew to handle the new ship and new terminal process. If you doubt that...simply go back to when Royal introduced the Oasis of the Seas...for the first couple months they limited the guests until they got a handle on how to properly service and adequately maintain the guest experience.
  13. Hope all are well ….I had made a post in the main board under the Mardi Gras thread earlier. All indications from the shipyard seem to show everything is on schedule. Therefore it is my belief "one" of the reasons you can no longer book the ship until March is it is over sold. Hopefully there will be enough cancellations to bring it down the new maximum capacity the ship will be allowed to sail with. However, if I am called with an offer to give up my reservation, I do not plan on giving it up as I want to cruise on a new half empty ship!! Curious to know what anyone else thoughts are in the event this were to happen?
  14. As of today, Mardi-Gras is still sailing in November 2020 as scheduled. They are not booking passengers because the ship will have to sail at reduced guest capacity... it is clear those initial sailings have been booked beyond what they will be allowed to sail with. Once Carnival begins US operations again in August, IMO, I look for them to start calling people currently booked during those first few months and ask them to change to a later sailing. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  15. If everything goes as planned with the ship build and our cruise is a go, I have been told the ship will not sail at full capacity. I have been on sailings half full due to weather and I can assure you it was great with regards to spacing. It was almost as if we had the ship to ourselves. As for the islands, it is up to you as to whether you want to disembark at each port of call. With this new beautiful ship, I am sailing with the thoughts the ship is my destination. Florida has been doing extremely well with regards to the virus compared to the rest of the nation. That being said, I think your elderly parents (if over 70) may wind up restricted from cruising due to the policy Carnival will be implementing once cruising starts. So as you say, Carnival may make the decision for you. We still have 5.5 months before we sail, so plenty of time to see how things progress before making any decisions.
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