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  1. I just noticed that the price on our March sailing on the Encore dropped $550 total from what we paid! I'm pretty upset. I'm not sure if it's due to the Coronavirus or the really bad reviews the Encore has been getting since she launched in Nov.
  2. Most cruises I've been on, there is a long time to disembark and the cruise-ship sponsored excursions get to get off first. Is that the can with the Encore. Has anyone had to wait in long lines to get off of the ship?
  3. What is the earliest passengers can disembark on the St. Thomas? My stepdaughter is getting married on St. John that day and wants to head over to STJ as early as possible. Thank you!
  4. My stepdaughter will be getting married on St. John during our stop on NCL Encore in St. Thomas. She wants to get off of the ship as early as possible to get over to STJ for hair and make-up before the rest of the guests head over. What is the absolute earliest a person can get off of the ship in the morning in STT if they are not on a NCL excursion? Thank you!
  5. Hey everyone, you all were incredibly helpful with my last question, so we have another one - again, my stepdaughter will be getting married in March on the St. Thomas port day. For those who got off the ship in St Thomas, how was the process (how long did it take)? Also, we will need a spot on the ship for about 30 people to meet before getting off - any suggestions for an easily identifiable spot OR areas that are next to the gangways?
  6. Hey! Loving your reports! Thank you! Our daughter will be getting married on the Encore in March. We are looking for pictures of the daily flyers they leave in your cabin each evening for the next day's activities. Would you mind posting pictures of those so we can help coordinate our family activities? Thank you!
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