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  1. July 2018 Sailing from Venice italy 3 bed Garden Villa Star 6 people Total for 6 people $35,746.00 w/tax and port charges DSC was not included "don't have records for this charge" Included for 2 people UBP, UDP for 5 meals each, 250 minutes wifi $50.00 Excursion credit per day for 2 people This was a 7 day cruise Feb 2019 Sailing from Miami Florida 3 bed Garden Villa Jade 7 people Total for 7 people $15,584.00 w/tax and port charges DSC was not included "don't have records for this charge Included for 2 people UBP, UDP for 3 meals each, 250 minutes wifi $50.00 Excursion credit per day for 2 people This was a 5 day cruise
  2. We just book a cabin with 2 separate rooms, if that is not an option I bring our white sound generator and it helps.
  3. The earliest I got my luggage was before the muster drill "4:00 o'clock". The latest was after I came from dinner "9:00 o'clock"
  4. Both of you will always be welcome to join us anytime. I enjoy reading your review.
  5. Hi Kyle It was great to meet both You and James, I really enjoyed talking with you both. I wish we could have spent some more time together. I hope we didn't disturb you Guy's too much. Sorry to hear about the issues, we also had problems with the one elevator on the far left and a small issue with one of the Haven staff, I think that the Haven Staff person was just unsure of some of the rules of the Haven, as she told me that I could not be in the Haven area and that it was for Haven Guests only as I grabbed the wrong key and not the one to my cabin. She tried to embarrass me but that didn't work. I think she just needed a little more training on her customer service ability, but I took it as she was just trying to do her job.
  6. Hi Kyle I got chastised when I went to the Haven one time when I went to the Haven and took an access key to my cabin instead of my cabin key by mistake. I asked him call to verify that I was allowed in there and did get an apology and an explanation why they did not allow non Haven passengers into the Haven, I did let them know that they required additional training on how to confront people as they did lack the tack of resolving that issue respectfully. I hope it helps passengers in the future with this issue. Adam
  7. To pay for half just remove one of you and leave the other person paying full.
  8. Just got off of the Jade and there is no more smoking on Deck 12 the pool deck anywhere, and no more smoking at the Pit Stop on deck 13. The Pit stop smoking area was moved to a little spot under the stairs that go to the 14th deck. Its on the Starboard side of deck 13 more forward of the pit stop bar.
  9. If possible have your Mother try to get her birth certificate with the way it is spelled on her certificate. If she has a Apostle marriage certificate with the spelling of her birth certificate she should be able to provide both of those documents to apply for her passport as long as she had the name changed when your parent got married. You will then have to modify her name on the quest registration of the cruise to match that name. I had a similar situation with my Wife when she had applied for her passport years ago. She was from a different country and after 911 the rule on spelling seemed to be a bigger issue when re applying for her native country passport, since then my Wife applied and became a Naturalized citizen. This was not a short process as we were dealing with the country were she was born and we had to fill many different forms to get this all corrected. Using a Lawyer may help, but I researched what I needed to do and did it all by myself. Correcting my Wife's documentation did not take very long as I paid to expedite the process, waiting for the passport from Her country took some time though. Once the paper work was all in order it took less time for her to become a citizen and get an American passport then it did getting the passport from her country. A Lawyer may get the issue resolved quicker then what I did, but the time it took me from start to finish was a little over 90 days to get her citizenship and her countries passport arrived about 2 months later.
  10. Half the clothes and twice the money
  11. Here is a spread sheet to an unofficial NCL Smoking area: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IwhHuxFGVf8GRxIe1V30Bj0elmkPLRuQUxOpmI8LiFE/edit?usp=sharing This was created by another CC Member
  12. No free Cagney dinner on the Star in the GV this past July 2018 from the Concierge. The last free dinner we got when in the GV was on the Jewel in 2016.
  13. I was on the Star out of Venice this past July "2018" and would also vote for port side "left" you get a great view of Venice as you leave. When you return to Venice it is early in the morning. The way I remember the difference between Port and Starboard, is the the word LEFT and PORT have 4 characters.
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