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  1. Thank you. I promised I searched but I have found the search option lacking. I really appreciate your time answering.
  2. The man loves a good piece of barbecue so we will be sure to try it and report back.
  3. At 63 they are as broad as they are going to get. He's a great man with a major love for life, travel and me :). The least I can do is make sure is well fed and happy.
  4. Thank you everyone. In regard to potatoes....it was not in necessarily in the literal sense although he loves a good baked potato, but he is definitely a Texas man who loves meats and veggies. We are not one to ask for special accommodations but will take the advise here and see if he can get some things prepared in a more traditional fashion. Thank you all so much (I personally like trying new things!)
  5. We are sailing next week on Apex and my hubby just caught wind of the menus on the X app for Luminae. Do they offer any meat and potato type alternatives for the manly man carnivores of the world?
  6. Are there any hotels near the cruise port where you can actually see the ships coming in or out? Bonus if it has a sports bar...(haha this my husband's request) Thank you everyone.
  7. Tonight at dinner was the first time it felt crowded to us at all. I think everyone eating at the same time because everyone coming in a bit later than typical with a later in the day departure (8:30PM)
  8. After parenting for 30 years and sending our last of 8 off to college this year, I am happy to report we are kid free. 🤪Our cabin must be a 4 person because there is not a pull down over the sofa. I will say this: this is a great cabin for a family. Plenty of storage, the 1.5 baths, etc, make it ideal. There is an empty mini fridge if you want to bring snacks (let’s face it no matter how much food is on board, we would have gotten a protest that the apple juice ‘wasn’t the same’) Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Our boarding time was 12:00-12:30 and we arrived at 11:20. We were placed in the 12:00-12:30 que, had our documents checked, CDC card, passport, test results. This was the only time we were asked for our test results. We entered the terminal within 20 minutes, went through security and were on board about 11:50. We checked into our muster station, had lunch and rooms were ready at 1:00PM. We did not try to access the ships WiFi prior to boarding so I don’t have an answer for that question. We have speciality restaurants and entertainment reserved all week and have had no issues with obtaining those.
  10. I know many have been interested in COVID protocols, etc in recent sailings and we are currently on Ovation of the Seas (Seattle >>>Alaska). I have been extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the ship. Masks are worn while inside except in “vaccinated only” areas (there are very few kids on this sailing…in fact the ship is at 38% occupancy with about 1500 passengers) Masks can be removed in 270, The Royal Theatre level 4, all restaurants while eating, the Casino, Music Hall level 3, Solarium. They have to be worn in the hall ways, moving from venue to venue and when walking around the Windjammer. Other tidbits of interest…the ship seems so empty..I have no idea what everyone is doing but we certainly haven’t seen many people. Tomorrow is our first port day so maybe I will feel differently. The food has been exceptional. We had dinner last night in Coastal Kitchen…amazing. (We are in a JS and didn’t have to knock on the door 🤪) Service has been exemplary across all venues. Windjammer food quality on this ship seems superior to any RCCL ship or sailing pre-Covid. Special shout out to the cinnamon rolls at breakfast this morning. 😬I can confirm that the diamond drink vouchers are loaded on our cards and are good everywhere except the Bionic Bar. You can tell the crew is truly joyful to be sailing again. The JS in this class of ship is a game changer for us with the 1.5 baths. Tip of the day: Make sure you watch your safety briefing video on the app the day before you cruise. It will be available and you won’t have to deal with it on board. You do have to report to your muster station at your leisure when you board but just get it done ASAP and save the crew the headache of tracking you down, because they will track you down. I am happy to answer questions while on board!
  11. Is the headache worth it? For us, 100% yes. As small business owners it has been a pretty stressful 18 months....a simple Covid test....peanuts.
  12. Abbott came out in May and extended all expiration dates from 12 months from the date of production so your test should be just fine for your February cruise.
  13. Thank you everyone. We have every possible streaming service during the season (NFL Game Pass, Sunday Ticket, Fubo, ESPN+, Etc) I have been outnumbered by men/boys the last three decades so I guess it is just par for the course.
  14. Any place to watch live Football on Ovation of the Seas? We are new to this class of ships. We will be sailing next week to Alaska and you can take the girl out of Texad but you can’t take Football out of this Texas girl!
  15. Does anyone know if any college games or NFL games are shown on Ovation? I know, I know, I know we are on vacation yet there are only two seasons in Texas...Football season and depression.... Thanks in Advance!
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