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  1. Yes it is the Celebrity Summits normal turn around day. So after we disembark Anthem will be leaving the pier. Once Summit leaves Anthem will return and begin embarkation sometime between 3-4pm
  2. The captain just informed us we will arrive in Cape Liberty early morning Sunday. The May 18th cruise will be shortened by a day and they will also be delayed in embarking until sometime Sunday afternoon.
  3. All we have been told is the Captain is in contact with multiple land based staff. We left Nassau around 3am and if the map on the TV is accurate we are currently near Port Canaveral. So my very rough estimate is we have about 800 nautical miles to reach Bayonne. We are doing 22KN so that would put us in Bayonne sometime in the late evening Saturday.
  4. Status update for anyone sailing on Anthem of the Seas departing Saturday May 18th. I am on the current sailing and we were just informed by the captain we are headed to Nassau due to a medical emergency. Our planned arrival time in Nassau is 1AM. The captain also advised this will impact our arrival back in Bayonne NJ, but at this time he is not able to tell us how late our arrival will be. He said he will update us later today or early tomorrow.
  5. First, congratulations. My wife and I did an Alaskan Cruise last year and it is was simply amazing. My wife who likes to sleep in on vacation woke me up one morning at 4am telling me I was missing everything. Lol. As others have suggested my go to is the web site Trip Advisor. I use it to find the best rated tours at each port of call and it has never steered me wrong.
  6. Have read about several Anthem Genies, but haven’t seen any feedback in regards to Shane Palmer. Has anyone had Shane before?
  7. Dan and Jeri here. Looking forward to meeting you neighbor Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Congrats - Maybe we are neighbors - My wife and I are in RS 1239 on the same cruise!!
  9. While I understand the poster and I am sure others on the cruise were looking forward to taking the scenic route, there were also several thousand persons who have been planning their shore excursions at the next port of call and looking forward to the excursion they paid for on their "trip of a lifetime" as well. So I am assuming the poster does not care about the wants of these fellow passengers. I am guessing she also doesn't care about the livelihoods of the local tour operators who have a few weeks out of the year to make their living from providing the shore excursions or the port fees and taxes the local economy depend on and wouldn't receive if the ship skipped that port in order to stay on schedule. Lastly, believe it or not Celebrity Cruises is a for profit business and they exist solely to provide a return to their shareholders on their investment in RCI. So once the passenger safety issue was addressed the decisions being made on how best to stay on schedule, upset the least amount of customers and keep expenses as low as possible are made taking into account on how to earn a profit on the cruise.
  10. I give another vote to Thenford Grey. One of the best tours we ever took, worth every penny. Also, Mr. Grey is one of the nicest people I have met in all our travels.
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