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  1. I'll also be sailing on Prinsendam's final voyage...can't wait. I was on her Transatlantic from Lisbon to FLL last fall, and also joined her six day quickie to the Caribbean in December. I'm a photographer and author and will be documenting the journey through my blog and gallery. JDS
  2. OH MY: Remember when airport boarding with PRE was special? Now, some of the PRE lines are longer than the regular line. So here we go with upcharges and fees that at the end of the day eliminate any deal we thought we may have secured. Add an upsell for a better cabin, now ORANGE, big bucks for a spot at the RETREAT, daily gratuities going up.. Best to just get a suite and savor the journey with those perks to begin with. I'm not quite sure I'll ever make 500 days with HAL since I sail on other lines and don't happen to have 50 days a year to cruise (although this year I did manage to spend 60+ days cruising.) Just my thoughts. I have no problem doing some wash at the launderette and frankly, any day at sea is better than PERIOD.
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