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  1. Right on the little town square up the hill you will find Cafe Puerto Rico...I have tried them all and I can assure this place is the real deal. FYI...little bit of a qualifier...my wife is Puerto Rican.
  2. Trying to figure out how your family's life would be at risk if you are all vaccinated? When you go ashore are you counting on everyone at each destination to be vaccinated as well? In reality the only issue would be a shortened cruise after it returns to port early. Please don't respond you may be stuck at sea...that was a one time event back in very early 2020 pre-vaccinations and before anyone knew what the disease was capable of.
  3. Once they sea the Bahamas raking in the cruise traffic dollars...they will quickly follow suit.
  4. Interesting they chose to bring it into Port the same time as the brand new Carnival Mardi Gras. I guess with all the media attention Royal wanted to get its share.
  5. Port Web Cam looks good now that the sun is rising...I noticed the ship has a car going around the roller coaster....super cool....
  6. Check out La Lido Loca on you tube....they did a nice job of capturing as she entered the channel.
  7. Just checked and she is about 60 miles off the coast. Probably float around this evening and wait for clearance as well as the Liberty and Freedom to close in.
  8. I am wondering how long the Mardi Gras will stay in port...I have to assume not long as they have to pay port fees....probably go right offshore and join the Disney ships and wait it out.
  9. Oh I get it...but if Florida loses enough revenue to operate because of a Federal agency (who has lost all credibility) Florida has the option to decide to no longer be a part of the club....
  10. I heard it will enter the channel around 6 AM and be fully docked around 7AM
  11. What part don't you get....Florida is a State with its own Government, therefore in reality, Florida can do what Florida wants to do. The CDC is a Federal agency which in reality has nothing to do with how the State of Florida governs its people....
  12. Oh...Florida has a card to play and it is a big one....approve sailings regardless of what the CDC says.
  13. The camera rotates....so right now the only ship in port is Disney Fantasy so it is fixated on her. Tomorrow they will have the camera rotate to watch the ship all the way through the channel in the turn basin and back to its parking spot Pier 3.
  14. I just heard Mardi Gras will be escorted into the port by the Liberty and Freedom! How cool will that be!
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