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  1. Thank you so much for this delightful and informative review. We board the Panorama tomorrow and your review added to our anticipation and answered any questions we had. Thanks for covering all the age groups. We are a family group of 8 and we are "the olds" 😄 Thanks again!
  2. We are also sailing April 20th, also Ocean Ready! Our medallions arrived last Friday. Getting very excited!
  3. That's true. I spoke to a Medallion rep who told me they are shipped out in batches according to sail date. Also, my shipment is coming fron Doral, Florida. I saw previous Medallions were shipped from Singapore.
  4. Our Royal cruise is April 20. Got an email yesterday afternoon that they were shipped FedEx and should arrive tomorrow. I placed my order on March 20th. My Ocean Ready app still shows "In Progress" I would guess yours will be shipped next week.
  5. We were on the Ruby 2 weeks ago and I did see them on the menu.
  6. Thank you very much for starting this detailed review of your cruise. We sail on April 20th so this really builds the anticipation while we wait for our turn!
  7. We're on the Royal April 20, so I would love to know if the offer is the same, and any other Royal advice you might share. Have a wonderful cruise!
  8. We just got off the Ruby last Sunday and the Medallion net was great. The Platinum/Elite offer was ONE device for $49.99 or FOUR devices for $89.99. We gave up our free minutes and took the four device package as that was the cheapest rate for two people. The four devices let us have both our phones, my tablet, and my husband's laptop (needed for business) always connected. Very fast and never dropped the connection. This was a 7 day California Coastal. We noticed the offer on our phones the first morning and it stated it was valid only if purchased the first 24hrs. of the voyage.
  9. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to the initial setup of the password requirements such as the number of characters, upper and lower characters, numbers etc...
  10. Same here. Medallion apps had more password requirements than my sign in with Princess.
  11. "Ocean Now" is the app listed as the concierge service for onboard drink ordering among other things. I downloaded it and while it doesn't work until you're on the ship, it does show a countdown clock for your cruise. Use the same sign in that you use for the Ocean Ready app. "Ocean Compass" is the app for finding your way around the ship and also for locating your shipmates. I've got 27 days till I try it out!
  12. We're just off the Ruby this morning. Our toiletries bag did include lotion, a loofah and an eye mask but no linen spray.
  13. Here's the email I received from Princess, and a shot of the Learn More tab. It seems to say that Platinum and Elite should wait until they are on board to make their internet decisions. I am on the Ruby this Sunday, so I will check it out.
  14. debi2g


    Looks like this is true. I just checked prices in the gifts category and the bar package is now priced at $70.79 per day and soda package is $8.26 per day.
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