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  1. Tell that to people who were adversely effected because of lead paint, asbestos, teflon, zantac...just to name a few off the top of my head.
  2. I think it is important to note this does not go into effect until Friday September 3. Therefore anyone cruising to a Bahama port of call prior would still fall under the old guidelines.
  3. I think it is important to note this does not go into effect until Friday September 3. Therefore anyone cruising to a Bahama port of call prior would still fall under the old guidelines.
  4. For the record...Chris the Flying Scotsman was one of the best Cruise Directors I have ever had!
  5. Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar Minari Raya and the Last Dragon Tenet News of the World Nomadland
  6. I forgot to mention my thoughts on food. I really only had two bad meals during this voyage. I will start with those.... I ate lunch at the Italian restaurant Cusina Del Capitano and I ordered a simple pasta with marinara sauce and it was horrible. It is baffling to me how this could be so bad...like a thick paste, no flavor. It was ok though as I ate the appetizers prior and they were good. My second bad dish was the halibut in main seating...hard, dried out and you could not even cut it with a knife. I quickly ordered the salmon from the everyday menu and it was perfect. For the good stuff...I really enjoyed the soups in the dining room. Most notably the soups... Seafood chowder, Chicken and vegetable and the seafood with broth. I really could have eaten these every night if possible. Both Formal night menus were fantastic, especially the second one. All items on the menu were raved about by people sitting near me. The lobster was tender...I wish I would have ordered more than one. The steak cooked to perfection. There no longer is a Mongolian Wok but instead it is replaced by Chibang...a Chinese-Mexican cuisine. It is free...but the location is way out of the way on deck 8 forward. Really odd location. This is not hybrid entree's, rather two menus rolled into one. I found it never crowded...they basically begged people to go there each day during announcements. For instance..."Don't forget Chibang located on deck 8 for you anytime diners"....anyway for those of us who really liked the old Mongolian Wok...check it out for lunch one day. Rudi's Seafood....very hard to get a reservation. If I had an upcoming sailing I would book it immediately. I waited until onboard and all they had was a 5:30PM on one of the last days....I took it but later canceled due to a late lunch. Shak's Chicken...nothing spectacular...it is fried chicken and fried chicken sprinkled with fried chicken. I never saw a line...so...that kind of speaks volumes. The Street Eats on deck 16--- Kind of cool...different quick bites each day. If you love French fries, they have a different topping each day...and there is a dumpling booth which does the same. Great for a quick snack and they were busy most of the time. I love Bonsai Sushi (deck 6) but I had a weird encounter and never ate there again. This is what happened: The host seated me against the far corner wall in the empty sushi bar. No biggie...except no one waited on me, no water...nothing...then about 10 minutes later an Asian gentleman (not a celebrity) walked straight in and sat in the next seat over from me. Instantly he had 3 people waiting on him...and I mean instantly...ok well...I thought they would now get my order but no...I sat for about 10 more minutes (the guy next to me then said... "they didn't get your order"?...I said no...he said sorry and I said hey it's not your fault. At this point I flagged down the hostess and she herself took my order. Shortly after, the guy who sat next to me then was brought his entire meal at once...he was a big guy and had about 4-5 dishes!!!...again I sat...and sat...when he was done, all three of the Sushi Chefs at the bar came over to him and said how did you enjoy your meal? One of them kind of made eye contact with me and said and how was yours...I calmly stated...what meal...I am still waiting for it ??? I then flagged down the hostess and eventually they brought me my food...Un-be-leave-able. Needless to say...a place I really enjoy, I did not bother to go back to the rest of the cruise. Ok, time for something positive...the Hero's landing deck 8 aft is a great place...huge area with the best soft serve Ice Cream machine. Go here to grab a cone and step out onto the infinity pool area and enjoy the views or sit in a comfy chair and catch up on sports with one of the many TV's. The Pig and Anchor back here is open for breakfast as well...really a great spot on the ship to check out throughout the cruise. They call it the Summer Landing area. Well this wraps up the food... sorry this was out of sequence but I felt folks might want to know a little more about the food. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try my best to answer them!
  7. Night 2 and night 6 are formal (if you choose) and all other nights are deemed casual.
  8. I heard they were...I did not receive mine because I did not find out until the last evening in order to get them you had to call room service. When you come onto the ship and also when you debark you are on deck 6. When you go ashore at a port you have to go to deck 3.
  9. The crew for the most part seemed really eager to please and excited to see us. However, I often heard crew openly complain about not being able to go ashore. There also seemed to be a few who were either overwhelmed or had grown accustomed to no passengers. A few waiters seem to be annoyed when you asked for a paper menu. The host at Cusina Del Capitano one morning for breakfast was super rude when I asked for one. I think Carnival will find out most passengers are not going to lug their phone around the ship to look at the menu on an app. Time will tell. The elevators....it was the first sailing so maybe it will be resolved but for me, on at least 5 occasions, when someone came on to the elevator and pushed a different deck number than you, all lights went out. Yes, that meant you were not going where you wanted. One time, on my way to 16, we stopped at 14 someone boarded and the next thing you know we were all headed down to deck 5.....grrrr...Ok while I am ranting, The Platinum Diamond party...we were allowed one drink of wine as you made your way into the Theater. No horderves... quite frankly not much of a party. Twice I saw people spill wine on the beautiful white and brown Theater carpet. They need to scrap it or move outside. Just really cringe worthy. On a positive note, my favorite Carnival event is the Veteran Salute held in the Theater. Very well done and for this alone I will continue to cruise Carnival. Ok, aside from a few non- deal breaker issues, I found the ship to be beautiful, innovative and has a lot to offer. I am fortunate to have her sailing from my backyard and I look forward to the the next 3 trips I currently have booked. Let me know if you have any questions. I saved the Daily Events papers, I will post them if anyone wants to see them.
  10. Interesting item's of note....no more smoke from the stacks and no ash on the balcony. It was nice to see only heat being discharged out the whale tail. In addition, I was surprised to see no washy washy guards at the buffet, they did have sinks but I rarely saw someone using them. The ship deck plans have food scattered all throughout. Typically on ships, food can be found aft and entertainment forward. Carnival bent the rule on this ship, the upside is it does disperse traffic for dining, the downside will be for cruising creatures of habit...you will get lost on this ship. It might be best to carry the pocket deck plan with you at all times. One of the biggest questions asked...where is Guest Services? Deck 8 aft....and it is small enough to walk right past. Note: I think they will regret the size, but since no one can find it...they might be ok lol. Now for the Roller Coaster...they charge $15.00 a ride and it is basically about a 15 second ride. One of the crew told me they originally wanted the price to be 25$ but changed it at the very end. The price must be a sticking point because there was no line and it was rarely in use. Interesting point, you have the ability to dictate the speed of the ride by throttle. The problem is when you go over certain areas you instinctively ease off the acceleration. With such a short ride, this diminishes the experience. I say do away with that ability and make it go max speed on it's own. On one particular sea day it was being worked on by the manufacture engineers. So, yeah...a disappointment. It looks good though and definitely drew my attention pre-cruise. The Casino, lots of new games. For contest winners they now have a fixed electronic wheel behind the host desk to spin for prizes. I think that is a good touch. If you have the Drinks On Us, the host will give you a sticker for your card. Service for these drinks was kind of hit and miss. I found the smoking section garnered faster service if you were thirsty. There were quite a few hand pay winners on slots but I was not one of them nor did I come close. It certainly was not due to a lack of trying. Ok, so the ports of call. You had to wear a mask while ashore at all of our stops. San Juan, Amber Cove, Nassau. Nassau was a bit different as we were instructed to bring a cell phone photo of our vaccine card or the actual card ashore. I was never asked to produce this, however it was kind of annoying shopping because in each store you went into they requested you put on hand sanitizer. If you like to quickly shop from store to store...yeah...it get's old.
  11. Just back from the 1st sailing. I want to preface my opinions with the fact I am not a compensated professional blogger. Therefore I am free to post my true opinions without any sugar coating. Ok, here goes...Embarkation, I arrived at my designated time, dropped off my bags and took the parking elevator up to floor 2. You will find, once inside the elevator, the floor two button marked terminal. Signage needs to be added as many folks did not know where to find the terminal. As for me, the porter actually told me to go to floor 3 lol. Once up on floor 2 I was greeted with a very long line in the parking garage. It seems they set up a check point to verify vaccine status prior to going near the terminal. Unvaccinated had to go to a different area. For me, being vaccinated, time wise it took about 35 minutes to get from garage to onboard ship. Upon walking onboard I found it to be a little underwhelming as there is no grand entrance like most ships. However, once completely inside, the Grand Central area is quite spectacular. I immediately found my muster station (listed on your boarding docs). You do not need your key card, your boarding docs will suffice. At the station, I was shown how to wear a life vest and was checked off as completed. I would say no more than 60 seconds of your time. Please do it sooner rather than later. Over 100 still had not completed the process just prior to our sailing. Of course this results in several overhead announcements. I am certain it is just a matter of time before privileges will be taken away until this is completed. Ok, on to the room. The biggest change I think is the glass shower door and the added lights. Outside of that, pretty much standard compared to everyone else. Ample storage with adjustable shelves. Now time for a complaint, the VIFP perks are not in your room. You literally have to go on an Easter egg hunt. Examples, go to a bar to get your water, go to photo lab to get your free gift (luggage tag), call room services for your chocolate delight. No more Fun Times in the room either. Guest Services provides a list of events. As for the ship itself? Impressive. Carnival has hit a home run with the Grand Central area. This area defines the ship itself. Most people like myself focused on the roller coaster (more on that later). Located in the center of the ship, it is spectacular at all times. Spanning 3 decks high with tremendous "wide" views of the ocean during the day. In the evening, hidden large panels lower and raise to form an illuminated wall. The wall provides a lit colorful backdrop for amazing activities and shows. I can't tell you how many times I happen to walk past and was drawn in to what was on stage. On ships with somewhat similar technology, it is located on the back of the ship, therefore the only way you would catch the activity is if you specifically walked to the aft area. The infinity pools with the ships wake in the background is spectacular and never seemed crowded. Lots of chairs outside for everyone. I also really enjoyed the larger venues for Guy's Burger, Pizza, El Capitano and Pig and Anchor. PUNCHLINER comedy club was also a larger space with some talented comedians....albeit a few used it for political rhetoric which I found annoying and could have done without. One area specifically which I think was a miss would be the location of the Alchemy Bar. It is stuffed into a small passageway directly in front of the Theater. This causes a choke point for traffic during Theater showings. This bar has proven to be a winner and for it to be short changed is a tragedy, especially with the not so much attended "new" bars Brass Magnolia and Fortune Teller being much larger and better located. Maybe they will rectify this mistake at some point. As for events...no usual daily sports activities such as volleyball, dodgeball, soccer. However you will find Lots and LOTS of trivia if that is your thing and several kids type games in the limelight lounge such as "walk the plank" '"charades". Continued:
  12. Just off the Mardi-Gras---they give you a sticker on the back of your card...but like someone else said, not needed. Your folio number on your card decides whether it is free or not. I usually tip cash on each drink, this most always has the servers "looking for me" while I am in the casino. Just as an FYI...it seems I received drinks faster in the smoking section. I believe in part due to the fact the room they make the drinks in is this section.
  13. I just came home from Nassau onboard the Carnival Mardi Gras....no visa required...however they do require you to carry a photo of or your actual vaccination card when ashore. However, while I was shopping in town, no one asked me to show them my card. It seems they were more concerned with you using hand sanitizer prior to entering any building.
  14. Carnival offers Military rates but going back 25 years I have never received an OBC. Princess is the only cruise line I know of that gives OBC to military vets.
  15. Right on the little town square up the hill you will find Cafe Puerto Rico...I have tried them all and I can assure this place is the real deal. FYI...little bit of a qualifier...my wife is Puerto Rican.
  16. Trying to figure out how your family's life would be at risk if you are all vaccinated? When you go ashore are you counting on everyone at each destination to be vaccinated as well? In reality the only issue would be a shortened cruise after it returns to port early. Please don't respond you may be stuck at sea...that was a one time event back in very early 2020 pre-vaccinations and before anyone knew what the disease was capable of.
  17. Once they sea the Bahamas raking in the cruise traffic dollars...they will quickly follow suit.
  18. Interesting they chose to bring it into Port the same time as the brand new Carnival Mardi Gras. I guess with all the media attention Royal wanted to get its share.
  19. Port Web Cam looks good now that the sun is rising...I noticed the ship has a car going around the roller coaster....super cool....
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