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  1. I just booked the May 2022 trip. It has been on my wish list for years. Of course now EVERY Silversea cruise is on my wish list!
  2. Although I am finding very little amusing these days .....that is really funny!!
  3. I am crossing my fingers that my booked 2021 Ft Lauderdale to Barbados will sail. Today I cancelled the Mumbai to Singapore holiday cruise and booked this other cruise. Like so many others, I am close to desperate to get back to sea. I don’t think anyone knows when things will get close to normal..probably EVER AGAIN. Sadly I am, statistically, close to the end of my travels. My only hope is that vaccinations will control this pandemic. GET VACCINATED, AND SS GET THE CREWS VACCINATED. I have zero patience with everyone who refuses to get vaccinated. These people are putti
  4. Steve and Janet Randall deserve our thanks for helping all of us loyal, loving Silversea sailers express our gratitude. I have sailed with the Randall’s for about 20 years and they are the best example of why my late husband and I so enjoyed making new friends on Silversea. They are kind, generous, engaged people...plus smart and lots of fun. I hope ALL my SS friends, including those I haven’t yet met, will join in and let the crew know how much we care about them.
  5. I found Cruiseej’s link to the Celebrity site to be extremely interesting...both hopeful and distressing. I doubt if many, or any SS sailors would want to go on a huge all German Ship, or have to follow all the strictest Covid-19 protective protocols. But they are certainly trying to sail safely, and they deserve a lot of credit. This thread contains a great deal of information....most.very specific with a lot of photographs. Take a look at the ship...the decor looks strange and disorganized...both over decorated and just plain weird....to me, and I’m aware that we all have different
  6. This is an itinerary on my bucket list. I am most interested in the crossing as I have spent quite a bit of time in Japan. I got a kick out of Rosepark’s warning about the pesky deer in Nara. When we were there there were so many families giving them “deer cookies” that none of them bothered us. Btw they are very small..a special miniature type and cute enough. for us the thrill of visiting Nara was to tour the huge unbelievably beautiful all wood temple. It is set in a very large courtyard enclosure which is adjacent to the deer park. We found it very amusing that the deer were more of an
  7. The crew is why I am SO loyal to Silversea. For over 20 years I have been amazed by and grateful to the very special people who work SO hard with grace and kindness. The crew IS Silversea. “You are simply the best”!
  8. Reading about this incredible series of mishaps has totally cured me of feeling sorry for myself for having to cancel the Transatlantic Cruise on The Shadow..Ft Lauderdale to Lisbon and on to Barcelona. The thought of being held captive in the Mumbai airport is horrifying. Unibok, you must be the bravest, most stoic, calmest person in the world. I salute you..big time.
  9. After an agonizing reality check, I decided that I meet all the criteria for high risk. I have just cancelled the Shadow Transatlantic crossing and on to Barcelona on March 27th. Devastated. But grateful to SS (and RCL) for the generous way this sad situation is being handled. I felt completely comfortable with being on the ship, but too nervous about the possibility of being stuck in Europe and being quarantined. I was traveling with four treasured friends and, individually, we each decided to cancel.
  10. This is another frequently brought up subject so I feel I must join in with a very different experience with sailing a segment of a World Cruise. When we booked Cape Town to Ft Lauderdale it never occurred to us that World Cruisers wouldn’t be welcoming. This was the last segment so the sailors had been together for months. From the first minute after embarkation, we were treated like celebrities. People made a point of coming up, chatting, asking us to join Trivia, telling us about the lecturers and we had a few invitations for drinks and dinners. As long time SS sailors we thought all this a
  11. Think this must be one of those eternal questions for which no one really has an answer. I tip only the butler..if he or she is helpful and discrete and the steward because he or she cleans the bathroom. I hand them envelopes on the morning I disembark and say Thank You. BUT...what I also do, is donate to The Crew Fund. I believe they must post a notice in the crew quarters, as over the years, individual crew members have quietly thanked me. I’ve been told that the amount donated is not posted..which I think is proper. Also something to note is that writing
  12. I was in the Royal Suite solo on a TA. The suite is lovely, but it’s not wonderful in rough weather. As it’s high and in the bow, and our weather was very rough in the North Atlantic, I really missed out on the glamor. Don’t know about sun on the big forward facing balcony. At high noon, it should be sunny. As for perks...I had a lovely cocktail party arranged by my wonderful butler, Philip...then it got rough, so No more fancy parties. While it is true that any passengers can arrange for private parties in even the smallest suite, Philip went all out. He’d been working at sea on much bigger
  13. Don’t even think of missing Angkor Wat. We went on a SS overnight..actually two nights pre cruise. We stayed at The Grande Angkor, a beautiful, historic hotel run by Raffles group. The temple complex will forever be etched in my mind. Totally worth a splurge. I have visited Saigon 4 times. The last time I was there, 2 and a half years ago, we went to the enormous market and it was so crowded, noisy, and the sellers were so aggressive that I had what was close to a panic attack. Pity, as previously it had been a fun experience. Of course go, but be prepared. The part of town where
  14. Thank you for such an interesting sail along. I love all the details you put in your posts including your personal opinions. I want to know about the handling of the zodiacs as well as first hand impressions of the ports. I want to know the minutiae of each particular itinerary. I now know for sure that an Expedition Cruise, even a supposedly “Soft” one is not for me. Thanks!
  15. I have a vague memory of this type of trip of “Any Reason” cancellation policy immediately after the tragedy of 9/11.
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