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  1. It is age based by law so for Apprentice - $5.96 (£4.30) Under 18 - $6.41 (£4.62) 18 to 20 - $9.10 (£6.56) 21 to 22 - $11.59 (£8.36) Employers can of course pay more but not less. So if a teenager has a job delivery newspapers, they must be paid at least $6.41 per hour. There are substantial fines should an employer fail to do so.
  2. I was not suggesting you thought we were mean per sey, although I am from a part of England which is renown for not parting with their money. It's almost sport amongst Yorkshire folks about how tight fisted we can be. The problem as I see it is Royal operates globally but seems to struggle with differing customs and practice amongst its international guests and the losers are the dedicated crew who may not always appreciate that tipping means different things to different geographies. On my last ex UK cruise, some crew mentioned others did not want to be deployed on UK sailings because they would not make enough in tips.
  3. It's the National Living Wage. It works in some parts of the country but those areas that are in commuting distance of London, it is impossible because the cost of living is prohibitively high.
  4. In the UK since April 2021, the minimum wage for everyone over 22 years is $12.37 (£8.91) based on today's exchange rate.
  5. With all due respect, I feel you are mischaracterising the Brits. We do tip here but not were we perceived someone is just doing the job they are paid to do and nothing extra. For example, if I buy a coffee in Starbucks would I tip no. I just see that as a single interaction nothing special. If I go to a restaurant and have a meal requiring the server to make repeated trips to serve me over a 90 minute meal, of course we would tip. Also we tip typically about 10%. People in the UK service sector ❤ American tourists because they will receive tips for things which most other nations would not tip for. Just because we do not do things in the same way that Americans do, does not make us mean. As for Royal adding tips into ex UK sailings. Well you have the clash of two cultures. Crew for whom, tips are an important part of their renumeration and British guests who have a very different cultural approach.
  6. 😆 Let's not go there about size. We started cruising in a Royal GS but moved up to RS on Celebrity when they introduced Suite Class. Loved that everything was included. Both our 2021 and 2022 on Celebrity were however cancelled. Can appreciate your comparison of SS to GS. With introduction of Always Included (AI) by Celebrity, it does just comes down to cabin size as you said now, whereas before AI, I could make the excuse that there were different amenities not just space included do we had to move up (that's what I told he who pays anyway after I spend).
  7. With all due respects, IMHO, it is not a fair comparison to compare a Celebrity Sky Suite with Royal's Sky class. I believe a Sky Suite on Celebrity is equivalent to a Junior Suite on Royal. They are about the same size but offer different amenities. Based on size, A Celebrity Suite is equivalent with a Grand Suite. A Royal Suite with an Owner's Suite. A Penthouse with the Royal Suite. When I first sailed Celebrity in 2015, the Sky Suites did not have access Michael's, the then Suite Lounge or any full suite amenities. This changed several years later.
  8. We had the Ulimited Dining Package on 14 night sailing on Independence, June 2019 so we worked through the menu. Tried most things except shrimp and Caeser salad. The nacho and chicken wings were a particular favourite amongest the 4 of us, as the really spicy ones were really spicy. Sometimes we ate there for casual dining or takeaway on sea days. The burger was nicer than the sliders in our opinion.
  9. Thanks for January sale tip. We normally only fly because DH and I used to fly with them for work.
  10. Little Britain Guilty as charged. It was a welcome break from all the decorating.
  11. How do you rate Oceania? DH retires 2023 and hopefully our DS will leave home when he graduates 2022 or at least not holiday with us anymore. As Celebrity's prices have continued to increase, we are looking at other lines for example Regent or Silverseas. We are seriously considering a British Airways around the world ticket, and combined it with cruises on various lines inbetween as DH does not want to do a round the world cruise, stuck with the same ship.
  12. Now, now ladies. Admit it, you were attracted to that good Yorkshire earnest attitude to life. Having said that my DS saw a whippet in Saltaire yesterday for the first time ever. My mam said, men are like new shoes. You have to break them in! As a Yorkshire woman, Yorkshire shoes are stronger leather and might make your feet hurt more, but they do soften with time and patience. Next week is my 31st wedding anniversary. 💑 I didn't marry a Yorkshire man.
  13. Wow what a small world. Well all the houses in the village are now Grade II listed. The Mills are either the David Hockney museum or very New York style lofts with exposed brick walls. Your aunty wouldn't recognise it, but the Yorkie born people are unchanged. My only sibling died and had moved back. Having to deal with the estate so spending months sorting things out here. It's just weird being here after more than 35 years away.
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