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  1. This may be a stupid question, but if you pay for the spa pass, is it good for every day of your cruise? So $199 and I could use it as much as I wanted on all 7 days of my cruise?
  2. We will be travelling with 3 adults and 2 children. Can we book Posh lounge with kids? What all is included in the thermal spa pass?
  3. We are sailing the Epic soon and I also am anxious regarding the bad reviews, plus with it being Spring Break I'm worried everything, especially the pools, will be super crowded. Following!
  4. Thanks so much for the replies, very helpful!
  5. Thank you all so much, I don't know what made me think I could do it online! Does anyone know if they have those awful pillows that pretty much disintegrate under your head? Can I request firm/foam pillows?
  6. I could have sworn there was somewhere on ncl.com that I could request that the beds be pushed together as a queen rather than as two twins. I have done online check in, checked everywhere and cannot find where that is/was/could be done. Someone help me out.
  7. Glad I stumbled upon this thread, I had no idea there may not be a straw offered with frozen drinks. I totally understand why, but it never crossed my mind that they would not be available. Guess I'll add that to my packing list!
  8. We will be sailing Epic in a couple of weeks and our stops are GSC, Tortola, and St. Thomas. We will probably be spending a lot of time on the beaches and I was wanting to take some beach toys for the kids. DH is not too keen on having more stuff to carry onboard with us, which I agree to an extent, but it would be nice for the kids to have some beach toys to play with. Can anyone recommend a bag or something to easily carry these around without carrying all the sand along with them? Also, are floats available at GSC? How much are they to rent? If we bring our own, is there a pump or anything available to inflate them? Thanks!
  9. Thank you! Great info! Did you try Wasabi at all?
  10. Just wondering what everyone's favorite food or drink item was on the Epic that was not at a specialty restaurant?
  11. Thanks, I'll give them a call!
  12. A few questions about Teppanyaki: 1. We aren't able to make reservations through the NCL website, do we just have to do when we board? 2. Is the price the same for adults and children? 3. Do they serve miso soup? (my daughter is obsessed) 4. Do the hibachi cooks entertain pretty well? We've been to hibachi places where they were great, and places where they really didn't do anything. I'd like some entertainment if I'm paying extra. I'd really like a good show for my kids since it will be something new for them. 🙂 5. Are there vegetarian options? 6. Any other info/advice? As for Wasabi: 1. How was the sushi? Were there a lot of options? Anyone have the menu? 2. What were prices like?
  13. I am sailing 3/30/19 and completed all of my check in info, when I try to view my eDocs to print I get a message that says "Your reservation is not yet ready to print". Our last cruise was with Carnival and once our online check in was complete we were able to print our eDocs and luggage tags. I haven't sailed with NCL in almost 10 years so I'm a bit confused. When will I be able to print my luggage tags and such? The little blurb that comes up when I touch the "?" says that I can print when check in is complete, booking is paid in full, air arrangements finalized(which we have none), and within 60 days of sailing....all of this is done, so I am not sure what to do.
  14. So is the Epic on schedule to leave today? All repairs done?
  15. Thank you so much for all the info!
  16. We will be sailing on the Epic in March and had a few general NCL as well as Epic specific questions: 1. What kinds of things, other than specialty dining, require reservations? Especially any kind of reservations I should book as soon as boarding. I read on another thread about signing up for tender at GSC as soon as we board? 2. What kid friendly shows and activities are on board? How is bowling? Is there an escape room activity, any info on that? 3. We have the promo for Ultimate Drink Package, what does that include? Does it include soda, since sodas are used for mixers? What specific bourbons and scotch are included? Frozen drinks? 4. We also have a 100 minute internet package included...how does that work? Does the 100 minutes start as soon as I connect and keep going, or just the actual time I am online? Should I be turning off wifi when not using it so my minutes don't get used up? 5. Water and soda are no longer allowed to be checked or carried on? So no more cases of water/soda allowed? Anyone know why? We sailed NCL years ago and it was allowed, and we sailed Carnival last year and it was allowed, is this a new NCL policy?
  17. Thanks so much for all the great info! We sail end of March and super excited. A few of quick questions: Are any of the shows kid friendly? Is the Pricilla show adult only? Did you do bowling(sorry if you mentioned it, I may have missed it) Did I read correctly that you have to sign up for a tender to GSC? We sailed on NCL about 10 years ago and don't recall having to sign up. Thanks again!
  18. We cruise on the Epic end of March, I'm sure it will be fixed by then, but I thought I read somewhere that the Epic has had issues before...should I be concerned?
  19. pehlibaar

    First visit

    Thanks so much for the info! I really appreciate it!
  20. Thank you all for the info! Really starting to look forward to this now! I've never been snorkeling, I can't swim, but after these comments, I just may try it! Can I book a snorkeling excursion at the beach or do I need to do it with the cruise line?
  21. pehlibaar

    First visit

    My husband and I will be travelling with my mom and our two kids (aged 6 and 9). This will be our first visit to Tortola and from what I understand the beaches are the main attraction. What would be a good beach for families that would also have maybe some local restaurants or even shops nearby? Kids would enjoy the beach, my mom would like to see any shopping. Are there tours that are recommended or anything particular on the island that is worth seeing? Would appreciate any info, thanks so much!
  22. This will be our first time in St. Thomas. 3 adults and 2 kids (6 and 9). I know absolutely nothing about this island, want info on what to do/see. Are the beaches the main attraction? Any sightseeing tours worth doing? Any and all info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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