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  1. Little known fact - if you take a cruise on Princess and you leave out of a US Port and intend to hit a few other ports in the US, and if your plane is delayed, even if you book it through Princess in advance as well as transfer to the ship - there is a maratime law on the books from 1886 that prevents them from boarding you on a different port. So your cruise is TOAST. We booked the Sept 29 cruise out of Seattle along the Oregon and California coast then back up to Victoria BC and back to Seattle. Mechanical problems on Delta caused us to arrive at the luggage claim at 3:35pm. Boat was set to sail at 4pm. I'd been on the phone with them all day, but it didn't matter. They had me call again only to tell me that I should file insurance and there was absolutely nothing they could do to help us. Our cruise was over. Thank God we have insurance. Sure didn't feel like Princess had any customer service at all. They didn't even seem sympathetic. I can find it in the paperwork or fine print - its a corner case most of the time for them - but if you fit the criteria, fly in the day before. Shari who is sitting at home not on her cruise with her husband...
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