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  1. Today my 9/25/2020 went down almost $1,000! Only change was I had to agree my $200 deposit is now non refundable.
  2. We buy umbrellas at the Dollar store and just leave them on board.
  3. I have been on several Equinox cruises. I have to eat gluten free. As stated, everything in the buffet is marked if gluten free and there is a separate area for gf desserts. Personally, I have not had much luck reviewing the menu the night before and requesting the entree be gluten free. I usually get told it can’t be done. Be careful, because they may say it’s gluten free when I can see it’s not! I personally think the gf bread is terrible. I bring my own gf bagels on board and bring them to breakfast so I can have my smoked salmon on them. Also, in the buffet, the gf pizza and pasta are very good. And gf macaroons at Cafe Al Bacio are excellent.
  4. We enjoyed sailing with Captain Kate last October. She has a great sense of humor, is friendly and participates in a lot of ship events. Also met Bugnaked, whom I really think runs the ship! Lol...I believe she said a few other captains have birds along with them. Her pictures and captions on Instagram are priceless.
  5. I would like them to notate on the menu if the item is gluten free. I hate having to ask every time. Bonnie
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