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  1. I am OP and like the above, felt the whole cruise was low budget. Entertainment was very sparse with much focus on games in centrum rather than performers in the lounges. Because of this, we constantly checked what the cinema was offering. We couldn’t understand that on a cruise which was mainly middle aged or seniors, the films on offer were invariably fantasy or sci fi. We also thought whilst Windjammer was very good, MDR and Speciality restaurants was below par. In fact first night in Chops, we had so many issues we had to ask for manager. We are D plus, tried to sit in D lounge first night and gave up as finding a seat was impossible. Not our favourite RCI cruise.
  2. I am OP on other thread re Jewel. Coming off ship tomorrow. We were originally concerned about safety but these were not justified. Any specific questions, ask away.
  3. " 2 bottles from C & A" What are these? Are they complementaries left in your cabin from Crown and Anchor?
  4. As OP, I have been watching the replies with great interest and I thank everyone for their input. I posted originally because my wife didn’t want to travel because of potential terrorist action. I have persuaded her to travel so we set off on Friday and have 2 full days at a hotel on the Marina. Because of her reluctance I have not booked anything, so would appreciate any suggestions for Dubai and also any tips for life on board JOS. we are Diamond plus, is concierge lounge still closed to D plus? We have selected MTD but have booked a table each night at 7pm as I have read people had long waits on MTD if no reservation booked. Also, as D+ I have toyed with getting a Drinks package. My wife is a total non drinker, also she doesn’t drink soda, coffees etc, so I would not want to buy a drink package that involved my wife having to buy any package. I enjoy the usual on cruise drinks scenario, couple of beers after 11, wine with lunch, wine with dinner etc. With our D plus tokens between 5-8 is a package, even just for me worthwhile? thanks again for any more input
  5. Is it just me who is constantly astounded at Americans who take such pride in their tipping generosity? I have always been appalled at the “tip em first day and get better service attitude “ We have cruised for 35 years, have lost count of how many but certainly in excess of 55. We have always paid the recommended amount. We have had great service and mediocre service, but always paid the tips. I expect to be shot down, but I find the American “tip em extra “ attitude as patronising to staff. This constant theme, “ we asked for ice etc” so tipped extra is ridiculous. I have pre paid tips, so I should be able to ask for ice ( I remember when it was delivered without asking)
  6. We are due to fly to Dubai on 31 January, and to cruise on Jewel on 3 February. The current crisis in the Middle East is causing us great concern. We are seriously thinking of cancelling, realising we would lose around £3000. Is anyone currently on board and give us some insight as to the situation? Were there any obvious extra security checks or presence? Can anyone provide some comfort and reassurance? Would your travel or cancel?
  7. i just called to book it. However they came up with a different daily figure and said the Diamond plus discount was only 20% It worked out £320 ie $413 almost $59 per day
  8. The price quoted today on my planner is just over £38 per day which is just over $50 per day. How does that sound?
  9. We are on Jewel on 3 February . We are Diamond +. Did i read some where that that allows us a discount on the Ultimate Beverage Package? If so should I prebook or wait until we are on the ship? If there are discounts available , do they apply to Dining Packages? Thanks on advance.
  10. Does one side of the Waterside still became an "A La Carte" restaurant in the evenings? thanks
  11. We are on Ventura on 20 October . Excuse me if this has been asked before. My wife is a total non drinker . Is it possible for me to buy the drinks package on my own? ( wouldn't like to bring a doctors line to prove she can't drink though!)
  12. We come off Celebrity Reflection 16 th May and have a 9.55 am flight to Edinburgh. Will probably leave ship at 7am. Will there be taxis is on site or will we have to pre book a car? Did I read there is a new cruise ship berth being used? Any idea on fare to airport?
  13. What is your point? Whilst the Captain would not divulge numbers, the outbreak had a “massive “ effect on our cruise in terms of enjoyment. The whole cruise became a cleaning exercise, one could not relax. Yes, I used the word “massive “ to emphasise the situation and draw attention to it, thus warning passengers cruising the following trip what to expect. Why do you take exception the use of the word?
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