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  1. I have a friend from Germany who would like to join us on our cruise. He is here now with a passport and esta. We are going on a closed loop cruise out of Galveston on February 24. Carnival said we can add him now to the room, but could not give us an answer about required documentation. Will he also need a visa? He does not have one. He only has Passport and Esta. Thank you.
  2. Did your students visa expire before six months of departure from ship?
  3. Thanks so much. I took two students last year and they loved it. We didn't have any problems in that cruise, but I'm worried about this one because of Belize requirements for six month validity. I'm a rep with Nacel Open Door. I love it.
  4. I am taking two exchange students on cruise. We leave on December 17, 2016. Students are from Bolivia and Germany. Their visas will expire in June 2017, and most likely, the first week of June. We will go to Cozumel, Belize, and Costa Maya. We will be in Belize on December 20. I just read that Belize requires the passport to be valid six months after arrival date. I don't think either student will have six months validity. They will have five months and two or three weeks of validity. The students must arrive the week school starts in August 19. I told the students to try and get their visa to be valid through June 22, 2017, but they won't know until this summer. Any advice or suggestions? Thank You.
  5. Both students have M stamp on their Visa for multiple re-entry back in to USA. We were told we would need the VISA and passport for the cruise. The agency had us send them a form (DS-19) that they will sign and return to us. That was also needed for the Cruise. The placement agency said lots of students go on cruises to Mexico and they have not had any issues. I think we are fine now.
  6. Thank you for your comments. We were able to resolve the issue with the consulate, the placement agency and her parents.
  7. I am taking a foreign exchange student from Ecuador on our next cruise. Prior to leaving Ecuador, she laminated her VISA. She had no problems with it at the airport. It is my understanding that it is not permissible to laminate a VISA, because that is considered tampering. Do you know if she will have trouble when she tries to board the ship in Galveston, Cozumel or Progresso? Thank You.
  8. The email says to contact Carnival if this cannot accommodate your schedule. I assume if people already have flight departures for December 2016, Carnival will work with that??
  9. Costa Maya is 1pm-8pm Belize is 7am-5pm Cozumel is 8am-4pm We just got a new email that has our itinerary and in the money column it says a "discount $227.13" so I assume that is how much extra we would have paid for the 6 day cruise, if that's what we had booked, but we did not get any increase in price of the cruise, nor did they charge us for the 6th day of optional gratuity.
  10. I received an email this morning from Carnival. The email informs me that they are changing the route of Liberty for December 2016 and we will have an additional FREE day added to our trip. We were to do a 5 day with stops at Progresso and Cozumel. Now it is a 6 day with stops at Belize, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. :) We are two families going together. We had planned to do the Cheers package, but since we have 3 stops now and will be off the boat most of those day, it may be cheaper to just buy drinks as we want them. The sailing has been removed from the Carnival website now, but we are leaving December 17th.
  11. We are traveling with a student from Germany. She has her passport and J-1 Visa. It's my understanding this is all she will need for re-entry. I was told I need to send "a form" to the exchange agency and they will sign it. Is there anything else I should do? We are cruising to Mexico from Texas.
  12. Thanks. I was just looking for this.
  13. Do you have pictures of the balcony? I read it leads to the public deck, but the posts I found were several years old, so the pictures were no longer accessible to me. I tried to click the links, but it did not lead to pictures. Do you have any information or pictures to share? Thank you very much.
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