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  1. Correction: May cruises would be 27 & 28. That’s still lots of $ paid to Oceania. Most cruise lines would appreciate loyal customers. mircha
  2. I was not assuming anything. Although “home” may be the wrong word, the ATW is just that — it departs the US, goes around the world, and ends up in the US (to me, home). For this reason and because Oceania is loathe to part with a penny, I very much doubt that the May Insignia Cruises will be cancelled. Instead, creative rerouting will likely occur — problem is an itinerary that emphasizes West/South Pacific ports in no way resembles the Asian itinerary. Further, what are folks not using Oceania supposed to do for air transportation? Buy a ticket to Singapore and another to Tahiti? As Desert Boomer points out, with Oceania’s version of Game Theory in effect, the customer loses. As for our plans, read IRR’s post. That cruiser nailed it. BTW, we are up to cruise 28 or 29 with Oceania. They could care less. mircha
  3. If you look at the date of the article, you will see, I believe, that South Korea imposed the travel ban on February 10th. Meanwhile stops in Jeju Island and Busan still appeared on the itinerary which our TA forwarded from Oceania on February 11. Meanwhile, I was very upset to hear about the passenger testing positive in Cambodia. That country is a fascinating country to visit and is to be commended for trying to help the Westerdam, but their medical facilities are woefully inadequate. I note also that Oceania’s 2020 ATW Cruise is stopping in Myanmar — another fascinating country, but yet another country lacking in medical facilities (& one that shares a Swiss cheese border with China). Indeed, I suspect that even if a substantial segment of the population in Myanmar & Cambodia were infected with Coronavirus, they would not seek health care, but just believe they had a bad cold. No good developments so far ... and, yes, I think the “new” Oceania (Norwegian) MAY be the ship that sails where everyone else fears to go. In fairness to Oceania, Insignia has over 300 passengers on the ATW. They must get those passengers home ... through Asia, a creative itinerary from CapeTown, or flights. As Asian ports become less available and the number of virus cases increase, Insignia’s options are getting worse. Yet, amazingly, their Customer Relations Department appears oblivious. Michelle (mircha)
  4. Thanks to irr, corpkid, and shawnino for their informative posts. I apologize if my earlier posts implied anger. I am not angry (well, maybe a little at Norwegian for their treatment of passengers on the Jade). I am, however, extremely disappointed in, and frustrated with, Oceania — a Line we have sailed (almost exclusively with) for the past 10 years. In light of current developments in the Coronavirus, the presently planned 43 day cruise on Insignia seems recklessly irresponsible ... but perhaps Oceania has not yet had time to respond to those developments. A prompt response is sorely needed as customers stand to lose many thousands of dollars or risk infection. And, of course, Oceania risks losing many future cruise dollars. michelle (mircha)
  5. Sorry, I was really paraphrasing from the Sun Sentinel’s article: “The Miami-based cruise line’sintransigence regarding the Jade voyages sparked outrage among travelers booked on the cruises.“ The passengers were already incensed that the original (Hong Kong) port of embarkation had been changed to Singapore, The article proceeded to state: “Norwegian reportedly stood firm against offering full compensation. That left customers with two unsavory choices: They could take the cruise and risk exposure to the virus, or choose not to go and lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars they’d already given Norwegian.... The cruise line offered a 10 percent refund plus a 25 percent credit toward a future cruise, but that ‘pitiful offer’ was [according to the quoted booked passenger] no better than treating a heart attack with a Band-Aid’.” If interested, the full article can be found at https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-coronavirus-spawns-dilemma-for-planned-asia-cruisers-20200213-oh4medemiva2hjsn74homcr4vq-story.html?outputType=amp Hope the link works. Frankly, it is somewhat obscene that Norwegian waited until February 13 to offer full refunds and credits for a voyage scheduled to depart on February 17. Clearly, your situation on Nautica is different - your embarkation port was not changed and you have traveled to relatively virus free ports. I hope you safely disembark in Singapore as scheduled ... but you might want to have a respirator mask and surgical gloves handy. michelle (mircha)
  6. I did not state that the Jade was cancelled due to Singapore - just that it was cancelled and Norwegian finally relented in its intransigence and issued full refunds. I also mentioned that more cases had arisen in Singapore and that an expert predicted that Singapore was only beginning to feel the impacts of Coronavirus (an opinion echoed an hour ago by one of the Ministers of Transportation in Singapore). michelle (mircha)
  7. A few hours ago, Norwegian (owner of Oceania) decided to give 100% refunds (cash or credit) to all customers booked on Feb 17? Sailing of the Norwegian Jade. Previously they were only offering the 10% refund and 25% FCC. Of course, Norwegian was silent as to why it was so tardy in offering the full refund ... and made no comment on March (or later) sailings. Also, yesterday the following was posted on Reuters.com: Dale Fisher, chair of the Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network that is coordinated by the World Health Organization, told Reuters in an interview that the virus “has spread to other places where it's the beginning of the outbreak. ‘In Singapore, we are at the beginning of the outbreak.’ .... Singapore has reported 50 coronavirus cases, one of the highest tallies outside China, including mounting evidence of local transmission.” Given this report and the increase in number of cases in Singapore, Oceania and its parent company are literally abusing its customers in expecting them to embark or disembark in Singapore. It’s almost as though the companies are hoping that people will cancel for peanuts, so they will have to make fewer refunds when push comes to shove. Michelle (mircha)
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