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  1. I totally agree that these are 2 really good ones. Another special place to eat is to have the tapas at Vintages Wine Bar. They give you so much for a very reasonable price. We will be enjoying all 3 places this coming week!
  2. We celebrated our 50th anniversary on Allure 2 years ago with our family group of 18 and it all worked out wonderfully. We only asked the group to do a few things which we picked up the tab for - a family dinner in Giovanni's on our actual anniversary, a private tour in St. Maarten for the entire group, and a party in our grand suite with trays of cheese and fruit that we ordered through the suite concierge. Everyone brought a bottle of wine to that party and our kids decorated the whole room with streamers and balloons. We also had tables in the DR booked for early seating and everyone had the choice to eat there or go to a specialty restaurant or the Windjammer instead. Shows were all booked in advance and everyone took care of that themselves. I know it sounds overwhelming, but it really isn't. An added bonus is that you run into family all over the ship. It's especially fun to meet up later in the evening outside the pub for drinks and a slice of pizza from across the way! We're getting ready to do another cruise on Allure for our anniversary in less than 5 weeks, but this time we will be doing it alone!
  3. We love Central Park balconies and mostly book them on deck 11. We are never bothered by any noise, even with the pool/ kids water park a few decks above us. You will not hear anything in the cabin when your door is closed day or night.
  4. We've been on both and definitely favor the Allure. If I had to tell you why, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint anything specific, but the feel on Allure was so much better for us. As a honeymoon cruise, all I can say is go for it. After 6 times of Allure, including our family 50th anniversary celebration on her, she's our favorite!
  5. We were in a grand suite last year on Allure and never received an email or phone call. I emailed the Concierge, Dexter, a week in advance with a couple of requests. Luckily, the first day of the cruise I checked and Dexter had never received my email! So I would recommend that whether you communicate with him before the cruise or not, check as soon as you can to make sure everything is in place as requested.
  6. We too were on the Brilliance recently and I have to agree with you about the food in the Windjammer at lunch. The only vegetable they had on the first day was cauliflower and the carving station had little pieces of well done chopped up meat. Definitely not very appetizing!
  7. You can go to Giovanni's. They will put the tables together for you, We had a group of 15 and it worked out great.
  8. I recently booked our 6th Central Park Balcony on Allure for September. We have had many ocean view balconies, but love the uniqueness of CP. It's a great place to people watch during the day and nothing beats enjoying a late night glass of wine with your sweetie listening to the music and watching the lights in the trees twinkling. It's very romantic! ;)
  9. We will be visiting St. Kitt's this November and I need to know how far you have to walk from when you get off the ship until you get to the train. I have mobility issues and cannot walk long distances. Also, should that be too far, are there shops right at the port that I could visit using a scooter? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  10. The same holds true for the Chef's Table. A dress shirt and tie was what most of the men wore last time we did it. A few of the men wore golf shirts and that too was acceptable there, as it also is in the dining room these days, formal night or not formal night.
  11. We have been on Allure 5 times and have eaten at all the specialty restaurants (except Sabor) multiple times over the years. It's interesting to see how they have changed over the past 4 or 5 years. 150 Central Park was our absolute favorite back when Chef Molly planned the meals. We would always go there twice each cruise. Recently it was ok, but not something to write home about. The same goes for Chops in our opinion. Back in the day, steaks were spot on. Last time it was hit and miss when it came to your steak. Plus they changed the shrimp cocktail so much, I couldn't even eat it. Giovanni's is pretty good, but it is a lot of food and there is tremendous waste, if you're only 2 people eating. Very good for a large group though. We really liked Samba Grill, but the time we went with friends, he was in a hurry to get back to the casino and had the waiters rush our meal. Food was good, but you really need to take your time in a place like that. Chef's Table is a favorite of ours. It's basically a tasting menu accompanied by different wines with each course. Not much at each course, but by the time dinner is finished, you're full. How you like it depends a lot on the company at the table. If it's a friendly group, it can be a lot of fun. If some people try to monopolize the conversation, no matter how good the food, it's a long boring dinner. The tapas at Vintages is probably one of the best kept secrets on Allure. They are so reasonably priced and you get so much. Sorry to have gone on and on. I hope this all helps. As you can probably tell, Allure is our favorite ship and we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary on there next March with our family.
  12. I use a folding mobility scooter when cruising. It fits easily in the door of any cabin and then I park it out of the way in the cabin until I need it again. I use it basically for getting around some parts of the ship and do not need a HC cabin at all. Our former travel agent once booked us into a HC cabin many years ago thinking he was giving us a special treat. Hated it! Had no mobility problems in those years and absolutely hated the bathroom. Tried to change cabin thinking someone else might really need that type of cabin, but the ship was full, so we were stuck for 7 days with it!
  13. We're doing the 10 night cruise the week before you and I'm trying to get an answer too. I don't want to book a specialty restaurant on formal night as we all look forward to something that's served on those nights.
  14. We have stayed in an Allure Central Park cabin on decks 11 and 12 four times. Noise was never really a problem. We enjoy sitting on the balcony and having a glass of wine while reading during the day. The noise you hear is people, mostly children, enjoying themselves at the pool. Nothing wrong with that. At night Central Park becomes a magical place. With lights twinkling in the trees, your balcony is the perfect place to enjoy one last glass of wine with your sweetie before calling it a night. ;)
  15. A tea kettle and a french press are fine. I just don't like those hotel type coffee pots that make horrible coffee. We'll be close enough to the DL, so getting a really good cup of coffee won't be a problem.
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