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  1. We have always stayed forward Lido Deck or deck below because we really enjoy being close to the pool during the day. We usually have the buffet breakfast so it is also close. Last year on the Royal we were on the very front of the ship one deck down and loved the larger balcony and views. Sailing soon on Caribbean Princess mid forward on Lido!
  2. Sea Gypsy 2

    Fun Bus in St. Lucia

    Can anyone tell me about the Fun Bus Tour in St. Lucia. We are considering on our cruise in April.
  3. Sea Gypsy 2

    Princess Excursions

    Is anyone purchasing Princess excursions before the cruise since the payment policy has changed? We are sailing in April and it appears all excursions are pretty much open.
  4. Sea Gypsy 2


    What about beer?
  5. We will be cruising on the Caribbean Princess in April. Would love to hear any news from recent or current cruisers!
  6. Sea Gypsy 2


    Yes, definitely BUMMER!! We enjoyed those on the Royal last year!
  7. Sea Gypsy 2

    Princess Beach Tour

    Will be visiting St. Kitts in April on Caribbean Princess. We are considering the Timothy Hill and Beach Tour through Princess. Can anyone tell me anything about this excursion?
  8. Sea Gypsy 2

    Princess Scenic Tour in St. Lucia

    Will be on the Caribbean Princess in April and would like to take a scenic tour of St. Lucia (but not all day). Several are offered through Princess. Can anyone make a recommendation?
  9. Sea Gypsy 2


    Is it true that Princess has stopped the "buy one get one for $1" drink specials from 3:00 to 4:00? I saw pictures of Princess Patters where it was listed but don't remember which thread or how recent it was. We will be sailing on Caribbean Princess in April.
  10. I have several gowns and short dresses that I wear only on cruises so of course I wear them. They are my favorites and my DH's too! However, I'm always open to finding new "favorites!"
  11. No one should be judged for their choice. That is why there is "anytime dining" with the table of your choice. Each and every person on the cruise is there to enjoy their vacation and it should be "their choice."
  12. My DH and I love a cruise vacation. It is a time to get away, relax, and enjoy ourselves. We enjoy meeting other people and talking with them, but really enjoy the anytime dining. We can go early, late, or whatever on our own schedule. We usually choose to dine alone because it is our time to enjoy our dinner and each other, and reflect on our day.
  13. Sea Gypsy 2

    Up-Sell Offer?

    That's what we did! Just wondering if anyone else had trouble booking specific balcony cabins on Lido deck. Seems like most cruises we look at only have guaranteed cabins. We were happy to get balcony on Lido this cruise even if Caribbean Princess has been experiencing difficulties.
  14. Sea Gypsy 2

    Up-Sell Offer?

    We are cruising on Caribbean Princess in April. We have booked a balcony on Lido deck because we like to be close to pool, etc. Just received an up-sell offer for mini-suite for a fee but we would have to move down to Dolphin deck. Would really love to take advantage of this offer if it was on the deck we purchased but do not feel it was really an up-sell offer to move down that far! We are finding it more difficult to book a specific cabin on the Lido deck. Has anyone else had this problem?
  15. Sea Gypsy 2

    What kind of Jewelry?

    I agree. Statement earrings and pretty bracelet!