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  1. We buy umbrellas at the Dollar store and just leave them on board.
  2. I have been on several Equinox cruises. I have to eat gluten free. As stated, everything in the buffet is marked if gluten free and there is a separate area for gf desserts. Personally, I have not had much luck reviewing the menu the night before and requesting the entree be gluten free. I usually get told it can’t be done. Be careful, because they may say it’s gluten free when I can see it’s not! I personally think the gf bread is terrible. I bring my own gf bagels on board and bring them to breakfast so I can have my smoked salmon on them. Also, in the buffet, the gf pizza and pasta are very good. And gf macaroons at Cafe Al Bacio are excellent.
  3. We enjoyed sailing with Captain Kate last October. She has a great sense of humor, is friendly and participates in a lot of ship events. Also met Bugnaked, whom I really think runs the ship! Lol...I believe she said a few other captains have birds along with them. Her pictures and captions on Instagram are priceless.
  4. I would like them to notate on the menu if the item is gluten free. I hate having to ask every time. Bonnie
  5. Just off the Equinox and there was only one line, no matter how long it was.
  6. We have stayed in a SS and will be in one tomorrow. We ask the mini bar be emptied. My husband asks for Diet Coke to be in there and I ask for a pitcher of iced tea in afternoon. Never an issue. That’s about all we ask butler to do besides afternoon snacks
  7. Love the aft on Equinox! Deck 12. We will be on her tomorrow same aft cabin we have been in on last 3 cruises. Bonnie
  8. Make sure you have set up WiFi calling before you leave, then you can turn it off. When aboard ship, Get WiFi from ship, turn on WiFi calling (in settings, under cellular on iPhone). Then put in airplane mode. Works perfectly! Did it last cruise. Bonnie
  9. We sail with her next week, can’t wait to meet her! Bonnie
  10. I have to eat gluten free. We usually eat at Luminae. There are no codes on the food so you have to keep asking the waiter what is gluten free. Most times I order from MDR as there are not many options at Luminae and by end of cruise I am tired of eating the same foods. I have looked at menu evening before to request something be made GF (mainly lamb) and every time I have been told it can’t be done. The buffet has every food item notated as to food allergy’s, etc. The buffet manager will take you around and tell you what you can eat. I noticed on last cruise they have a separate area for GF desserts which are usually better than in the restaurants. Yes, you have to wait 10 minutes or so for GF pizza or pasta but it is very good. The GF bread is not good. I bring my own bagels with me for breakfast. I will never eat at Tuscan again, they told me a dessert was GF and with the first bite I knew it wasn’t. They were not concerned that they glutened me and I would be sick. At Cafe Al Bacio they have GF macaroons, same for all days of cruise! I think they also have a GF pudding choice in case. On one cruise the baker did not make the macaroons until the third day of cruise after I complained. I believe no one looks at the Special Request Form you fill out. My feeling is they really do not go out of their way to accommodate you to make special foods. Only time they did was for our anniversary at Murano, they brought us a cake and sang to us. Then took cake away as it was not GF. Next day they brought us a magnificent, delicious GF cake the chef made. You will not go hungry! Bonnie
  11. I eat gluten free and bring a bag of bagels with me. I have done this last three cruises and have had no problems. I even take one to Luminae or MDR for breakfast. Just curious how a fruit cake can be sugar free? All that fruit is loaded with sugar. Do they sell sugar free candied fruit? Anyway, your cake sounds good! Bonnie
  12. We are always aft on Deck 12. We can see everyone below but no one can see us unless they are looking up. I would rather watch the wake and ocean than watch what other people are doing on their balcony!
  13. The menus in Luminae and specialty restaurants does not have gluten free notated. The waiter will be able to tell you if gluten free. I have to eat gluten free also and it would be much easier if they notated it. Bonnue
  14. Been on a Christmas and Easter cruise...never again! Way too many kids, a lot unsupervised and wild. Also because of holidays some port stores /activities could be closed.
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