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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of maybe booking a Canada-New England cruise with another family on Veendam. I have no doubt the adults will be fine (restaurants, bars, trivia, etc.) but we would have four teenage girls with us (youngest 15 oldest 18). So they can't drink of course nor would they, but will there be enough to keep them entertained? Is there enough time in at least a few of the ports to do decent excursions? I'd hate to think of them bored out of their minds on a cruise - past cruises have been on mega-ships with water slides, ropes courses etc. I actually think they've outgrown that, but will there be other kids their age and things to do? I've never sailed HAL before. Thanks!
  2. I just took the Dawn to Bermuda this past June and, despite all the age-based issues, thought it was fantastic. Excellent shows, food was quite good in most cases, decent amount of time in Bermuda, etc.). I was planning on booking a follow-on cruise for my family next year while on the ship (this past cruise was with girlfriends), but I've actually decided to go with the BA instead. My reason is there is just not enough to do for kids on the Dawn (I have three). In fact, in my opinion, there might not be enough to do for anyone who does not gamble or drink alcohol :D. So while the Dawn would be more than fine for me and my husband, if I'm going to shell out a lot of cash for the whole family, I want the kids to LOVE it, so I can justify the expense (even if at a 35% premium). .
  3. Hi, For anyone who has taken the Dawn to Bermuda over the past few weeks, what time are you able to board the ship if you are in a suite? My friends and I leave on Friday and we are trying to coordinate when to meet (to get on as early as possible, of course!) Thanks! corgidog
  4. Corgidog

    Just returned! Boston to Bermuda

    murphdawg73, glad to hear you enjoyed it!! - I and a group of friends are going on the same cruise June 6. Do you happen to know if there was a Chef's Table option on the cruise and if so was it only one night, and hence hard to get a seat? It's something we really want to do but we're a group of 5. Thanks!
  5. I think you will be fine. I've sailed from Boston to Bermuda 3 times in the past (going again in 3 weeks - June 6!) and one thing that always amazes me is how quickly into the cruise the Boston area weather becomes irrelevant. Hopefully you will sail into nice weather - the forecast for Bermuda Friday and for the next several days looks beautiful!!! http://www.accuweather.com/en/bm/hamilton/2595/may-weather/2595 Have a great trip!
  6. Corgidog

    Big Ships or Little (Smaller) Ships?

    I went on the RCCL Allure and while I'm not going to sit here and complain about it (it was a cruise after all :)), compared to the smaller ships, I sometimes felt like I was at the mall. For me, there was too much inside space, and not enough access to the ocean. That said, my kids loved it because there was so much to do, but even they get what I mean about this. .
  7. Bummer about the poor-to-mediocre foods reviews!!!! We're on the Dawn June 6th to Bermuda and I was planning on the food being great (because we were going to splurge on specialty restaurants 4 - 5 nights). We'll see I guess - can't wait to cruise anyway; it's not ALL about the food :) .
  8. Corgidog

    Purchasing On Board Credit

    To each his own, but I wouldn't purchase OBC's. My method is to cordon off what I know I will spend (and then some) in a savings account, and not touch it until the cruise is over and the credit card bill shows up. I did purchase the UDP in advance for myself and 4 friends for an upcoming cruise, then decided this past weekend to cancel it so we will have more flexibility for the evenings. After 1/2 hour on the phone with a rep I highly doubt that she processed the refund correctly (she said as much herself while on the phone). So I will have to keep an eye out for it - it can be a risk (and a hassle).
  9. Corgidog

    NHL Playoffs

    Go bruins!!!!!!!!!
  10. Corgidog

    Does Dawn to Bermuda have a Chef's Table?

    Thanks for the responses, everyone. We did a Chef's Table on another cruise line and it was absolutely the highlight of the trip for me, so I am going to look into it again despite already purchasing the UDP.
  11. Hi, I know that somewhere I saw it written that NCL has Chef's Table nights fleetwide (except for certain ships). The Dawn was not listed as one of those exceptions, but when I look on the NCL website on the Dawn page there is no mention of it. In the meantime, my friends and I bought the UDP for an upcoming cruise, and if there is in fact a Chef's Table option I want to see if we can work something out and do that one night instead of a specialty restaurant (even if for an upcharge). Does anyone know? Thanks! Corgidog
  12. Corgidog

    When in Bermuda, don't miss....

    I agree on lunch at the Swizzle Inn. Fun place, cool t-shirts and sweatshirts, etc. and the food is quite good. It's within walking distance of the caves so if you take the bus to one you can walk to the other.
  13. Corgidog

    Dawn 12000/12500 vs 12002/12502

    GeezerCouple, when are you cruising? I want to book 12500 for a future cruise and I'm wondering how far in advance I need to book it so it doesn't get scooped up. Thanks! Corgidog
  14. Corgidog

    NCL Dining Packages

    We paid only $119 per person for a June 2014 cruise on the Dawn. Was yours really $199? I agree the "deal" aspect of it, even at the lower price, is not that great, especially if you know that sometimes you won't want to go to a specialty restaurant. In that case just book them when you want, at the regular price.
  15. Corgidog

    are blenders allowed?

    Out of sheer curiosity (I mean that sincerely), why would you need a blender?