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  1. Nanatravel

    Diamond question

    Great to know. Thanks for confirming.
  2. Thank you so much for your live review and posting such amazing photos. I'll be joining you on the 50th Anniversary cruise in November. But will get to try Oasis class in February. Can't wait. Thanks again.
  3. Nanatravel

    Sales for drink package ?

    Just found out the coffee at Cafe Promenade is Seattle's Best which is a subsidiary of Starbucks.
  4. OK - never heard that Pineapple story. Guess we won't try to buy hubby a new shirt with pineapples! Love Emerald Beach. Did you find facilities available? Thanks again for your great review and pictures.
  5. Oh great to know the DL will offer a Lemon Drop or Cosmo. I'll be with you Sal on our trip. Looking forward to learning a lot from you on board. Mr. FunintheSun, you have helped me tremendously with all your pictures and review.
  6. Nice casual shirt. Love the Martini glasses. So subtle. What flavor Martini was that in the Diamond lounge. I'll be first time Diamond on our next cruise on the Oasis. Thanks for sharing and your great pictures.
  7. 451 viewers just watched the Oasis leave Port Canaveral for one more week on fun in the sun. Bon Voyage
  8. Nanatravel

    FLL Park and Go and hotels

    Honestly, you would have to call the Hyatt Place at 10th directly to get the Stay & Park rate. I'm sure it is more than just your cheapest overnight rate; make sure to find out how many nights of parking it would include. Then calculate the cheapest hotel rate you are satisfied with and add the Park n Go rate to compare. Also, you can't put a price on Safety. Park n Go is a secured fenced in lot open/staffed 24 hours. At Hyatt you are just in a parking spot which is not secured. Your choice.
  9. Nanatravel

    FLL Park and Go and hotels

    We use Park n Go all the time on Eller Drive at Ft. Lauderdale/Port Everglades. I've never paid more than $8 per night. I believe I pre-paid last time to get this rate. I've used the Hyatt Place on 10th (off 17th) which offered a parking package. Just had to pay $7 for the return shuttle to hotel per person. I know there are other hotels, but I like the convenience of 17th to the port and restaurants, etc.
  10. Nanatravel

    Rum Point Tour

    I'd vote for Nativeway. Smaller Group, they pre-order your lunch so it is waiting for you when you get to Rum Point and you will probably spend less for a better day tour.
  11. Just started to read this thread. Don't mean to hack it, but I can highly recommend the Boutique Hotel Campo de Fiori. It is a small hotel with lovely rooms and includes breakfast. Do book in advance as they sell out quickly. Their apartments aren't quite the same. If in need of transfers and tours in Rome or Florence, I highly recommend RomeInLimo.
  12. Nanatravel

    Oasis eastern menus

    I was just reading this Allure review and he has posted photos of the nightly menu's. It was an Eastern itinerary. Hope this may give you an idea of when to choose your specialty dining. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2682779
  13. Nanatravel

    Crown & Anchor "Coupons"

    Thanks Host Bob for posting and John for compiling those copies of the Perks for all of us to see. It also helps to know in advance when one is considering buying a "package" or not. Something like the laundry discount may help too:D, as we will be traveling beyond our one week cruise on land after our trip.
  14. Rome in LImo; direct hotel to port service. Plus if needed, tour service in Rome and Florence. I would never pay in advance unless just a deposit was required.
  15. Nanatravel

    Question about Oasis of the Sea

    Thanks. We had a similar concern. Sent from my A576CC using Forums mobile app