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  1. :)I had a facial on my last cruise and it was very nice. I also loved the Elemis products so purchased some when I got home (they run sales online and free shipping, so no need to buy onboard) She did a great job on my cruise and it was better than the ones I get at home. They do push products but I just told her I would think about it, remembered what she recommended, and then purchased what I wanted online. 6 months later using the products and my skin is looking so much healthier and not as dry....plus the breakouts I was getting (at age 30 plus) and now gone. I am glad I had it done, but since I use the products now I wouldn’t get another one on the ship. Hope you have a great time if you decide to get a facial.
  2. We are also on this sailing! Super excited to be back on the Magic. 1 week can’t come fast enough for our children, who ask everyday to see the countdown cruise calendar. We had a great time on the Magic in Feb and I expect it will be the same for this one. We are go with the flow people and try not to let small things ruin our time. Nothing in life is perfect, you are right, and our motto is, at least we are on vacation! Have a great cruise!
  3. Thanks. It’s a private suv that we arranged to pick us up from the pier and take us to our Disney hotel. I will still have to call and change the time because they do ask that we pick a definitive time for them to pick us up. We don’t need to be first off, but we are planning on hitting the Magic Kingdom as soon as we can once we get to Disney. We just want enough time to not feel rushed but also take advantage of the priority de-embarkation as part of our suite perk.
  4. Thank you very much for all the helpful replies! I don’t know why I have been so stressed about leaving the ships and meeting our driver to go to Disney. I think we will try and see if they can get us at 9:30 and take the advice for having our luggage be raged zone 1 so that we can make it out and find it easier. The last time we cruised, it was so confusing getting off the ship....that I think we accidentally got off at the wrong time. We were like zone 5-6 and felt like we got off with the self assist...even thought people in our group area said they called our boarding zone...anyway, I don’t want a repeat of that. Looking forward to our combined cruise/land vacation in 2 weeks! Hope everyone enjoys their cruises! Thanks again. 😀
  5. So if I change the pickup time to 9:00, we should be fine then? I don’t want to feel rushed off the ship, but I also don’t want to waste time either. I really don’t want to do self assist, because it’s too much with our luggage and the kids. Do they assign you a number for exiting or do you pick it if you are priority? Does that mean you get off before self assist or after? Like a zone 1 or something?
  6. Hi, Just wanted to try and find out what time you can get off the ship if you have priority de-embarkation? We got an upsell to a suite and I see that one of the perks is priority de-embarkation. We will be leaving in about two weeks from Port Canaveral and afterwards going to Disney World for a few days. We arranged for a private company to pick us up at 10 (that was requested before the upsell) but now we were wondering about changing it to be picked up at 9...so we could get to our hotel in Disney a little earlier. Does anyone know what’s the earliest we could get off since we don’t have a flight that day? Do you pick anytime you like with priority? Do you have to do self assist (cause we can’t do that with 2 kids and luggage) thanks for your help! :)
  7. We got an upsell email a few months ago for our Sept 2018 cruise. We were in a balcony cabin on deck 10 and the email was for an ocean suite on deck 7 for 430 dollars. There are 4 people in our cabin, myself, my husband and our 2 children (ages 5 and 8) We decided to take it for more room. We had debated getting the OS in the first place but the difference was 1100....so for the price asked for the upgrade it felt like a deal to us. We figured 100 dollars extra per person for 4 people was reasonable and we will enjoy the extra room. The kids are excited to be in a “suite” because to them it sounds fancy (our daughter is obsessed with fancy Nancy so she thinks everything with big words sounds fancy lol) Hope everyone has a great cruise! 💜
  8. When we went with our kids, they were 5 and 8 and used the kids club often. When they were there we held on to their ship card...the only time we gave it to them on a lanyard was when we were exiting and entering the ship. Other than that, we held onto the cards so they wouldn’t lose them. We did not have charging privledges for them...if they wanted something, they asked and we decided if they got it or not. They don’t drink pop, we’re fine with the water and lemonade, And the only thing they really wanted to buy was candy...If they weren’t at the kids club, they were with us...so it made it pretty simple. Hope you have a fun time on your cruise!
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