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  1. Same answer re: Luminae. If you are on an S class ship, you may order from the Luminae OR Main dining Room menu.
  2. That concierge lunch was a very limited menu. You can get a better selection from the regular menu or in the Ocean Vew Cafe. I wouldn't bother with it on any day except for embarkation to avoid the masses at Ocean View. Moving it to any other day is senseless.
  3. Your assigned dining room is Blu. If you wish to eat in the main dining room, speak with the maitre d' in Blu and he will arrange it. You can't just walk in to the main dining room as you have no assignment there.
  4. The Inn at the Waterpark allows cruise parking at no charge if you stay there one night before your cruise. There is some covered parking that we have always been able to get. The hotel offers shuttles to the port or they can call you a taxi. It is about a $20 taxi fare for 2 from the hotel to the port. Many other hotels also allow free cruise parking, like Guido's Seaside Inn or Moody Gardens Hotel. But neither have covered parking.
  5. I suggest you go to the Celebrity web site and open "Healthy at Sea" link.
  6. FastTestNow.com in Ft. Lauderdale may be available,
  7. Isn't she just "hanging around" in the Caribbean now?
  8. Been so long since I've flown, I can't remember. Can boarding passes be printed out for you when you check in your luggage, please?
  9. If you use the points for OBC, that is refundable. I used to do that a lot, making the card like a cash back card. Points can be used to pay down your balance or for gifts or services prior to your cruise.
  10. Pretty much all basic cocktails will be covered by the $9 limit. But they will be made with "well" liquor, not higher quality. If you drink mixed drinks, probably the classic package is good for you. If you like to drink straight liquor or just with soda or water, you may want to upgrade. Also if you are a wine drinker there are better wines on the premium package. I suggest you wait until on board, try the drinks available to you in the classic package that you now have, and if you think you need to upgrade to premium, do so on board. The cost will be prorated depending on number of days left of your cruises after the upgrade.
  11. Can someone who has recently flown Delta Business or First Class tell me if they are serving alcohol, please?
  12. Jim, I know you don't go to Luminae for breakfast much, but can you find out if a waiter still comes around with a tray of pastries during breakfast?
  13. No buffet. Extensive menu items.
  14. Just noticed this wording in my updated Celebrity notification about requirements for our cruise Sept. 26. Does this mean the test must be made under the name on your passport, using middle name, as well as first and last? Or does it mean the name on the test results must be in the same name as our vaccination cards? These do not show our middle names, just initials. Eeek! Hope someone here can give me the answer. Have to test this coming Friday.
  15. The Celebrity Cruise Care plan does cover various expenses due to Covid under the medical coverage, as I have read the added coverage. We are 70's and 80's so the Cruise Care, tho' not offering as much med or evac as we might want, is MUCH less expensive than third party insurance which cost is based on ages. We also buy an annual med and evac policy to supplement. We've actually used the Cruise Care for additional expenses due to delays because of weather and mechanical airline problems. Very easy and relatively quick.
  16. Thanks for the description. Probably not for me. I do not like yoga
  17. Bluebird, what is a pulse barre class, please and how strenuous? I've been doing cardio for over 30 years, but getting a bit old for anything too demanding!
  18. Thanks for the names, Jim. Is the bartender's name pronounced Mi-kah, or sounded out as it is spelled, please?
  19. Jim, would you please post the names of the concierge/hosts and bartender in the Retreat for the cruise beginning today? We board next week and would like to get used to the names in advance.
  20. My Express passes have NO drink pkg. indicated. Is that a problem? I guess if it is, I will just go to the Retreat concierge once on board.
  21. Not everyone has a smart phone or wants to use the app. So, yes, you can do so at the pier, just as we have been doing the "health check" for several years now.
  22. Rick. I believe under the current Healthy at Sea protocols it says that if you test positive within 14 days of your cruise that the cruise fare will be refunded to you. Is that not correct? No FCC.
  23. If you made a refundable deposit, it will be returned back to the credit card you used. If it is a nonrefundable deposit, currently they are waiving the $100 administrative fee and giving future cruise credit for the entire deposit.
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