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  1. I Recently disembarked the Shadow after a 12 night cruise..Venice to Rome. On informal nights men without jackets were discretely given a loaner jacket to wear. All but one man pleasantly complied. The odd man out was a defiant teenage 70 year old,. He grabbed the jacket and, in a showy huff, went to a table, immediately took it off and hung it on the back of his chair. Charming. So there is a dress code which is a publicized part of the Silversea experience.... What on earth is the big deal??
  2. Lost luggage upon arrival in rainy Venice. Not feeling very well, but not really sick. Broken pipe in middle of first night. Beds got soaked, help arrived within minutes, and we got moved to another fully ready cabin. Now the bright side: the usual warm happy SS atmosphere. Greeted with hugs by familiar, lovely crew. My three beautiful adult daughters are having a fabulous time. The food is wonderful, all the wines are good..some are outstanding. While I still love the very Italian furnishings, and feel, it really is time to give this ship an extensive make over. I just hope they will choose to cheer up the stark greys and browns now on the newest ships with at least some color. We are now in Kotor tied up to the pier about 100 steps to an entrance at the massive city walls. There are two mega ships at anchor..a Princess and a Holland America. I’ve been here before so I’ve decided to watch the scene from above the fray. An acquaintance just returned to the ship and said the little city was jammed with folks pushing and shoving. No thanks! Perfect sunny, slightly breezy weather for lunching and relaxing outside. and...for those who know how much of a Trivia enthusiast I am...Two firsts and one second.
  3. Almost packed for this cruise. Venice to Rome...terrific itinerary! Anyone know who is the Captain, the Hotel Director, and the Cruise Director?
  4. Thank you posters for a terrific thread. I so enjoyed all the commentary and photos. I’ll be on the Whisper, Reykjavik to Greenwich, next July, and I’ll reread this before I go. I sure hope I have better weather!
  5. Oh, Mrs Waldo! I just checked and saw your comments on traveling with children..specifically mentioning my little girls. They were 9 and 12 Our cruise, on the Cloud was a Christmas/New Years holiday cruise. Cape Town Round Trip. Thank you so very much for your lovely report on the girls’ behavior. They loved the ship, the excursions and the warm reception they received from both the passengers and the crew. We ALL had a wonderful time ...especially with you and your a bit older kids. That all said, several of my other beloved 7 grandchildren, regardless of age, would not have been compatible with SS. The boys would all have been bored to death! For them we chose a Celebrity Cruise to Alaska. Because they were busy playing basketball, and swimming, and eating non stop, we ALL had a great time. We required coats and ties for the 4 boys, and party dresses for the three girls every night in the dining room . Amazing how getting dressed up lifts the mood and manners. At the time the ages ran from 5 to 15. Back to Silversea. Don’t take young, active children...there is really nothing for them to do. The very few young children I have encountered on board have been mostly very well behaved but always seemed sort of sad and bored. I’m shocked by some of the stories of very disruptive little children. It seems to me very disrespectful of parents to not have constant, loving control of their off spring. And unfair to fellow passengers, the crew, and the kids themselves.
  6. You will love it..unless an ankle biter gets bored.. seriously..you will love experiencing Alaska..it is so beautiful. I have cruised there 3x and would go again in a minute. Now looking at a TA Vancouver to Tokyo in 2020. Btw: when we took our children and grandchildren, we went on Celebrity..lots do do for ALL kids’ ages...5 to 15. It was a wonderful choice. My late husband, and I would never choose any line but SS for ourselves and our adult “ Children”, but little,and even teenage kids need activities designed for them. Celebrity was terrific. Because there were 16 of us, we booked private tours thru our TA. Less $$ and it all worked out beautifully. .
  7. I’ve addressed this subject several times, and no matter how reassuring parents try to be, I have to stick to my original position. Silversea ships are NOT suitable for children. They may the best behaved, most charming kids in the whole wide world, but they will be bored. RCLC; this is a big mistake!
  8. I wonder if other cruise lines handle the dry docking procedures this way? And do they have major renovations going on with passengers on board? Anyone know what other luxury lines do either pre Dry Dock? And see below: 5 or 6 years ago we were subjected to the crashing, banging, building of the (useless) boutiques. Work would start early in the morning and go on until midnight. Our cabin was the closest to the chaos so got the full brunt of the noice and dust.. We were sailing on a b2b and our daughter’s joined us on the second segment fortunately in a cabin more removed. I remember feeling incredulous and furious that SS would do a major remodel while passengers were paying full fair and expecting a special, relaxing, possibly romantic cruise. I may gather some opinions and answers for myself in September/ October on The Shadow...Venice to Rome. It’s a big discussion and I hope lots of folks will weigh in with their experiences and expectations. As much as I love SS, and as loyal as I am, I do believe that this in an area which needs major improvement.
  9. In the second to last picture, the handsome fellow on the left is a wonderful old friend of mine. Hi, Oliver! Cheers, DWLaG
  10. Thanks for the tour company tip. I’ll be in Iceland a year from now....on The Whisper and will definitely look up Hidden Iceland and will ask for Ryan. Have a wonderful adventure. I’ll be closely following this thread. Love to you and B!
  11. I am THRILLED with this news! Vicki is so much fun. Let’s all hope she gets to perform again.
  12. Golgal, I guess I’ve been very lucky. Sorry you’ve had difficulties.
  13. I’ve had no problems booking SS flights...Maybe because I have always used my trusted Travel Agent to make all the arrangements.
  14. I’ve surprised myself by getting quite emotional over watching The Wind sail away. She was my first SS ship, and I disembarked her, probably for the last time, about a month ago. It’s very doubtful that I will be an Expedition sailor. If I never sail with her again, I’m very glad that my last cruise with her was to Tower Bridge. You really never do forget your first love. Thanks, Les
  15. Oh, for goodness sake! Ladies bring a simple dark dress and various jackets/scarfs...or if you’d like....long fancy dresses. Men bring a dark blue blazer and nice trousers...tux if you feel like it.. And common sense. This is not rocket science. Dr. Pashmina prescribes a Chill Pill.
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